Divorce Anxiety

Divorce Anxiety Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Stop Following Me Kelly nodded. “Recently, the Zeller family has been taking many actions. I heard Luna was overwhelmed.” “There’s more trouble looming in for them!” Kathleen turned to look at Samuel. ”Let’s not waste any more time. We’ll set off now. I want to reach there before the sun sets.” With a nod, …

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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 482

Chapter 482 A Fate Worse Than Death “The person looking down on you is none other than yourself.” Kathleen continued indifferently, “This was all your fault. Things wouldn’t have ended this way if you didn’t have ill intentions from the start.” “You’re one to talk!” Nicolette’s eyes filled with hatred. “Your parents were famous doctors. …

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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 480

Chapter 480 No Signal An hour later, Kathleen and Samuel arrived at the castle. Desiree ran over with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Mommy, Eil’s gone.” Kathleen stroked Desiree’s head. “Don’t worry. I’ve found Eil’s whereabouts.” Gemma walked over, panicking. “I’m so sorry, Kate. I didn’t know this would happen.” She was so worried that …

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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Incident “So, you are still alive.” Samuel was reminded of Richard’s pain. Richard deserves to suffer. He has chosen to believe Elena, after all. “That’s right. Are you here to visit the kids?” Gemma said nonchalantly. Samuel nodded. “I saw the news. Congratulations on finally reconciling with Kate. You two have been through …

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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Dead A few days later, Betty’s condition stabilized, and she was ready to undergo surgery. Kathleen applied to the local hospital to borrow their operating room to carry out Betty’s surgery. Prior to the surgery, the elderly lady was already admitted into the hospital for pre-operative management. Kathleen began preparing for the surgery …

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Divorce Anxiety Chapter 474

Chapter 474 Settle The Score At the hotel, Samuel fell asleep right after he lay down. Kathleen knew that he must be exhausted. Ever since she heartlessly left the airport that day, he hadn’t had a good sleep. After he regained consciousness, he immediately rushed to Nardor. Kathleen, on the other hand, was very clear-headed. …

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