The Legendary Man

The Legendary Man Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Entered A Frenzied State Buzz! The giant mace which was about two meters long flew toward Jonathan’s head and slammed down on it with terrifying, destructive power. “Die!” Morris bellowed. Subsequently, waves of energy burst from his mouth and hurtled toward Jonathan. It’s a vocal attack! A storm instantly brewed within Jonathan’s consciousness. However, the method of …

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The Legendary Man Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Sacrificing Himself for Others Boom! Boom! Boom! A series of explosions rang out from above the mountain interminably. Focusing hard, Jonathan swung his gaze at the forest. He vaguely glimpsed three afterimages battling ceaselessly on the snowscape. Hmm, that looks like Karl! At the sight of the blur of an image disappearing among the trees …

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The Legendary Man Chapter 690

Chapter 690 Infiltration Sirius was a member of the Blackwood family. After Lauryn started collaborating with Jonathan, she had been providing the Blackwood family with Edenic Heights’ intelligence. Lauryn was there when Jay went to Edenic Heights to take Josephine hostage. Therefore, the Blackwood family was aware of the cooperation between Jonathan and the Osborne …

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The Legendary Man Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Design Even an adult would struggle to handle parasites living in their body while bearing two blood curses, much less a child. Due to Kathleen’s protection, the bewitching powder didn’t affect Killian. Therefore, he was completely aware of what was happening to him. Blood kept dripping from his nose, though his pale countenance remained …

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