A Cue for Love chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Their Concern

Anna’s eyes turned red when she let Natalie go. “Natalie, now that the jade key is in your hand, you might one day have to square up to the mysterious man who killed my mother. Let me know if you need any help. I will assist you in any way I can…”

Natalie nodded steadily. “I will. You better get going.” Anna hummed in response. After fixing her eyes on the room Varre was staying, she quickened her pace and ran toward it.

Natalie clenched her fists as she watched Anna leave in haste. Mom kept me in the dark for my own good, but this has become one of my biggest regrets.

She used to long for Thomas’ love, but in the end, she realized she was merely building castles in the air. Never in his life had he thought of Yara and me as his daughters. I was too foolish to believe that he, our father, might shower us with love.

Had she known the outcome, she would have tried to make things right. Had we known this from the start, I’m sure Yara and I wouldn’t have put ourselves through this misery. But we can’t turn the clock back and undo the regrets. The damage is done.

At that point, Natalie could only pin her hope on Anna to minimize the damage, preventing it from spiraling out of control. She did not want the regret to turn into a nightmare that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

Natalie took the bus and returned to Yaleview in the company of Nereus.

In the last two days, Zophie kept her promise by sending videos about Yumi once every six hours.

While watching Yumi’s video, Natalie tightened her grip on the box in her bag and went deep in thought while traveling on the bus. How come Yumi has the key to Loang’s national treasure? Where did it come from? She might be living in an orphanage in Chanaea, but I don’t think her parents had died of sickness. She didn’t seem like she was abandoned by her parents either. I supposed there’s more to her background than meets the eye!

Regardless of her parents’ identity, Natalie decided to protect her at all costs since she and Samuel had adopted her as their daughter.

Upon arriving at Yaleview, Natalie gave Yandel a video call. After speaking to him for a while, she told him to pass the phone to the four children.

“Mommy, are you still trying to rescue Yumi?” Franklin asked.

Natalie hummed calmly in response. “If everything goes as planned, we should be able to get her back.”

The four little ones did not seem happy upon hearing her reply. Worry was written all over their faces instead.

Natalie’s lips curled into a smile. She asked, “What’s wrong with those sad faces? Did Yandel bully you?”

“Hey, excuse me.” Yandel stepped in. “Boss, I took great care of the kids. I wouldn’t dare bully them!”

“Mommy, it’s not him. He took good care of us,” Franklin explained, “we’re just worried about you. That woman is evil, and she’ll not let Yumi off so easily. She might even take the opportunity to harm you!”

That explained the troubled expression on their faces.

Though they were concerned about Yumi, they were also worried about Natalie’s safety.

Upon noticing the deep frown on their foreheads, Natalie could not help but grin. These kids really do care about me, don’t they?

They might be young, but they meant every word they said. That had given her the courage and motivation she needed to endure the uncertainties ahead.

“Now it’s not the right time to smile, Mommy,” Clayton said while pursing his lips.

“I smile because you guys are adorable,” Natalie said, “I promise I’ll bring Yumi back and return in one piece. How can I die at this age when I still want to see you grow up and get married, right?”

Yandel, too, was worried about Natalie, but he knew Natalie was doing that to pacify the children. He echoed, “Exactly. What’s with those sulky faces? Don’t you have faith in your mommy?”

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