A Man Like None Other Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 It Is All Nonsense

Seeing Gilbert keep retreating and avoiding his attacks, Jared questioned, “Are you afraid of fighting me?”

“On the contrary, I don’t find the need to waste my strength when you’re just putting up a final struggle. I can just finish you off once your time is up.”

Gilbert did not want to fight Jared anymore. After all, the latter’s time was almost up.

“Are you seriously afraid when you’re a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis?” Jared provoked.

This time, Gilbert merely scoffed. “It’s useless. There’s no point provoking me like that. When the time comes, you’ll realize all you’re saying is nonsense.”

Jared’s face fell, and he stopped talking. He, too, knew his time was running out, and he could not waste another second.

Right then, his aura exploded, and he charged toward Gilbert, who continued avoiding the attacks with impressive speed.

Gritting his teeth, Jared kept throwing punches at his opponent, but they were all useless.

Gilbert was too fast, making the both of them look like they were just playing a game of tag.

A smirk crept up Gilbert’s face. He looked as if he enjoyed the feeling of being pursued.

Noting that, Jared stopped and glanced coldly at Gilbert.

“What’s wrong? Are you tired?” Gilbert asked, snickering.

However, Jared said nothing. Only his eyes glinted.

Seeing Jared pausing in his tracks, Gilbert, too, stopped.

What Gilbert saw next was the ground below Jared’s feet tremble when the latter raised his hands. Immediately after that, the latter muttered something under his breath.

Rays of light spilled out below Jared’s feet.

Suddenly, the scenery changed as if both of them had entered another space.

“Teleportation magecraft…” Gilbert furrowed his brows at what he saw.

At that moment, the draconic essence in Jared glowed, and the blood essence in him bubbled.

The beads of sweat on his forehead evaporated as soon as they fell to the ground.

However, Jared had not mastered the teleportation magecraft. Hence, he could not simply create a space like Fernando.

All he could do at that moment was put in his all and test if he could restrain Gilbert using teleportation magecraft.

Thankfully, Gilbert was trapped in the space, and he felt a strong restraining force around him.

“Let’s see where you’re going to run to now.”

Pausing briefly in his tracks, Jared charged toward Gilbert.

Instead of avoiding this time, Gilbert swung his fist and made numerous fist shadows.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Both of them moved swiftly, with rays of golden light flickering whenever they collided with each other.

It did not take long for them to part. By the time they did so, there were a shocking number of wounds on Jared’s body.

Jared panted heavily while staring intently at Gilbert.

He noticed that he had made a fundamental error.

Though he had unleashed the teleportation magecraft and successfully restrained Gilbert, Jared had used up a lot of spiritual energy in the process. In the end, he inflicted no serious injuries on Gilbert during the fight.

He knew he could be done for in a couple of minutes if he kept using up his spiritual energy.

Gilbert was not oblivious to the fact as well. Smiling maliciously, he said, “You must’ve used up a lot of energy to activate the teleportation magecraft, right? On top of that, you’re burning your blood essence to improve your cultivation level. Very well. Let’s see how long more you can last.”


Unwilling to accept defeat, Jared spat out another mouthful of blood essence and charged toward Gilbert with a murderous expression.

With that, Jared exerted all his strength as he punched Gilbert with his golden fists charged with powerful energy.

Similarly, Gilbert fought Jared with all his might without making a single mistake. The former knew Jared was making a last-ditch effort.

After exchanging about ten blows, Gilbert appeared to have only a few minor wounds.

Hopelessness flooded Jared’s heart, and he glanced at Gilbert with resentment, panting heavily.

Just then, the scenery gradually changed and reverted to its original state.

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