A Man Like None Other Chapter 1788

Anne held Jared’s arm and strolled happily while Andrew and Gilbert followed closely behind them. “Jared, are you here for anything else aside from coming here for a vacation?” Anne asked all of a sudden. Jared was momentarily stunned before shaking his head. “What else can I do here?”

“Aren’t you here because of the ancient ruins?” She gazed at him with a smirk, seemingly wanting to read his thoughts..

Hearing that, he flashed an awkward smile and stayed silent. Still, Anne understood his. intention by simply looking at his facial expression.

“Actually, I’m also here for the ancient ruins. Otherwise, I would never have come to such a small place for a holiday,” she said. “You’re also here because of the ancient ruins? But it’s just the two of you?”

Jared was slightly taken aback. After all, Anne was not a skilled fighter, while Andrew had just become a Martial Arts Marquis. How can they wish to search the ancient ruins with such limited capabilities? This is no different from seeking death.

The smile on Anne’s face faded away at once after she listened to Jared’s remark. The next moment, a sorrowful look spread across her countenance.

Jared was at a loss as he didn’t know if he had said anything wrong.

“I heard the ancient ruins contain the King of Herbs, so I’m trying to acquire the King of Herbs to save my father,” she bit her lip and uttered softly. Jared hastily asked, “What happened to your father? Is he sick?”

She shook her head. “That’s not it. Someone poisoned my father, and it is rumored that only the King of Herbs inside the ancient ruins can save him.”

“Poisoned?” Jared was shocked. Anne’s father was a duke. He wondered who would dare to poison a country’s duke.

“Someone is targeting my father’s position as the duke, so they wanted to kill him to seize the title,” Anne quickly explained as she could sense Jared’s confusion.

“Who’s the daredevil?” he asked. She gazed at him solemnly. “Who do you think can gain the duke title after my father dies?” Clarity washed over Jared after he heard her words. “Could the culprit be your elder or younger brother?”

Jared was astonished because he knew only the duke’s sons could inherit the noble title. Still, it is inhumane for them to poison their father to death to acquire the position of a duke!

However, Jared was swiftly reminded of how Ryker had poisoned his father to death just to obtain the position as the head of the Deragon family, not to mention the title of a country’s duke. That rank of nobility was much more tempting, after all.

At that thought, Jared couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. They say all kinships are mere facades in a political family. It seems like that is indeed the truth. These people can truly disregard their familial bond for the sake of garnering power for themselves.

“I suspect my elder brother for now, but I do not have any evidence to support my claim. After I find the King of Herbs and save my father, I’ll know the culprit who poisoned him.”

Anne’s eyes shone with determination. “Are you so sure you can locate the King of Herbs?”

Although Jared admired Anne’s courage, bravery alone could not equate to capabilities, as not everyone could survive the ancient ruins. “I have to try even if I’ll die.”

Anne appeared to have made up her mind. Just like that, Jared and Anne chatted as they walked. Before they realized it, they had moved. away from the lively market and arrived at a rather desolate place.

A vast expanse of whiteness spread out ahead of them. They could even see some people playing and cheering happily on dog sleds.

“Your Highness, we should head back now. It’s not safe here,” Andrew said to Anne warily after scanning his surroundings. Taking in his grim expression, Anne grew nervous as well. “Did you sense something, Andrew?”

As a Werebear, Andrew had superhuman senses and could perceive the existence of dangerous beings in advance. He nodded and shielded Anne.

Jared asked with a frown, “What’s the matter? Is someone trying to kill you?”

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