A Man Like None Other Chapter 1791

Anne and Andrew simply refused to believe him. Failing to convince them, Jared shrugged in resignation. “Since you don’t believe me, I’ll just have to show it to you. No wonder people say that women are less knowledgeable. It’s really true.”

No sooner had Jared spoken than he gave his hand a gentle flick while looking at the four groaning men in black. All of a sudden, an earth-shattering aura descended upon the space.

Boom! The four men exploded into mush that was scattered all over the ground, just like snowflakes. It was as if they had never ever appeared in the first place.

Anne and Andrew were subsequently flabbergasted upon watching the instant devastation. A long while passed before Anne regained her senses. It was then that her shock turned into delight.

“… I didn’t expect that you’re really a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. This is wonderful!”

Unable to contain her elation, she gave Jared a hug, followed by peppering him with kisses all over Her sudden display of emotions stunned Jared, who quickly tried to push her away.

This Senerisian girl is just too liberal.

Despite his attempts to keep his distance, Anne refused to let him go. It was during their struggle that he was suddenly gripped by a terrifying aura that sent a shiver down his spine.

With his hair standing on end, Jared had never felt so threatened in his life. When he finally freed himself and turned around, he was greeted by the sight of Lizbeth and the other girls approaching.

All of them were glaring at him, their eyes spitting fire. The terrifying sight simply blew Jared’s mind.

“D*mn it, Jared, no wonder you didn’t want to go shopping with us. It turns out that you’re here to see this Senerisian girl who also happens to be an old friend of yours.”

Lyanna was the first to comment, for she had met Anne before during the international. competition one year ago.

Moreover, both of them were in constant conflict with each other when it came to vying for Jared’s attention. Now that Anne was hugging Jared and kissing him, Lyanna was, without a doubt, outraged.

As for Lizbeth, she, too, knew who Anne was but didn’t mind Jared’s association with the latter. After all, she expected someone as outstanding as Jared to have plenty of women.

Nonetheless, Jared’s clandestine conduct and the intimacy he displayed still unsettled her.

Other than Josephine, she had been with Jared. the longest. Thus, she felt that Anne had one up her in terms of their physical relationship with Jared.

“Jared, it seems that you’re becoming greedier,” Renee remarked with a sigh.

“Jared, it turns out that you like Senerisian girls. No wonder you couldn’t be bothered when my sister threw herself at you,” Millie sneered with a pout.

Filled with embarrassment, Cecilia quickly reprimanded her, “Millie, stop your nonsense.”

At the same time, Astrid came forward and asked, “Jared, who’s this Senerisian girl?” Overwhelmed by the barrage of questions, Jared felt as if his mind was going to explode.

Meanwhile, Colin and Gilbert couldn’t help but smirk when they saw the look on Jared’s face. Sometimes, it’s just a burden to have too many women.

“Hello, ladies. My name is Anne. I’m a friend of Jared’s. Just now, I was just showing how happy I was to see an old friend. This is how we greet our friends in this country. I hope that I have not caused any misunderstanding,” Anne explained to Lizbeth and the others before Jared could say a word.

“That’s right. We were just greeting each other according to the local custom. This is Seneris, after all, and Anne is a citizen here. She was just delighted to see me, that’s all,” Jared quickly added.

“Mmm-hmm, I have heard that foreigners greet each other by kissing.”

Colin made the remark when everyone least expected it. With everyone bursting into laughter, he had succeeded in defusing the situation.

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