A Man Like None Other Chapter 1792

With that, Jared seized upon the opportunity to order everyone back to the hotel. After learning that Jared was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, Anne and Andrew joined them with the intention of never leaving Jared’s side.

Hence, Jared was worried that Anne would get into a conflict with the other girls. Having underestimated their social skills, he was soon surprised to see Anne fitting right in with the group as if all of them were old friends.

Moreover, they felt indignant on Anne’s behalf upon learning of her predicament. All of them wanted to find the King of Herbs and teach Harold a lesson on her behalf.

The next day, Dale came to the hotel first thing in the morning to see Jared. He was to lead Jared in his search for the ancient ruins.

Initially, Jared didn’t want the girls to come along. However, he had no choice, as they would be unhappy if Anne-who was looking for the King of Herbs-went alone with him. “Where’s Mr. Flaxseed?”

After everyone had gathered, Jared couldn’t see Flaxseed anywhere.

“He hasn’t left his room ever since he arrived. God knows what he’s doing inside,” Colin replied. Jared didn’t need to guess what Flaxseed was up to, but given his expertise in navigating tombs, they couldn’t do without his presence.

Thus, Jared went to his room and knocked loudly on the door. The door opened quickly, revealing the yawning Flaxseed. His eyes had a listless look in them and were weighed down by heavy eyebags.

On his bed were two blond girls lying in it. “Mr. Flaxseed, we’re going off to find the ancient ruins,” Jared informed him. “Um… So soon?”

Flaxseed was caught by surprise. “If I don’t hurry, I would probably find you dead in your bed.”

Jared rolled his eyes at Flaxseed, who responded with a chuckle. “These Senerisian girls are amazing. Wait for me while I get dressed.”

Soon, Flaxseed emerged after getting ready. From the look on his face, everyone knew what he was up to while being holed up in his room.

“D’mn it, Jared, you’re really something! You already got yourself a Senerisian girl in just two days?”

The moment Flaxseed saw Anne, he couldn’t help but admire Jared for his charm. “Enough. It’s getting late. Let’s hurry.”

Worried that Flaxseed would start blabbering away, Jared quickly urged the group to set off. With Dale leading the way, they boarded at minibus toward the foot of the snowy mountain.

When they were about more than ten kilometers away, their bus came to a stop. The tarred road had come to an end, which required them to trek the rest of the way.

After packing some supplies and a simple tent, Dale informed Jared, “Mr. Chance, the weather here can be unpredictable. That’s why we’ll need to bring some food. Who knows, we might even have to spend the night here.”

“Okay!” Jared nodded. After glancing at the supplies, he kept them all in his Storage Ring with a wave of his hand. It was an ability Dale was extremely envious of.

With that, the group trudged on the snow- capped ground as they continued their journey up the snowy mountain. What started out as an adventure was turned into a sightseeing trip by the girls.

Some of them began to fool around and even had snowball fights amongst themselves. Consequently, their behavior rendered Jared speechless.

As for Dale, he was astonished by what he saw. Although the girls appeared weak, all of them were tremendously more powerful than he was.

Along the journey, Jared encountered other groups who were also making their way toward the mountain. They were clearly looking for the ancient ruins too, whereas their members all exuded powerful auras.

Nevertheless, the other groups didn’t pay Jared’s entourage any attention. From how noisy the girls were behaving, everyone. assumed them to be a tour group instead.

As they got closer to the snowy mountain, the weather took a turn for the worse. A thick fog slowly engulfed the mountain, seemingly sealing it away from the world.

When Jared emitted his spiritual sense, he was surprised to find that it couldn’t pierce through the fog. Evidently, the fog wasn’t a natural occurrence at all.

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