A Man Like None Other Chapter 1793

“Everyone, be careful. This fog has been. created by an arcane array.” In that instant, Flaxseed’s smiling face was replaced by a solemn look.

As for the girls, they adopted a vigilant state of mind as they carefully proceeded forward. “Mr. Thompson, can you still remember the place you mentioned?” Jared asked Dale.

He was worried that the fog would cause Dale to be lost. “Mr. Chance, don’t worry. I can find it with my eyes closed.”

Although he had only been there twice, Dale was confident of finding it due to his strong sense of direction. Nodding in acknowledgment, Jared invited Dale: to lead the way.

After walking for more than an hour, they noticed that the fog began to thin, revealing the snowy mountain before them. If one were to look down from the sky, one could see that the mountain was surrounded by a ring of thick fog.

The fog had confused many adventurers, causing them to lose their way.

“Mr. Chance, the eastern foot of the mountain is where many mysteriously disappeared,” Luca remarked while pointing to the east.

“All right, let’s head over.” After nodding in acknowledgment, Jared turned toward Lizbeth and the girls. “All of you should stay here, as the journey ahead is a perilous one. We’ll leave the tent and supplies with you, so just stay put and wait.”

With that, Jared retrieved the supplies from his Storage Ring and quickly set up the tent.

Initially, Astrid and Lyanna were reluctant to stay. However, Cecilia and Lizbeth, who were cognizant that they would only serve as a distraction to Jared, agreed to remain.

With Dale leading the way, Jared, together with Flaxseed, Gilbert, Anne, and Andrew, headed to the location where the Grandmasters were reported to have gone missing.

“Jared, let me come with you. In the event of danger, I’ll be able to help.”

Evangeline expressed her intention to join them. Since she was a Greater Martial Arts Marquis, she was more than capable of taking care of herself.

Moreover, her broad knowledge would likely be of use if they were to encounter any ancient artifacts. Jared subsequently nodded after taking those factors into consideration. “All right, come along, then.”

Once he had settled on the groups, Jared instructed, “Colin, keep a close eye on them. Just stay here and don’t venture anywhere else.”

“Don’t worry, Jared, I won’t allow them to: wander around unnecessarily,” Colin promised.

After Jared and his group continued on their journey, he could feel a significant change in the spiritual energy within their surroundings..

Evangeline, who sensed the same, furrowed her brows in response. Upon arriving at their destination, they were greeted by the sight of a few large signs.

They read: Danger! Do not enter! Surprised, Jared wondered who it was that erected the signs. “Mr. Thompson, who put all these up?” Jared inquired.

Equally stunned, Dale shook his head. “I have no idea. I didn’t see them the last two times I was here.”

“Someone must have come here. The signs are probably used to scare others away,” Flaxseed commented. “Ignore them. We’re heading in, Jared ordered as he took a step forward.

No sooner had he done so than a ferocious roar of a beast was heard. It was so terrifying that it sent a chill down everyone’s spine. “Is there a demon beast here?”

Surprise gripped Jared. Given the extreme cold, it was difficult for any beasts to survive on the mountain. Meanwhile, Dale’s expression drastically changed upon hearing the repeated roars.

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