All Too Late Chapter 494

Chapter 494 Not Difficult At All

“All right. I understand.” Yadiel turned to leave.

Kathleen still had her eyebrows furrowed.

Samuel said lowly, “Actually, you don’t need to feel so anxious.”

Kathleen merely gazed at him in response.

“Didn’t you make it clear to Lauren just now?” Samuel continued. “No matter what Trevor does or says, you will never forgive him or accept his benefits. Therefore, keep this thought in mind when you proceed regardless of what he’s planning.”

Kathleen mumbled, “Okay.”

After pondering, Samuel added, “However, did you ever think Trevor had gone to Jadeborough?”

“Jadeborough?” Kathleen asked. “Why?”

“To visit your grandmother,” Samuel answered.

My grandmother?

“It’s obvious from Trevor’s will that he wants to make it up to you. Since he’s doing that, what else does he wish to do?” Samuel reminded.

Kathleen muttered, “If he wants to make it up to the people alive, he would also want to repent to the dead.”

Samuel nodded.

“I understand now. You’re saying that he’s going to pay his respects to Granny.” Kathleen furrowed her eyebrows. “Is that right?”

“Yup. That’s what I think,” Samuel replied.

“Let’s head back to Jadeborough, then,” Kathleen simply replied. “There’s nothing we can do here, anyway.”

“Okay.” Samuel gave her a small nod.

Just like that, the duo returned to Jadeborough that afternoon by plane.

They soon arrived at the Macari residence.

“Eil!” Desiree hugged Eilam. “You’re finally back!”

Eilam nodded in response.

Wynnie let out a sigh of relief. “It’s great to see you back.”

Although she had received news that Eilam was safe, she still felt worried after knowing about his near-death experience.

“Mrs. Macari, how is Old Mrs. Macari?” Kathleen asked.

“She’s much better and feels more energetic now,” Wynnie explained.

“That’s great to hear,” Kathleen said with relief.

With that, Wynnie shot a knowing look at her. “By the way, why are you still calling me Mrs. Macari?”

Kathleen could not help but blush at her words.

“Mom, let’s not force her. We can discuss this after we register our marriage,” Samuel said in a deep voice.

Wynnie let out a soft snort. “I think you don’t know about this, but when you two divorced, we always wanted to make Kate our goddaughter.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Kathleen fell silent for a moment before replying, “Mrs. Macari, Samuel and I still have something to do, so we’ll need to entrust you to continue taking care of Eil and Desi.”

“Don’t worry,” Wynnie promised. “I won’t let the same thing happen again.”

Kathleen nodded. “We’ll take our leave now.”

“Drive safely.” Wynnie spoke.

Lowering her head, Kathleen told Eilam and Desiree, “Daddy and Mommy still have something to do, so you’ll have to stay at home with Great-grandma, Grandpa, and Grandma. Be obedient, okay?”

“Mommy, I will never act rashly again,” Eilam admitted he was in the wrong last time.

Kathleen let out a sigh. “It’s good that you admit to your mistake. You’re too young. Mommy doesn’t want you to take risks.”

“All right,” Eilam promised earnestly. “Wait for when I’m a bit older, Mommy.”

After a pause, Kathleen answered bemusedly, “You can’t do that when you’re old, either!”

Eilam fell silent.

“All right. We’ll leave now.” After patting his head, Kathleen told Desiree, “Look after Eil, okay?”

“Okay!” Desiree assured. “I promise to get the job done.”

At that, Kathleen pinched her cheek and smiled.

While looking at his children with a deep gaze, Samuel reminded, “I don’t have anything else to say. What Mommy told you is what I wanted to convey to you as well.”

The duo nodded solemnly.

“Let’s go,” Samuel told Kathleen, knowing the duo would definitely listen to them after this.

After Kathleen nodded, they left the Macari residence.

Kathleen was the one driving on the way back, muttering, “I feel like I don’t have any sense of authority toward them.”

“Why do you say that?” Samuel comforted. “You only need to interact more with them.

However, Kathleen knew he was just trying to comfort her.

She sighed. “I’m scared they won’t listen to me if I’m too gentle.”

Eilam’s rash actions had warned Kathleen that Eilam was not an average child.

He was smart, cool-headed, and extremely brave.

Therefore, Kathleen was both worried and troubled by him.

Samuel advised, “Since Eil is our child, he’ll naturally be different from the others.”

Kathleen felt helpless upon hearing that.

They soon arrived at Florinia Manor.

As the duo was exhausted from going out and about for the past few days, they immediately went inside and took a nap.

When Kathleen woke up, Samuel was still sleeping.

As carefully as possible, she got out of bed and exited the room, heading downstairs.

When she reached downstairs, Rory had just entered the mansion. “Dr. Johnson.”

Kathleen walked over to him. “Is something the matter?”

“I learned Lauren is meeting with another camera lens manufacturer tonight, and I just came back from meeting with the person in charge,” Rory explained. “I’ve gotten information about their meeting location and time.”

Kathleen asked flatly, “Who is that person?”

Rory replied lowly, “Do you know Blissful Sect, Dr. Johnson?”

“I do.” Kathleen’s eyes flickered. “Does Blissful Sect have something to do with this matter?”

“Yes.” Rory nodded. “The person in charge of that company is Wilbur’s wife, Adina.”

“That means the person Lauren is meeting with tonight is Adina?” Kathleen frowned.

“That’s right.” Rory nodded.

Kathleen’s expression darkened at that. “I got it. You can go and get prepared. We’ll head over tonight.”

“Okay.” Rory turned around and left.

After a moment’s thought, she gave Charles a call.

“Are you back at Jadeborough?” Charles asked.

“Yup. I came back in the morning,” Kathleen mumbled. “Lauren and Adina have gotten in touch. It seems that Wilbur cannot wait any longer and wants to arrange some of his spies in Jadeborough.”

“I’ve also gotten that news. However, I won’t let them succeed,” Charles remarked indifferently. “Could you delay a little longer on your side?”

“How long do you need?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“Three days is enough,” Charles revealed implicitly. “It’s quite successful here as we have secretly taken away one of Blissful Sect’s business. Even more so, I’m sure Raymond and the others did not notice anything. After all, their attention is on Jadeborough.”

“Okay. I can make do with three days.” Kathleen nodded lightly. “I’ll go and meet with Adina today.”

Kathleen had never met Adina before.

Charles reminded her, “You should be careful. Don’t put yourself in danger.”

“Adina is someone with high status, after all.” Kathleen snorted. “However, because of her status, it’s difficult to say if the customs will detain the goods meant to be sold to Lauren or not!”

She could always ask Samuel to help her out.

Charles said solemnly, “Okay. I’ll try to get it done as soon as possible on my side.”

“All right.” Kathleen nodded. “Charles, I’ll hang up now.”

“Okay. Remember what I said,” Charles urged.

“Don’t worry.” Kathleen hung up the phone and muttered to herself, “Honestly, I doubt Adina is that hard to deal with!”

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