Always Been Yours Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117 A Public Disclaimer

That matter has already taken a toll on the Sawyer Group’s share price. Despite knowing Nicholas would not blame her for that, Tessa still couldn’t help but beat herself up over it.

Furthermore, her insecurities only added to her worry, for she was afraid that the elders of the Sawyer Family would blame it all on her. Just as her wild imagination was gnawing at her, she suddenly heard Nicholas’ tender voice. “What’s on your mind?” “Oh, hey. You’re back.” Tessa looked up.

The next second, Nicholas sat right next to her and showed her his concern. “You seemed so absorbed in your thoughts that you didn’t even notice me coming in. Is there something bothering you?”

“I-I saw the news earlier tonight. I’m pretty sure the Sawyer Group’s share price has been affected by this matter.” Her guilt overwhelmed her as she explained to the man.

Looking at his guilt-ridden wife, he chuckled in amusement. He then cupped her face and locked eyes with her before he spoke in a loving voice, “Seriously? Are you letting your imagination run wild again? Come on, we’ve been through worse, so don’t worry about the company. I’m sure everything is going to be just fine.” As soon as he finished his words, he planted a kiss on the lady’s forehead.

When Tessa saw how Nicholas dismissed the concern so casually, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she thought about Edward, who had visited earlier, and asked, “Did Edward find anything useful?”

“Well, he found the leaked footage online and realized a reporter in the ward had secretly captured the scene. However, that reporter resigned from his job shortly after that.” Nicholas didn’t hold back as he told her everything he knew.

Tessa seemed concerned as her brows furrowed. “Can we still find him, though? As you said, he’s already quit his job.”

“We most certainly can, and we’re going to do that with some help,” Nicholas responded with his lips curled upward confidently as though everything was under his control.

Although it didn’t take long for Tessa to be convinced, she was also curious about the man’s plan. “What’s your next move, then?”

“We’re going to sue the company the reporter was working at.” Nicholas went on to tell Tessa his plan so that he could put her mind at ease.

The next morning, the Sawyer Group issued a legal letter to the reporter’s former company and sued them for defamation. At the same time, netizens who had been following the news closely started to change their stance toward Tessa the moment they discovered the Sawyer Group’s lawsuit.

‘Was the truth twisted and turned?’

‘I’m just going to grab my popcorn and watch the show.’

‘The media companies mustn’t be scared. Show us all the evidence you have.’

While some of the netizens even instigated the media company to oppose the Sawyer Group, the management was too scared to press on, fearing that it would bring serious consequences to the organization. Therefore, it didn’t take them long to publish a disclaimer that the company would not be responsible for the reporter’s action.

As soon as the netizens read the post, they were speechless by what they saw, but many of them quickly cast doubts on the motive behind that.

‘Seriously? Isn’t it too late to say that now?’

‘Oh, come on. Are they frightened by the Sawyer Group?’

‘No way. If they were really frightened, why would the reporter go through so much trouble just to expose this matter at the cost of his career? What was in it for him?’

‘That means there is more to it than meets the eye.’

‘Am I the only one who thinks that the reporter seemed like he was escaping when he resigned?’

As the discussion continued in the forum, other media parties began to further investigate the matter after having sensed something amiss with it. Much to their delight, they quickly managed to discover some old news about Tessa’s past.

‘Breaking news! More drama unfolds in the Reinhart Family!’

‘My words to you after reading the news—you’re a woman with a kind heart, Miss Reinhart.’

As soon as the netizens saw the news titles, they immediately clicked on them out of curiosity. However, they instantly realized they were in the wrong the entire time upon reading the articles.

They found out that Tessa was from the has-been Reinhart Family that went bankrupt a year ago and she had been cast out of the family with her brother. Moreover, they also discovered a news article revealing how Amber was responsible for Tessa and her brother’s subsequent miserable fate.

‘That’s what I’ve been saying. There is a fine line between being sympathetic and pathetic. In this case, that lady is the latter!’

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