Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 904

Chapter 904 Strategic Retreat

Alexander and Elise smirked at each other, but they didn’t disrupt the show just yet. Instead, they had all the patience in the world as they chose the best seats for the show.

“I have something to report, Your Highness. I wish to report Anastasia White and Alexander Griffith for their private dealings. They engaged in nepotism and ignored the rules of the designer selection by including Anastasia in the list of candidates even though she doesn’t have any design experience at all. They’re trying to rig the results of the selection!”

Margaret kneeled on the floor and wagged her finger at Anastasia as she vented furiously as if she was doing the world a great favor by exposing a heinous crime.

“How absurd!” Princess Diana huffed. “A designer is judged based on their talent, not their experience. Prince Caleb and I have both seen Miss Anastasia’s designs. Although they’re not necessarily the world’s most jaw-dropping designs, they certainly are good enough to allow her to join the selection. So what if the rules are bent a little for her?”

As Princess Diana spoke, she gave Elise a look of reassurance, letting Elise know that she was on her side and that Elise didn’t have to panic.

Elise nodded lightly in gratitude.

“Your Highness, does this mean that as long as a person is talented, it doesn’t matter how terrible her character is and how dishonorable her actions are? Can a person like that be in charge of a brand that represents both Yveltalia and Cittadel?” Margaret cried out in deep anguish.

“What do you mean?” Prince Caleb asked sternly.

“Anastasia White.” Margaret pointed at Elise. “The woman who’s sitting beside Alexander right now is a despicable woman who is heartless, cruel, and has no sense of decency, not even toward her own family!”

“A few years ago, she selfishly stole her own younger sister’s boyfriend and even got pregnant out of wedlock without knowing who the father is. And now, she’s living out her life of luxury while her parents beg on the streets without a home to stay in. If a person as materialistic, selfish, and immoral as her becomes an international designer, what kind of an example would she be setting for the younger generation? Your Highnesses, have you considered just how serious the consequences would be?”

“Why should I believe you?” Prince Caleb calmly asked on purpose so that Margaret could continue.

“I have proof!” Margaret was still kneeling on the floor. “And if that’s not enough, I can bring Anastasia’s parents over and provide videos of them begging on the streets. Anastasia and I have been friends for over a decade. I have no reason to slander her. I wouldn’t have taken the risk to complain about her at the Department of Commerce if she hadn’t gone too far. I really don’t want to see her setting a bad example for the future generation!”

Raffle passed over the information he had prepared from the start. “The video that Miss Ainsley is referring to is on this tablet. You can take a look, Your Highness.”

Alexander, who had been silent all this while, couldn’t resist remarking sarcastically, “You’re so well-prepared, Secretary Raffle. Look at you giving so much attention to my fiancĂ©e’s matters despite all the work you have on hand. I feel so bad for troubling you.”

“Please don’t misunderstand, Mr. Griffith. I prioritize all matters, regardless of who it involves. This is no ordinary matter. It’d also be in your best interest to resolve it as soon as possible,” Raffle declared as the staunch defender of justice.

“So I should be thanking you, huh?” Alexander cocked his eyebrows as his eyes flashed coldly.

Raffle surreptitiously averted his eyes to avoid Alexander’s piercing gaze.

After watching the video, Prince Caleb let out a heavy sigh. “What do you wish to say, Miss White?”

Princess Diana kept eyeing Elise as well. Defend yourself, Anastasia!

Elise’s gaze swept across the room before she said coolly, “I will voluntarily withdraw from the designer selection.”

“So you’re admitting that everything Margaret said about you is true!” Mack couldn’t wait to affirm her guilt.

Elise’s sharp gaze landed on him for the briefest moment before flitting away. She looked straight ahead and announced loudly, “On the contrary, I’m withdrawing for the sake of maintaining the fairness and justice of the rules.”

“Prince Caleb and Princess Diana agreed to let me join the selection because of the children, and out of courtesy too. I never thought it’d invite so much dissatisfaction from others. The designer selection is something that’ll benefit both countries. I don’t wish to be the reason why it’s held up. I’m not withdrawing from the selection because of a guilty conscience. Instead, I’m doing so because it’s the quickest and most efficient way to resolve this matter. My priority is to do what’s best for both nations’ citizens.”

“Don’t try to weasel your way out with those ridiculous claims! What do you mean for the sake of the citizens? You’re just using that as an excuse to hide your selfish, despicable, and immoral ways!” Margaret fired back.

Elise looked Margaret straight in the eye without any fear. “So what if I’m a selfish and immoral person? Who has the right to point fingers at my life if I’m not part of the selection?”

While speaking, she made her way over to Margaret. By the time she finished speaking, she was mere inches away from Margaret.

Margaret gulped subconsciously due to Elise’s domineering presence.

However, Margaret soon snapped out of it, and her expression hardened with hostility once more.

She had gone so far as to lodge a complaint in front of Prince Caleb and openly stand against Alexander. She wasn’t going to let Anastasia continue proving how worthy of awe her life was.

Margaret wanted to drag Anastasia down with her. She wanted Anastasia and all of Anastasia’s descendants to live an average life just like she herself had. She wanted them to be lowly citizens who couldn’t escape from their mundane life no matter how hard they tried!

She had nothing left. She had to make sure that Anastasia fell into the gutter with her!

“Your Highness, Secretary Raffle, you heard what Anastasia said. She admitted to being a b*tch. A woman like her deserves to be mocked by all of society! She shouldn’t be allowed to be a public figure! Hurry up and do something!” Margaret was so beside herself with impatience that she forgot all about who she was.

Prince Caleb sensed the commanding tone in her voice and eyed her sharply.

Margaret felt shivers down her spine. She fell silent at once.

At last, Prince Caleb slowly started hinting, “Mr. Griffith, as the foremost entrepreneur in Cittadel, you have the highest chance of becoming the representative of this brand. Both nations will be watching everything you say or do. It’s better for you to be more selective when it comes to the woman you keep beside you. Love should go both ways. Miss White, if you truly love Mr. Griffith, then you should know better than to drag him down at a time like this.”

“Are you breaking us up on Alexander’s behalf, Your Highness?” Elise snorted. “Let me remind you that this is Cittadel. You don’t have the power to do anything you want here.”

Prince Caleb’s expression darkened as his eyes flashed with rage. “Are you threatening me, Miss White? Are you saying that as Yveltalia’s representative for this selection, I don’t have the right to look into the corporations who are bidding for the brand?”

“All things go both ways. You’re the one who tried to get involved in my relationship with Alexander. You showed no respect for others, so why are you demanding that others respect you and cooperate with you?”

Elise had had enough of Prince Caleb’s pretense. He was clearly using this as an excuse to make things difficult for them, so she fought right back.

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