Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 905

Chapter 905 Karma

At that moment, Prince Caleb had a grim expression and didn’t respond, making the atmosphere awkward. In that split second, Alexander turned around and looked at his assistant, who was standing by the door. Immediately, the assistant understood and entered the room, handing him a thick kraft paper bag.

When Margaret saw the familiar paper bag with its rope-tying method, her face went pale, and cold sweat formed on her forehead. At that moment, she was sure that the paper bag in Alexander’s hand contained her crime profile, which she had sent to the Griffith Residence to prove her loyalty.

Most of the information was fake, and she even made changes just to prevent Anastasia from filing a report against her. After all, if that happened, she would be sentenced to a few years less than she was supposed to. However, her loyalty would then be questioned, and no one would believe her words. Hence, she stared at the paper bag intently and made up her mind to take back the information.

Just as Alexander took out the papers inside, Margaret dashed toward him and snatched over the papers, tearing them into pieces. As the crowd watched her in astonishment, she tore the papers into pieces and flung them in the air, causing them to rain like snowflakes.

Seeing the scene, Margaret laughed crazily as she thought they wouldn’t be able to slander her anymore.

“You! What are you doing?!” Prince Caleb was furious.

“Can I assume that you are guilty?” Elise commented casually, and her voice was filled with contempt. “I didn’t know that you would be afraid too. Now, do you know the feeling of being backstabbed by others?”

“Hmph, say whatever you want. After all, there’s nothing you can use against me now!” Margaret’s nose flared as she spoke, looking proud of herself.

At this moment, she heard Alexander’s bitter voice sounding behind her. “Are you sure?” he asked coldly.

Hearing his words, Margaret turned around and looked at him warily. “Of course. I have the original document in my hands and will never tell you where it is. So, you’ll never find it.” Those pieces of information were like a time-ticking bomb, so she wouldn’t be a fool and have many copies of it. She even hid it from everyone else. It was in a safe place, and she was confident that no one would ever find out.

This was who Margaret was. She would prepare everything beforehand. When she gave the copy to Alexander, she had predicted such a day would come. Hence, as long as she took the initiative and destroyed the evidence, no one would be able to testify against her.

When Alexander heard her words, he smiled mockingly. “It’s quite boring to look at a word document, so why don’t we see something interesting?” Then, he walked toward the exhibition and took out a remote control, turning on the huge screen of the display.

After a minute, a PowerPoint of Margaret’s brochure appeared on the screen. Then, Alexander started his presentation. “Fifteen years ago, Margaret used Anastasia’s design and successfully signed a book publisher under Margot Anastasi. Fifteen years later, many novels and publishing networks gave her a net profit of five trillion dollars, but she only gave Anastasia five hundred million. Twelve years ago, Margaret and Edmond, Anastasia’s boyfriend, were in a relationship secretly for almost a year. Seven years later, they put a bomb on the cruise ship that Anastasia was boarding, causing almost hundreds of people to die while Anastasia survived the attack. Recently, they contacted several studios to stop her from coming back. Here is some video footage of Margaret spending time with Edmond and Adelpha.”

Then, the huge screen played the footage of Margaret flirting with Edmond and slandering Anastasis with Adelpha. In the footage, Margaret had an emo hairstyle, and her scheme was obvious. Looking at the scene on the screen, Elise thought karma was happening to Margaret. Unfortunately, the real Anastasia would never be the truth.

At that moment, Margaret was stunned. After she snapped back to her senses, she screamed and ran toward the screen, trying to cover up those ugly scenes with her body.

“No! Stop looking! Close your eyes! Where’s the power source? Cut it out!” No matter how hysterical she became, the crowd only looked at her coldly, sparing her no mercy.

After some time, Margaret was devastated. In that split second, she saw a stool beside her and grabbed it, trying to throw it against the huge screen. However, she never realized that the metal stool would be entwined with the screen’s wire, and she couldn’t separate it.

Boom! Zap!

“Ahhh! Help! Help me!”

With a huge electric shock, Margaret began to shake violently, and her blonde hair was struck by the electricity, causing her hair to fly. After the explosion, Margaret lay on the ground as her limbs twisted together, shaking violently. There was black smoke coming out of her mouth.

Anastasia passed away in an explosion and Margaret died the same way. It seemed that karma would always be there, no matter what. When the scene happened, no one expected this to happen. Hence, the crowd was silent.

After some time, Raffle snapped back to his senses and immediately announced, “Call the ambulance and notify the firefighters. Check every outlet of the room to see if there is any hidden danger. I’m sorry that you have to see this, Prince Caleb and Princess Diana. I’m afraid that we’ll have to stay in another hotel. I’ll see to it right away.”

Princess Diana was horrified by Margaret’s state. Without hesitation, she urged Prince Caleb to take her back home. After they had left, the room was left with Raffel, Alexander, and Elise as they stared at each other blankly.

Seeing that the royals had left, Raffle took the initiative to step up and ask for forgiveness. “Mr. Griffith, what happened today was a mistake. Margaret had also tricked me into this. I hope you don’t mind.”

“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me, Secretary Raffle,” Alexander said indirectly.

Raffle was a smart man. When he heard Alexander’s words, he set his gaze on Elise and reached out his hand. “I’m sorry about my actions, Miss White. I deeply apologize and hope you can forgive me. Why don’t we let this off the hook and continue to be on good terms?”

Hearing his words, Elise looked at his hand and raised her head. Then, she said with a monotonous expression, “I’m afraid I can’t do so.”

“You have given up on the qualifications to compete in order to protect the rule. Hence, I believe that we are the same. Let’s not hold on to such a problem. If you are willing to forgive me, I’ll do anything to help you if you ever need me.”

Hearing his words, Elise smiled, but her eyes were icy cold. “You’re wrong, Secretary Raffle. There’s a saying that goes, narrow-minded people and women are not to be messed with. Moreover, I’m the meanest among women. So, I will not do as you wish!”

Seeing that she was persistent, Raffle could only return in defeat. Although he had offended Anastasia, he also succeeded in estranging both Prince Caleb and Alexander with Elise.

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