Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 907

Chapter 907 Jessie

“I don’t know!” Seeing that the man refused to admit his identity as expected, Danny said nothing more and searched if there was anything on the man. Soon, he found a notebook in the man’s upper pocket.

When Danny opened up the book, he saw all of his personal information. ‘Danny Griffith. Height: good. Weight: good. Facial structure: pass. Pee-pee: very…’

“What’s a pee-pee?” asked Danny as he shoved the notebook in front of the man’s face. Hearing his words, the man raised his chin and decided not to answer. At that moment, Danny punched him in the chest. Then, the man coughed vigorously. “Are you going to speak up!?”

“Yes!” The man immediately surrendered and obliged. Then, his gaze slowly looked down and stopped between Danny’s legs. “Pee-pee is the one you used to make a baby with…” he explained.

When Danny heard his words, he was momentarily stunned. Then, he followed the man’s gaze and looked at his lower half. At that moment, he was red from embarrassment and threw the notebook at the man. “I thought you were some sick serial killer, but you are just sick in the head!”

Ariel laughed and commented sarcastically, “Looks like you are quite popular with men.”

When Danny heard her words, he punched the man even harder. “You are a pervert!”

After being slapped a couple of times, the man finally broke down and resisted. “That’s enough! Don’t you dare slap me again! I’m scary when I’m angry!” However, even when he stood straight up, he was still half a head shorter than Danny. Even when his eyes widened, he didn’t look intimidating.

At first, Danny was startled by his scream. Then, he shook his head and knocked the man’s head with the notebook. “Well, what are you waiting for?” He had seen many perverts who would stalk others and take photos of them. Most of them were weak and much said than done, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

“Ouch! It hurts!”

As expected, the man still dodged the attack by blocking it with his hands. However, he wasn’t able to avoid it anymore and kneeled abruptly, hugging Ariel’s leg as he begged for mercy.

“Save me, Miss Whitney. Your father had sent me here. I can’t die!”

When Danny saw a 5’9 foot man crying as he hugged a woman’s legs, he was shocked. It was almost as if he saw pigs flying in the sky. Then, he swallowed hard and kicked the man. “Don’t touch my woman, you pervert!”

However, the man rolled on the ground before rolling back and hugging Ariel again. “I’m a good person, Miss Whitney!” As he cried, he didn’t forget to wipe away his tears.

At that moment, Ariel and Danny exchanged glances. Although they were skeptical about the man, it was obvious that he was crying because he was wronged.

“Stop fooling around. I didn’t use much force!” Then, Danny looked at Ariel innocently as he spoke. “Is he a retard?”

Ariel shrugged, indicating that she wasn’t sure either. Then, Danny became interested in the man. Hence, he crouched and comforted the man. “Hey. What’s your name?”

However, the man ignored him and turned his head away as he huffed loudly.

“Hey! What’s with the attitude?” Danny was provoked and pushed the man. “Turn around and face me if you are a man!”

Still, the man refused to cooperate and clung against Ariel’s legs.

“Are you trying to take advantage of her?” As Danny spoke, he rolled up his sleeves and was going to punch the man again.

However, Ariel felt that something was off. Thus, she stopped Danny. “Let me try it.”

Although Danny was unwilling, he still obliged when he heard her words and stood beside her obediently.

Only then did Ariel ruffle the man’s hair gently. “Hey. You said that my father sent you here. Have you mistaken me for someone else?”

Immediately, the man stopped crying and released her as he took two steps back. Then, he sat on the ground and said respectfully, “No, Miss Ariel. Mr. Whitney knew that you were getting married, so he asked me to check on your husband’s background to prevent you from being fooled.”

Hearing his words, Danny rolled his eyes. I don’t need a fake marriage when I am this good-looking.

When Ariel heard his words, she had an awkward expression. “My father passed away when I was a child.” This man is acting like a child.

“There isn’t a mistake, Miss Ariel. You can ask Mrs. Whitney about this,” the man said confidently.

When Ariel realized that he knew about her mother, she was shocked, but she didn’t show it on her face. Then, she calmly asked the man for his number.

“Here. This is for you, Miss Ariel.” The man stood up and took out a smartwatch from his pocket. “If you ever need me, just say the word Jessie three times. I’ll appear by then.”

Hearing the man’s words, Danny leaned closer since he was curious. Then, he looked at the smartwatch and the man. “Who is Jessie?” he asked as he raised an eyebrow.

“I am,” Jessie said proudly.

Hearing his words, Danny was speechless. “Do you have anything normal on you?” Not only do you cry as soon as you get punched, you also have such a feminine name. As a tall and bulk man, don’t you feel ashamed when you look at yourself in the mirror?

“Hmph! Leave me alone!” Jessie glanced at him and turned his head away unhappily.

“Don’t make it sound like I want to care for you.” As Danny spoke, he clapped his hands and hugged Ariel as they left. Then, he provoked Jessie, saying, “Bye, Jessie. I’m going to take good care of Miss Ariel.”

Listening to his words, Jessie was furious, and his whole body was tense. Then, he punched the wall beside him. As he watched the duo leave, he sighed and took out his phone, calling the emergency number on his phone. “Master, I was caught…” he said.

“It’s fine. After all, you are the most unpresentable subordinate I have ever had. I’ll think of something. Just stay there at the moment.”

“Okay.” After Jessie hung up the phone, he walked into the darkness quietly.

After that night, the wall of the alleyway suddenly had a dent that was five centimeters deep. On the other hand, when Ariel got into the car, she dialed Rebecca’s number.

“Mommy, a man came up to me and claimed that he is my father…” Then, she stopped talking, letting Rebecca explain.

However, Rebecca was as cold as usual. “So?” She didn’t intend to explain it to Ariel.

When Ariel heard her tone, she was used to it. Then, she asked faintly, “I remembered that you always told me you are a single mom.”

“What’s wrong with that? I said that I’m a single mom, but I didn’t say you came out of a rock. Are you blaming me when you are the one who misinterpreted my words?” said Rebecca. She had her own interpretation of words.

Hearing her words, Ariel sighed. All she wanted to know was the truth. Thus, she asked, “What kind of person is my father?”

“He is a coward! A nothing for good! If you still want to be my daughter, keep this in mind—you never had a father, and you don’t need one in the future!” Rebecca explained emotionally.

Then, she hung up the phone.

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