Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 908

Chapter 908 She Won’t Respond if She’s Not Interested

At Alexander’s house, Jamie limped into the room hurriedly with a walking cane and took credit from Elise, saying, “Guess what, Boss? Princess Diana has a unique relationship with that old friend of hers. According to my observation, she has been secretly going with her friend when Price Prince Caleb is out entertaining guests. Moreover, they are getting intimate with each other. Sometimes, they don’t even hide it!”

When Elise heard his words, she was not surprised since she could tell at first look. All she wanted to do was confirm her guess. “Keep watching them, then.”

“Don’t worry. My men are on the watch all the time. Nothing will go wrong.” As Jamie spoke, he casually took out his phone and played with it. “Say, Boss, did you give me the wrong number? Narissa doesn’t seem to be picking up my calls.” He didn’t want to look needy, so he waited for two days before coming to Elise.

“If she doesn’t respond, that means she is uninterested in you. You must be aware of it.” Irvin’s words were like needles stabbed into Jamie’s heart, causing his self-esteem to go down into the gutter.

When Jamie listened to his words, he didn’t retort and only lowered his heart. To be honest, he had thought about this countless times, but he didn’t want to admit it. Now that Irvin had said it aloud, he needed to face reality. There was a possibility that Narissa did not love him anymore and hated him. However, he couldn’t blame anyone but himself since he was the one who hesitated in this relationship.

“You’re lying, Irvin!” Alexia’s words were like a ray of hope shining into Jamie’s world. “Godmother isn’t that mean. She had just face-timed me yesterday. So, she must be angry with my godfather!”

Alright. There isn’t any hope now. “Isn’t it the same thing if she doesn’t reply to my texts and is mad with me?” Jamie asked sadly, for he knew that he couldn’t have high hopes for a seven years old child.

However, Alexia didn’t care about what he thought as she blabbered on and on. “You have to comfort her. You have to bring her to a nice restaurant, say nice things to her, and give her nice things to play with. Every time Irvin spends time with me, I feel warm in my heart.”

“W-Will this work?” Jamie felt that comforting Narissa like she was a child wasn’t the best option.

Suddenly, he heard Elise’s words. “I heard that her childhood friend is back.”

At that moment, Jamie’s eyes lit up, and he felt energized. Then, he opened an app and started to look for flight tickets. “I might give it a shot.”

Elise had a cup of water in her hand as she stopped in front of him. Then, she said faintly, “Her childhood friend’s name is Gale, and she keeps talking about him. They are very close.” Then, she calmly walked away, leaving Jamie on the spot dumbstruck.

After some time, Jamie returned to his senses and was furious to the point that he threw away his walking cane. “How is this possible?! She is an adult, yet she still doesn’t keep her distance from other men. Why is she so close to them? First, she has a fiancée, and now, she has a childhood friend. Gosh! Narissa, you sure know how to enjoy life. Let’s see how much fun you can have!” As he spoke, he dialed his assistant’s phone number and walked away. “Get me the earliest flight immediately…”

As he was talking on the phone, Alexia called out to him. “Hey!”

“What?” Jamie’s tone was fierce since he was angry.

“It’s nothing.” Then, Alexia pointed to the ground and asked curiously, “Has your leg recovered?”

“No. Wait… Oh my!” When Jamie answered Alexia and looked at the ground, he suddenly realized that he still needed his walking cane. At that moment, he lost his balance and staggered as he fell to the ground.

Looking at him, Alexia couldn’t bear to watch and covered her face. However, she soon took a sneak peek and giggled, thinking that Jamie was a funny man.

At Tissote, in the Adaway Residence, Raffle had to call Alexander and urged him to hand over the report since it had been a week since he promised to do so.

“I’m sorry about this. I have a lot of projects on my hands since it’s the end of the year. My employees are busy and haven’t finished the report. I’ll personally send it to you after I have finished it in a few days!”

“If that’s the case, I hope you are paying more attention to it.” After Raffle hung up the phone, the smile on his face stiffened. Looking out the window, he felt anxious as he looked at the moon that was covered by the mountains.

Suddenly, a set of hurried footsteps caught his attention. When Raffle turned around, he saw that his son, Noah, was hugging his drawing board as he sneakily walked into the room, wanting to avoid him. When they saw each other, Noah stopped in his tracks, and the atmosphere was awkward.

“Dad.” Noah hid the drawing board behind him and greeted Raffle.

Raffle had his hands behind his back and stared at Noah’s drawing board. Then, his expression darkened significantly. “It has been years, and you are still trying to pursue your unrealistic dream!”

“This is art, and art is creativity itself. I said that I am going to be a famous painter.” Noah was firm with his words.

“A painter? A painter’s artwork is only valuable when they die! I worked hard to raise you, yet you want to live an ordinary life. I’m so disappointed in you.” As Raffle spoke, his eyes turned cold.

“Did you have me as your son just because you can fulfill your dream that you can’t achieve? I just want to live my life, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Ever since I was an adult, I have never asked you for money, nor did I ask for your support. All I wish is for you to be kind to me. It’s that such a hard thing to do?” Noah begged, running out of options.

“You want to live your life? Do you think I still have better days ahead of me? Without me, do you think that people will admire your drawings? When I’m gone, how will you survive? How can you pursue your dream? Are you going to beg on the street? Be realistic, Noah!” Raffle advised seriously.

When Noah heard his words, he could tell that something was off. “Did something happen, Dad?”

Listening to his words, Raffle waved him off since he didn’t want to drag Noah into this. “If only you could listen to me and make some changes, then I won’t have any worries. Can you do that?”

When Noah heard his words, he didn’t know what to say. I don’t get it. Why can’t I have both my dream and my family? I love my father and art. Love never hurts anybody, but why am I in such a sticky situation?

Seeing Noah turning silent, Raffle was not disappointed since he had long known his son’s answer and had no hope for him. Thus, after he had finished his words, he turned around and entered the room, leaving Noah and his assistant in the living room.

As Noah heard the door close, he turned and asked the assistant, “Is everything okay with Dad’s work?”

The assistant shook his head solemnly. “Mr. Adaway is being asked to check the Griffith brothers. However, they have made up a lot of excuses, and it’s affecting Mr. Adaway’s work progress. Don’t keep his words to your heart. He has a stressful week, so he might have said some harsh words to you.”

When Noah heard the assistant’s words, he had a thoughtful expression. The next day, he used his connections and blended in among the reporters who were interviewing Elise. Then, he sneaked into the Griffith Residence.

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