Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 909

Chapter 909 Call the Police

When the reporter he was paired with was testing the machine, Noah excused himself to the bathroom. Then, he avoided the servants and went to Alexander’s study room. Then, he locked the door and walked toward the biggest desk in the room. He started looking through the documents. He checked everywhere, from the table to the drawers, and did not miss any corner of the room.

Even though he was being cautious, he never expected Alexander to be watching his every move.

When Alexander saw Noah’s familiar face, his eyes darkened. After some time, he stood up and went straight home. On the other hand, Noah had been in the study room for ten minutes but found nothing. Then, he stood by the window and scanned the room, wondering if he had missed any spots.

Just then, he heard a little girl’s cry for help. “Ah! No! Help me, Mommy!”

When Noah heard the little girl’s voice, he subconsciously opened the curtains to find a big dog pouncing on a seven-year-old girl. It was a crucial moment! At that moment, he held the side of the window out of instinct and stepped onto the windowsill. He was ready to jump down from the second floor and rescue the girl. However, when he was halfway out, he suddenly stopped by the window and looked back at the room reluctantly.

This is the perfect chance to investigate Alexander. Should I just give up? However, this is a life-and-death situation. If I don’t do anything to save her, wouldn’t I be no different from those scheming businessmen?

After hesitating for a moment, Noah decided to grit his teeth and jumped out the window. After rolling on the ground, he got up and sprinted toward the girl. Then, he picked her up and comforted her as he drove the dog out.

“It’s fine. Everything’s fine now. Go! Get lost, beast!”

However, Noah noticed that the girl in his arms was laughing heartily under such serious circumstances. “Hahaha, I’m fine, mister. Maggie doesn’t bite!” she said.

Hearing her words, Noah was dumbfounded as he looked at her. Only then did he realize that the dog looked silly. Even when he had scolded the dog, it still smiled at him.

Such a silly pet dog doesn’t have an aggressive personality. The little girl was just playing a game with her dog, but I was too nervous to notice it. That’s why I thought the dog was going to attack her. Thus, I lost the chance to investigate Alexander because of some kid. Maybe the little girl is just an illusion arranged by Alexander to confuse outsiders!

As Noah thought about it, he was furious. Then, he put the girl down and walked away angrily. When he entered the hall from the side door, he quickened his pace and was ready to leave. However, as he entered the room, Elise called out.

“Are you leaving, Mr. Adaway? We haven’t started the interview yet,” said Elise. When she heard Alexia’s voice, she was going to check on her. Then, she saw Noah jumping out of the window of Alexander’s study. Hence, she would let him leave only after confirming his intentions.

Hearing her words, Noah nodded with a dark expression and said, “I’m sorry, Miss White. I have a family emergency, so I’ll have to hand the interview over to my colleagues.” Then, he walked toward the door.

“Wait.” As Elise called out, she exchanged glances with her bodyguards and asked them to stop Noah.

When Noah realized he was being stopped from leaving, his expression changed, and he decided to put down his act. “What is the meaning of this, Miss White? Is the Griffith Residence some kind of illegal place that not even a news reporter has the right to leave?!”

Hearing his accusation, Elise didn’t budge. “Don’t accuse me of anything, Mr. Adaway. Our guest bathroom is in the guest room behind me. Care to explain why you appeared in the backyard?” She smiled.

At that moment, Noah’s expression stiffened. Then, he made a lame excuse, saying, “It’s my first time here. I have never seen such a huge manor. Is it illegal to walk around the house?”

“How do you explain this, then?” As Elise spoke, she showed him the work permit she had in her hand. Then, she tore the first layer of the work permit, revealing a whole new identity. No matter the looks, name, or age, Noah didn’t match up with the man’s identity, which meant that he was not a reporter. Fortunately, Elise noticed something was off with him and quickly produced the work permit so that he could confess.

When Noah realized his identity had been exposed, he gave up and said, “Why don’t you just kick me out? I wasn’t going to stay here anywhere.”

“I will.” Elise smiled thoughtfully. “However, now is not the time. Someone will be here to pick you up.” Then, she turned toward the bodyguard and said monotonously, “Call the police.”

“Hey! Wait!” When Noah heard that she was going to call the police, he panicked. After all, with his identity, he would be on the papers tomorrow if he went to the police station. At that moment, his father would be the laughingstock of the town. Hence, after giving it some thought, he decided to apologize.

“I’m sorry, Miss White. I shouldn’t have barged into your house and faked an identity. It’s my fault. I hope that you can sweep this matter under the rug since I saved the child.”

Listening to his words, Elise didn’t say anything and just stared at him. Her pretty eyes could easily look right through him. She knew that he hadn’t realized his mistakes and was just trying to stop her from calling the police. Hence, she didn’t need to forgive him.

“What should I do for you to allow me to leave?” asked Noah as he was feeling guilty.

“That depends on when you will tell the truth. Alternatively, I can just talk to your father,” replied Elise with a smile. Since they had come into contact with Raffle, it was easy to recognize Noah.

When Noah realized she had recognized him from the start, he was furious. “You knew it all along, and yet, you let me in on purpose. This is a trap that you set up!” As he spoke, he widened his eyes, and an intimidating aura surrounded him.

“If you didn’t have any wicked ideas, you wouldn’t have fallen for my trap,” said Elise in response to his hypocritical words.

At that moment, Noah couldn’t say anything else other than try to keep things at bay. “Anyhow, I did this on my behalf. This has nothing to do with my father. Don’t tell me you think you can snitch on me when you are already a grown-up.”

Suddenly, Alexander’s voice sounded from the doorway. “We’ll find out if that works in a short while.”

Noah turned around and saw Alexander standing by the doorway for God knew how long. Then, he marched toward them and wrapped his arms around Elise’s waist as they sat by the couch. Then, he casually switched on the massive TV in the center of the room. The next moment, the TV played out footage of Noah rummaging through Alexander’s study.

Then, Alexander threw the remote control aside and looked at Noah. “With this surveillance footage and the fake work permit, you can be accused of burglary. When that happens, how will your father explain it to the media?”

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