Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 910

Chapter 910 You Don’t Really Understand Your Father

Noah balled up his fists and gritted his teeth. His knuckles cracked as he exerted more force with his hands.

“I said it’s something I did in private, and it has nothing to do with my father. Moreover, I was just looking for the competition’s proposal. It was supposed to be handed to my father a long time ago, but you’ve repeatedly refused to give it to him. That’s why he was taken to task by a higher-up. I had no choice but to do such a thing!”

Alexander dipped his head. “Your father has a great son. Unfortunately, he’s not a good father.”

“You have no right to judge whether he’s a good father. At the very least, he has earned my respect in other aspects.” Although there were some conflicts between Noah and his father, he always respected the latter.

“Would a good father tell his son to steal something from someone’s home? I’ve learned something new,” Alexander mocked him in a weird tone.

“How many times do I have to repeat myself? Can you stop slandering him? This was my idea. If my father isn’t a responsible person, would he suffer from insomnia because of what you’ve done? Stop acting high and mighty here when you’re in the wrong, Alexander!” Noah became increasingly agitated.

Alexander’s lips twisted into a sneer. “It seems that you don’t really understand your father, Mr. Adaway.”

“What do you mean by that?” Noah felt that something was off, but he couldn’t tell what it was.

“Nothing.” Alexander waved his hand. “You can leave now. I’ll pretend that nothing happened today.”

“For real?” Noah couldn’t believe that this man, whom even his father found hard to deal with, would let him off easily.

“Perhaps I’ll change my mind in a second. Do you want to find out how much patience I’m left with?” Alexander arched his brow and shot him a warning with his gaze.

After giving it some thought, Noah turned around and ran away.

“Are you letting him go just like this?” Meanwhile, Elise felt that they had let him off the hook too easily.

“Just consider it repayment for saving Lexi. Raffle’s son is not a fundamentally bad person, you know,” Alexander explained.

“He’s obviously more foolish than his father.” Elise waved the work permit in her hand. This kind of false evidence that could be exposed easily was like a time bomb in the business world.

Alexander let her sit on his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “So, we’ll gain some advantage by letting him go.”

Without refuting him, Elise shrugged.


The next day, at a high-end cafe in Tissote, Prince Caleb was seated in a private room while enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee.

A moment later, a masculine voice was heard saying above his head, “Nice to meet you again, Prince Caleb.”

Prince Caleb put down the coffee and was ready to rise from the chair to greet the person. However, the moment he lifted his head and made out the person’s face, his smile faded.

“Why are you here, Mr. Alexander? My guest will be arriving at any moment, so I’m worried I do not have time to have a chat with you.” Prince Caleb intended to dismiss him.

After what Margaret had done previously, the relationship between them had become awkward. More importantly, Prince Caleb had stopped hiding his hostility toward the designers from Cittadel, so he refused to come into contact with the Griffith Family again.

Instead of getting furious, Alexander put on a smile. “Are you waiting for the designer you met online?”

“How do you know that?” Prince Caleb became nervous. “What did you do to him?”

“Isn’t that person right in front of you?” Alexander asked with a smile.

“Are you messing with me?” Prince Caleb roared, evidently enraged. “You know nothing about design.”

Alexander directly fished out his phone and showed him their chat history on the internet from the day before.

Seeing that, Prince Caleb became infuriated and pushed his hand away. “Dang it! How dare you mess with me, Alexander?! Do you think I do not have a way to deal with you in Cittadel?”

“Please calm down, Prince Caleb. I don’t intend to mess with you. I just want to tell you that as the person you’ve selected, I’ve only been studying design for several years, and countless designers in Cittadel are more talented than me. Moreover, the history of fashion design in Cittadel dates back thousands of years ago. It has a much longer history than that in Yveltalia. It’s unlikely that your country can defeat us when it comes to fashion design,” Alexander said calmly.

“Do you think you’re smart?” Prince Caleb dismissed what the other man had just said.

“I wouldn’t say I’m smart,” Alexander replied humbly. “I just want you to get the facts right as soon as possible and stop wasting time on something unrealistic. After all, we both hope that we’ll fight for even more benefits for the citizens of the two countries. There’s no room for vested interests here.”

“Are you lecturing me now?” Prince Caleb snapped. “If everyone thinks they’re very smart just like you, I won’t use their design even if it’s good. You’re too proud, Alexander, and I don’t like it.”

He rose from the chair and stared at Alexander with a dispassionate expression. “This is the first as well as the last time. If you dare do such a rude thing to me again, I’ll immediately contact the Department of Commerce and tell them to revoke your company’s right to take part in the competition. Behave yourself.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately left the place.

Certainly, he was aware that Alexander was a bright person, but he also knew he wouldn’t be able to manipulate such a talented individual.

Rather than a professional designer, he wanted a puppet he could control to be in charge of this project—that person could never be Alexander.

Right after Prince Caleb left the place, Alexander received a call from his assistant.

“Something serious has happened, Mr. Griffith. A group has gathered at our headquarters claiming they have to do a routine inspection. Now, we’re unable to run the company.”

“Got it. I’ll go back now.”

The moment Alexander hung up the call, he received a call from Raffle.

“How is it going, President Griffith? I heard that the authorities have taken action. Are you alright?” Raffle asked with feint concern.

“You called at the right time,” Alexander replied impassively.

“Well, this can’t be helped. You’re in charge of an important project that I’m handling. I care about outstanding entrepreneurs like you. Now that the authorities are in your company, it must have a huge impact on you. Have you come up with a solution, President Griffith?”

“Haven’t you called to give me the solution?” Alexander went straight to the point.

“Haha. I love how straightforward you are. Yes, I do have a solution, but first of all, you have to hand in the proposal as promised. When the higher-ups understand that you’re a talented person, it’ll be easier for me to smooth things over. Don’t you agree?”

Alexander didn’t reply to him at once. He stood there in silence and fell into his thoughts.

Businessmen were most afraid of authorities coming to knock on their doors. Now that Alexander’s company was under the authorities’ inspection, it was obvious that Raffle was the mastermind behind it. He was trying to mount pressure on Alexander and force him to hand in the proposal.

However, it was no different from exposing the work for the competition if Alexander gave him the proposal now. If Raffle and Wendy joined forces and did anything shady, his effort throughout this while would go to waste.

After pondering on it for a moment, Alexander decided to do something drastic.

He directly hung up on Raffle and called his assistant. “Just cooperate with the authorities. Also, tell the employees who are not affected by the inspection to stop working right now. They’ll be given paid leave.”

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