Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 912

Chapter 912 You’re Still Alive?

After half a month of fervent preparations, the designers’ competition, which was jointly held by Cittadel and Yveltalia, finally took place.

Audiences and reporters from both countries had gathered together at the venue. The event was the talk of the town now.

The competition was set to start at 10.00AM. At 9.00AM, Alexander, along with his team, met Raffle and handed in the proposal for review.

Raffle skimmed through the proposal and tossed it away. He then mocked Alexander in a weird tone for not appreciating his favor. “Look, in the end, it’s in my hands. Why did you even stall for time and make things difficult for both of us?”

They had previously launched an inspection at Smith Co.’s headquarters. Besides breaking into the company’s intranet, Wendy’s people had also installed surveillance cameras in some hidden places. They had already found out about the details of the proposal, so nothing was surprising about it now.

Now, they were just going through the process and letting Smith Co. take part in the competition as a representative for Cittadel. Although Raffle wanted to get his revenge, he didn’t intend to expose himself so soon since everything was well under his control. After all, the organization did not have enough money and energy to nurture a new Minister of Commerce.

Although he was unable to stop Alexander, he deliberately stalled for time to make him anxious.

However, Alexander didn’t respond to him at all. He stood there with an expressionless face just like a robot, and there wasn’t even a hint of emotion behind his gaze.

Raffle was disappointed as his attempt to infuriate the man was futile. He could only give up and stamp the form with a seal to let them take part in the competition.

As he held out the form, he still tried to sustain the false sense of harmony between them by saying, “You’re still young, so I won’t settle the score with you. We’ll inevitably come into contact again. I’ll forget about the grudges between us, and I hope you’ll start restraining yourself, Mr. Griffith. We can still be friends.”

Alexander forcefully pulled the form from him and spoke in a dispassionate and distant voice. “I’m sorry. I’m not interested in being your friend. See you.”

With that, he turned around and left with his team.

Wendy and the others thought that they were on the winning side after stealing the proposal, and they even had the intention of making Alexander side with them. Nevertheless, they had no idea that everything was under the latter’s control.

Soon, they would regret letting him take part in the competition so easily.

Raffle dismissed Alexander’s pride. After they left his lounge, he phoned Wendy.

“I’ve looked into the matter. Alexander’s plan hasn’t changed. It’s just like what we’d obtained.”

“I’m sure you know what to do.”

“Don’t worry. Smith Co.’s team will come after yours.”


After hanging up the call, Wendy turned to look at the room’s door. “A long time has passed. Aren’t you ready yet?”

The moment she finished speaking, an alluring woman stepped out of the room.

The woman was clad in a shiny, puffy dress. As she approached Wendy, she lifted the hem of the dress and performed a curtsy to her. “I’m ready to take action now.”

Wendy examined the woman with her shrewd-looking eyes. “Tell me. Who are you?”

The woman put on a confident smile. “Amy.”

As special guests, Prince Caleb and Princess Diana had gone backstage early on to motivate the candidates.

The moment Princess Diana saw Wendy, she eagerly took Prince Caleb’s hand and approached her.

“Wendy, I suppose Amy has become better now. Where’s she?”

Wendy stepped aside to reveal the woman behind her. “Your Highness, she’s Amy.”

The woman put on a faint smile. “Nice to meet you, Prince Caleb, Princess Diana.”

“Oh, my gosh!” Princess Diana was elated. She took a step forward and sized the woman up. “Nobody told me you’re so young and gorgeous! Could the inspirations in design come to you just like your natural beauty?”

The woman bashfully pressed her lips together. She did not refute her, nor did she acknowledge it. A moment later, she started coughing lightly.

The coughing was intermittent, but her expression suggested that she was not feeling well.

“Are you alright, Amy?” Princess Diana asked with concern.

“Although Amy has recovered from her illness, she’s still pretty frail. The flu is not serious, but it’ll take her a long time to fully recover. I’m worried that she won’t be able to do her best to make sure she won’t disappoint you,” Wendy explained.

“I see…” Princess Diana nodded to show that she understood her situation. Then, she took the woman’s hands and placated her by saying, “Don’t worry, Miss Amy. As long as you’re willing to draw, the Prince and I will fully support you.”

The woman gave her a grateful look, then said in a hoarse voice, “Thanks, your Highness.”

The harmonious scene was abruptly disturbed by a scornful voice.

“Oh, look who it is! It’s really you, Tiana. You’re still alive?”

The moment Danny finished speaking, he appeared in front of everyone hand in hand with Ariel.

The woman, who was still benevolent earlier, sported a slightly awkward expression when she heard the name ‘Tiana’.

Eight years had passed, and she had almost forgotten about this name. Why would there still be someone who remembered her?

She instinctively balled up her fists, her nails digging into her palms. That was how she attempted to sustain her calmness.

“Who are you calling, Mr. Danny?” Princess Diana was perplexed.

“That woman.” Danny pointed at Tiana. “A few years ago, she pretended to be my sister-in-law’s student and conned others. After she was expelled from the Calligraphy Association, she went missing. Although she looks slightly different now, her voice has never changed. I’m not mistaken, for she’s definitely Tiana.”

He paused for a moment, then provoked them with a smile. “What did you all just call her? Amy? Haha. Are you too old to see things clearly now, Miss Jennings? I’m worried that you’ve been fooled by her.”

“Please show some respect, Mister. I have no idea why you’re slandering me, but I’m the real Amy. My work will prove my identity.” Tiana straightened her back confidently.

She had been preparing for this day for the past seven years, so she wouldn’t be intimidated by such a confrontation.

Danny scoffed. “You have a pretty special hobby, don’t you? You’d either pretend to be someone else’s student or the real person. Are you ashamed of your identity? Why do you despise it so much?”

Tiana ignored him and lifted her chin.

At this moment, she was a gifted designer as well as the royalty’s guest. Certainly, she had the right to be condescending.

“Amy’s design has earned the approval of the Prince and the Princess. If you’re not pleased with it, Mr. Griffith, please show us a better design during the competition instead of bullying a frail woman backstage. It’s not what a gentleman should do. Don’t you agree?”

Wendy easily shifted everyone’s attention back to the competition.

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