Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 913

Chapter 913 Impersonating Amy

“You’re right.” Danny decided to beat them at their own game with a rubbernecker’s attitude. “The crowd has keen eyesight. As soon as this so-called Amy goes on stage, everyone will be able to see how bad her designing skills are!”

Using his long arms, he wrapped Ariel’s waist and walked away. “It’s going to be an interesting show later.”

Tiana was so angry that her eyes almost popped out of their sockets and she glared at the two while gritting her teeth. So many years have passed, yet these friends of Elise can never get themselves to say anything nice. Can’t they think better of others? So, what if I’m not the real Amy? What does that have to do with them? It’s true that people with nothing to do like meddling in other people’s businesses!

If the royals hadn’t been here, with Miss Jennings’ support, I would’ve given Danny a few slaps for his arrogant attitude and let him know that things are different now. I’m no longer the student that anyone can take advantage of.

Back when Elise exposed her in public and made her the laughingstock of the entire Cittadel, the organization found her and gave her a new life. She had worked tirelessly for eight years to replicate Amy’s designs. Until today, she had her designs etched in her brain and every piece she designed looked somewhat authentic.

According to Wendy, the real Amy was dead, so now, she could replace her in the name of Amy and become the expert fashion designer that no one could catch up with! Just you Griffith men wait, this competition is just the beginning. In the future, the organization and I will completely ruin your lives!


Meanwhile, the competition began not long after Elise and the kids settled in their seats.

As the emcee, Raffle, cued the event’s progress step by step, he first introduced all the selected fashion designers, then began showing the designs of Yveltalian designers, which would then be scored by a panel of judges formed from professionals in both Cittadel and Yveltalia.

Though the Yveltalian designers had limited abilities, the judges unanimously gave them seven to eight points. However, there were different opinions raised among the crowd.

“What? This competition must be rigged! How can that design deserve an eight?”

“That’s where you’re wrong. They are guests who came here to help give our country’s economy a boost. How can you possibly stand to give them only a passing score?”

“This competition is for bystanders to watch for fun while the professionals do so for the talents. These Yveltalian designers might be at the top of their game back in their country, but in Cittadel, they’re already lucky to have eight points.”

“I’d say these foreigners are really something. They clearly know their skills aren’t up to par, yet they still want to meddle in this industry. Aren’t they afraid they’d humiliate themselves?”

“When representing your country in a competition, it’s the heart that counts, not the scores. Shut up if you don’t know anything and save yourself from exposing your low morals!”

They continued to argue among themselves.

Despite the criticism, the Cittadelians were still gentlemanly enough to give the Yveltalian designers a two-minute round of applause so that they could see that they were welcomed at Cittadel.

After that, Raffle called for the Cittadelian designers to bring their works on stage. The designers who were there to run with the others stood in front. Alexander was the grand finale and last in line, while Tiana was in front of him.

After showing the designs from all contestants, Raffle deliberately raised his tone when introducing Tiana. “The next designer is not a stranger to all of you. About a decade ago, she appeared with a bang, and until today, all of her designs are still being collected and exhibited by almost all luxury brands. She has been dubbed the ‘Beethoven of the fashion design industry’. She is our top, master fashion designer, Amy!”

Once those words were spoken, no hints were needed as the crowd fell into an uproar.

“Amy! It’s actually Amy! She’s a Cittadelian! Oh, my gosh! I knew it. Only a Cittadelian could lead this industry!”

“Once in love with Amy, always in love with Amy!”

Even the Yveltalian designers raised their cameras in unison and pointed them at Tiana before taking pictures of her madly.

“It’s so unbelievable. Amy is actually so young!”

“Cittadel has actually managed to invite Amy to join this competition. This has just become a very fruitful trip!”

“It’s an honor to lose to Amy!”

“Why don’t we head over and ask for a signature later?”

The questions continued.

Under everyone’s gaze, Tiana held her head high as if she was now an embodiment of Amy. She gracefully took a step forward before slightly nodding at the camera to show the crowd her gratitude for their admiration. Later, she arrogantly held her head high again. That’s right. This is the life I, Tiana Hill, should have. I’m born to be on stage and should always be in the limelight.

“Okay, now let us feast our eyes on the surprising design Amy has brought for us today!”

Following Raffle’s command, the assistant removed the cloth covering the canvas and revealed Tiana’s design, which was also shown on the big screen at the same time.

When the different professionals in the crowd saw the design on paper, they all had different expressions. Those who knew nothing about fashion design applauded so hard that it seemed like they were about to break their wrists.

“This design is amazing! You’re Cittadel’s pride!”

“Amy, you’re my idol!”

They continued to shower her with praise.

The judges all nodded and began to whisper in each other’s ears.

“As expected of Amy! Once she reveals her design, all the other entries become nothing in comparison to hers. With such an innovative design concept, I think no one will be able to surpass her for the decade to come.”

“This has always been Amy’s design concept—bold and innovative but never lacking a romantic sense. This is what fashion designing should be like!”

“I think I’m going to give out my first full score of the day!”

Below the stage, Elise felt bored while swiping through her phone when she suddenly felt Alexia tug on her. “Mommy, the picture up there looks just like the one on your computer!”

Though she had already expected this, she still hurriedly put her phone away and covered Alexia’s mouth to stop her loud statement from spreading. Fortunately for them, the crowd beside them was still in high spirits and did not notice the child’s words, so it saved them from having their identities exposed.

While putting a finger to her lips, Elise made a shushing gesture. “What did I tell you? We’re here to be a quiet audience and watch Daddy’s performance. We are not to express our opinions. Did you forget about that?”

Alexia mischievously stuck out her tongue. “I’m sorry, Mommy, but it does look very similar.”

Pulling Alexia onto her lap, Elise looked on stage and explained solemnly, “Fashion design is something that taps into one’s soul. Inspiration and creativity are what give a design its soul, so no matter how similar two designs appear, unless you can tell the same story from both of them, one of them must be forged.”

“Forged? It means that’s fake, right? Mommy, which one is fake?” Alexia had always liked getting to the bottom of things.

“You can’t find the answer by asking. You’ll only be able to tell after you observe carefully,” Irvin piped up calmly beside them.

“Okie.” Alexia knew that her brother was reminding her to be obedient, so she stopped pestering Elise.

In the end, Tiana’s work received full scores and became the winner of the night, which was within everyone’s expectations. Since that was not the end of the event, Raffle announced Tiana’s score after which he directed the crowd’s attention to Alexander.

When the cloth of white silk was removed to reveal the design from Smith Co., it immediately caused a stir within the crowd. “Isn’t this the same design that Master Amy just presented?!”

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