Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 916

Chapter 916 Tiana’s Death

The appearance has changed, but kids don’t lie. If Alexia is Alexander’s daughter, Anastasia is Elise! That’s right! Elise is not missing at all! Instead, she has been with Alexander with another identity all along! “Stop right—”

Tiana shouted and marched forward, but before she could finish shouting and grabbing Elise, a large hand suddenly grabbed her wrist, and she was tugged and thrown to the floor by this powerful force.

When Tiana came to her senses, apart from the tingling pain in her body, she could feel Alexander’s fiery glare on her. His wrath alone made her even more sure that “Anastasia” was “Elise”!

In the face of Alexander’s intimidating glare, Tiana suddenly laughed maniacally. “Hahaha! Elise has been around all along! Haha! You two are the best actors in the world!”

In an instant, a killing intent flashed in Alexander’s eyes. Even though he was now confident enough to protect Elise, he didn’t want Tiana to reveal this secret.

His shrewd eyes darted around as he began to provoke her, “Elise is indeed my best wife because she is excellent. What about you? Do you remember what you called yourself?”

Tiana’s smile froze, and her expression gradually became solemn.

“Eight years ago, you pretended to be Elise’s student and tried to steal her original font. You repeated the same trick eight years later, attempting to take my identity and steal my design. Is stealing the only way you know how to get anything you want in your life?” He continued to mock her.

“Stop it! Stop! This is none of your business! Stay out of it!” Sure enough, Tiana was irritated and was on the verge of losing control. “You know nothing! It’s obvious that I’m outstanding, so why should I let anyone belittle me? I’m just taking back the honor that belongs to me!”

“Are you sure it’s your honor? All you receive is sympathy from others in our name! Now that your true colors have been exposed, who else can you pretend to be? Do you even know if you’re a man or a woman? Can you differentiate between reality and fantasy? You’re just living in your own bubble. It will burst sooner or later, and you can’t do anything about it!”

Alexander deliberately deepened his voice and sounded as if he was putting Tiana on trial. His words struck Tiana’s soul, and all of a sudden, she began to feel dazed.

“No! You’re wrong! No one can take what’s mine away from me! I’m a genius! No one can take me down, no way! Me? I’m Amy, of course. No, wait! Who am I? Where am I? Why are there so many people? Why are they laughing at me? Stop! Don’t look at me! Stop laughing at me! Argh!”

She stood up from the ground while holding her head, and then turned in circles as if she had been possessed. She pointed aimlessly at the auditorium. “Come on! Come at me! Stop threatening me, or I’ll kill myself right now!”

With that, Tiana suddenly turned to look at the rostrum, wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes, and rushed over without hesitation. She banged her head on the stone rostrum, fell to the ground, and did not move anymore.

Blood trickled down from her forehead to the ground, pooling into a bright red pool that seemed like a poppy that was melting.

The organizers of such a large event were quite diligent when such a scandal occurred. The logistics department quickly sent their staff to remove the corpse and clean up the mess, and the award ceremony was held as scheduled.

The capable Alexander verified his identity as Amy, so he won the championship trophy without any dispute.

Wendy was apparently exasperated. She came to him and provoked him, “Alexander, you’re so shameless. You use your dead wife’s identity and design. Aren’t you afraid that Elise will come back tonight to haunt you?”

“Is she coming? Oh, I look forward to seeing her!” Alexander curled his lips into a triumphant grin, confidence exuding from his whole body. “Miss Jennings, don’t be so bitter. Everyone wants to use her identity and design, but, well, I succeeded. You should be humble and learn from me. You’ll surely be defeated again in the future, so if you don’t get used to it, you may not be able to take it. It would be so boring if I lost to such a strong opponent like you.”

“I thought too highly of you. Yes, you may find it easy to take Elise’s credit because she is dead, but it doesn’t work all the time. We’ll see!” Wendy gripped her crutch angrily and left the arena indignantly with the support of her assistant.

Looking at the trophy in his hand, Alexander felt pleased. He would be able to use his wife’s design for a lifetime, and others could do nothing but envy him.

After thinking for a while, he was about to share the joy with his wife and kids, but when he looked up, he saw Wendy and Raffle chatting without a care in the world. What the hell are these two up to this time?

Alexander frowned. After pondering for a moment, he hurried over, grabbed Raffle’s hand and shook it, and expressed his gratitude excitedly, “It’s all thanks to you that everything went so smoothly this time! Don’t worry. I’ll give you my full support as long as I’m still in the game!”

Taken aback by Alexander’s abrupt action, Raffle took a second to regain his composure and hastily withdrew his hand. “What the heck are you talking about? I don’t need your support! Don’t even think about driving a wedge between us!”

But it was too late. Once the seed of doubt was planted, it would immediately take root and sprout into a towering tree.

Wendy didn’t say anything, but she gave Raffle a very meaningful glance before turning and leaving in silence. Raffle’s heart skipped a beat when he saw her look, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“Are you scared?” Alexander glared coldly at him. “There’s more to come. Enjoy it.”

Only then did he grin in satisfaction and return to Elise’s side.

Alexia held the trophy and grinned from ear to ear. “Mr. Alex, is this made of gold? Can I buy desserts with it?”

Elise had reminded her just now, so she addressed Alexander as Mr. Alex now.

Alexander gently rubbed her head. “Of course. I’ll give you whatever you want.”

“Hooray! I want to buy ten tiramisu today!” Alexia clumsily held the trophy and giggled.

Her joy was so infectious that Alexander and Elise felt rejoiced, and their eyes and expressions were full of affection and tenderness.

At this moment, Princess Diana came over to congratulate Alexander. “Congratulations, Mr. Griffith. You finally became a brand designer as you wished.” As she spoke, she hugged Alexander and Elise in turn.

When they hugged, Elise paused for a moment and whispered, “Princess, please be rest assured that the prince will never hear about you and Samson as long as you support us.”

“Thank you.” The princess smiled lightly.

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