Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 917

Chapter 917 Ariel’s First Love

Speak of the devil. Prince Caleb came over and quipped, “Mr. Griffith, I’m surprised, but I have to say that your ability speaks volumes. This brand belongs to you, and I look forward to your new designs.”

“Thank you.” Alexander returned to his taciturn self.  “From now on, Mr. Griffith, you’ll be in charge of my dresses for important occasions.” Princess Diana took the opportunity to gain some benefits.

“It’s my pleasure,” Alexander gladly agreed, but he was secretly planning on how to screw around with them. After all, to him, Elise was the best model. “At least, in this case, it turned out pretty well,” joked Prince Caleb.

“Of course.” Princess Diana and Elise exchanged glances calmly, yet their silence was worth a thousand words. Meanwhile, Prince Caleb remained clueless about being cheated on.

To celebrate winning the joint brand, the organizer held a grand celebration banquet. The reception had just begun when Danny and Ariel walked into the venue leisurely.

“Didn’t you say we were going on a date at the skating rink today?” Ariel asked. “Why did you change your mind and bring me here?”

“We can date whenever we want, but we’re not that lucky to get a free lunch every day. I’ve inquired about it. A lot of financial giants from Yveltalia have come to this celebration banquet. I want to take this opportunity to scout some of them so that we can venture into the international market.”

Danny quickly scanned the guests around him while he spoke, for fear of missing anyone. In the next second, his eyes lit up when he spotted someone. He took Ariel’s hand and quickly walked toward a tall and mighty figure.

“Mr. Taylor,” Danny greeted the man from behind. Ariel was taken aback by the mention of the man’s last name. When she raised her head, the man happened to turn around. She was confused when she saw his face.

The man glanced over at Danny and finally fixed his gentle gaze on Ariel. “Hello, Arie. Long time no see.” His voice was so inexplicably deep and profound that he could captivate a person’s heart just by speaking.

“H-Hello. Long time no see.” Ariel seemed a little awkward and jittery. “Do you know each other?” Danny stood between them, and he could feel the confusion frantically surging inside him.

Ariel had never told him that she knew Maverick Taylor, a financial tycoon from Yveltalia. He didn’t ask about their relationship, but it felt weird, especially the way Maverick looked at Ariel. His gaze was so passionate and soft!

And I’m here with them! He would have swept Ariel off her feet by now if I wasn’t here!

“Yes, Mr. Taylor was my first boss.” Ariel explained, “He taught me a lot. It’s all thanks to his guidance that I’m able to make good investment decisions.”

“You’re talented in this field. How are you doing recently?” Maverick asked warmly as if he was completely unaware that there was a man who was as tall and burly as him standing right in front of him.

His ignorance irritated Danny. Danny immediately wrapped his arms around Ariel’s waist and grinned smugly. “She’s doing great, thank you. We’re getting married soon. You’re welcome to our wedding if you’re free.”

Only then did Maverick take a good look at Danny, but it was only a brief glance. Almost immediately, he turned and continued to talk to Ariel, “In that case, let’s exchange our numbers so that we can keep in touch.”

Ariel was about to refuse when Danny directly took out his phone and passed it to him. “Save my number. I’m her spokesperson now. It’s tiring to handle those calls and texts, so I usually do that for her. Mr. Taylor, if you have anything to say, just contact me.”

Ariel was well aware of Danny’s temperament, so she simply watched silently.

Maverick curled his lips into a faint smile and added his number. “Alright. Keep in touch, Mr. Griffith.”

“Sure thing.” Danny pulled a long face and looked extremely gloomy. Is he a fool? Can’t he read the room? I’m so pissed now, yet he still saved my number! Fine. Go ahead and save my number! I’ll block you later!

As soon as he saved the number, someone came over to talk to Maverick. “Mr. Taylor, can we have a word, please?”

“Excuse me.” Maverick smiled at them and then walked away chatting and laughing with that person.

Danny glared at Maverick wherever he went. If he could materialize his glare, Maverick must be being hacked into pieces at this moment.

Ariel finally sensed Danny’s abnormality and teased him, “Hey, are you jealous?”

“Jealous? Who, me? No, no. I would never be jealous,” Danny stubbornly denied. “I just feel that this guy is too cocky and bossy. I really want to slap that smirk off his face.”

“Nah, forget about it.” Ariel raised her eyebrows. “His skill is better than mine. You can’t beat him.”

“So what? It’s not going to stop me from kicking his *ss! Wait a minute—” Danny suddenly thought of something and grabbed her wrist anxiously. “Didn’t you say that he was only your boss? How do you know so much about him?”

Ariel pursed her lips and hesitated for a moment. In the end, she had no choice but to tell the truth. “Alright, we used to date, but that’s all in the past. We’re grown up now, so we’ve moved on.”

“You guys dated?” Danny asked anxiously, “Was he your first love?”

Ariel bit her lips and nodded lightly, confirming his speculation.

“D*mn!” Danny growled in frustration. “I knew it! No wonder the way he looked at you was different.”

“You read too much into this.” Ariel shrugged indifferently and said while looking in Maverick’s direction, “He’s destined for great things. In his eyes, relationships probably take up not more than 10% of his life. All he needs is a career, but…” She turned to Danny and smiled sweetly as she uttered, “You’re different. I know that you love me wholeheartedly, and I you.”

“Hmph! You’re just saying that to cheer me up!” Danny was touched by her confession, but whenever the thought that Maverick was Ariel’s first love crossed his mind, he was so jealous that he couldn’t calm down at all.

Ariel sighed helplessly. “Even talking about him upsets you. Do you still want him to invest in your business and partner with you to develop the international market?”

“Of course!” Danny huffed firmly, “I’ll be the bigger person. As long as I can expand my business, I’ll tolerate him. Just wait and see! There will come a time when he needs to beg me for mercy!”

Ariel’s heart melted when she saw that he was jealous. She tiptoed and kissed his lips lightly. “I believe in you.”

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