Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 918

Chapter 918 Danny Killed Raffle?

Danny curled his lips into a faint smile. Just then, from the corner of his eyes, he saw that Raffle was quietly led away from the venue by a man through the side door.

He had seen the aforementioned man before. The man was Wendy’s assistant. The celebration banquet had just begun. As the person in charge of the project, Raffle had no reason to leave so early.

There was something fishy going on. Since he spotted the incident, he couldn’t ignore it. “Darling.” Danny turned to Ariel and said, “I have to check on something. Will you be fine by yourself? How about I ask the driver to send you home first?”

“One of us must be here to mingle with the other guests. Go ahead. I can handle this.” Ariel was not the typical damsel in distress, so it was no problem for her to handle things alone.

“Alright then. Thanks.” Danny gave her a peck on the lips and chased after them in the direction they left. He ran to the side of the road, just in time to see several men pushing Raffle into the car. From the looks of it, Raffle was reluctant to go with them.

Danny got to his car, started the engine, and hurriedly chased after them. The other party was driving an MPV at a relatively normal speed. In order to not alert them, Danny followed them from a considerable distance.

They drove for about 20 minutes and gradually came to the outskirts of the city. There were almost no cars or pedestrians on the road.

At this point, the driver of the MPV suddenly accelerated as if he realized that they were being followed, and they almost got rid of Danny.

Shocked, Danny hurriedly stepped on the accelerator and followed them closely. He put his driving skills into use and managed to catch up with them thanks to his years of racing with Jamie.

Now that he had been exposed, he no longer hid his existence and followed the van closely. The distance between the two cars was only a few yards, and they maintained a delicate balance.

However, when they passed through an intersection, the trunk of the MPV suddenly opened, and a man was dropped without any warning. Danny quickly stepped on the brake, but it was too late.

He hit the man directly, sending him flying into the air. When the man landed on the ground, Danny’s car ran over him inevitably, and he rolled to the guardrail ten yards away and finally stopped. The MPV, on the other hand, had sped off.

He was in the middle of nowhere, and the surrounding area was dead silent. Danny stared blankly at the weeds illuminated by the dim headlights. It took him a long time to regain his composure.

Thankfully, his car didn’t break down. He immediately turned around and drove back to the scene of the accident.

Seeing the man’s clothes, he could confirm that the man was Raffle. He bent over and checked Raffle’s pulse and breathing although he knew the outcome.

Sure enough, Raffle was dead.

Danny was on pins and needles. Although Raffle and him disagreed on some matters, Raffle was not a bad person. Danny felt a strong sense of guilt because he hit and ran over Raffle. Moreover, he wasn’t sure if this was part of Wendy’s trap.

After pondering for a moment, he took out his phone and called Alexander. “Alex, I think I’ve been set up.” After hearing what had happened, Alexander immediately instructed, “Take the body home immediately and avoid the cameras. I’ll send someone to take care of the rest.”

Danny didn’t have time to think. He dragged the body into the car with great effort and sped home.

Meanwhile, the celebration banquet at the hall was coming to an end. Seeing that Ariel was alone, Maverick approached her. “Your little boyfriend has left early. Are you still waiting for him?”

Maverick was the kind of person who did not wear his heart on his sleeve. On the surface, he looked dismissive of Danny, but in fact, he had been observing Danny’s words and demeanor secretly.

With a faint smile, Ariel replied, “No. I’m just looking for a potential business partner who we can work with.”

“Well, the most promising business partner is standing right in front of you, yet you still look for others. It seems that you have alienated me,” Maverick teased.

Ariel smiled politely and said in a diplomatic tone, “It would be an honor to have you on board if you’re willing, of course.”

Maverick avoided the topic directly. “I’ve heard about Danny. I thought that he was a promising young man, but now that I’ve met him, he seems to be only a kid with excessive possessiveness.”

Upon the mention of Danny, Ariel beamed, and affection flashed in her eyes. “He is indeed a little childish, but that’s what I like most about him.”

“Everyone wants to be a kid when hormones are abundant, but men always mature slower. You may like his guilelessness now, but in the future, you will suffer exactly because of that,” Maverick uttered.

“It’s possible.” Ariel shrugged indifferently. “But so far, it hasn’t happened.”

Maverick opened his mouth and was about to say something when Ariel directly interjected him, “Let’s talk about you. Since you came to Cittadel in person, you must be here for market development. Since we have the same goal, why not work together?” She cut to the chase, so as not to cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

The shrewd Maverick did not push it anymore. He responded leisurely, “You know that I’m professional. If we want to work together, your little boyfriend’s proposal has to be worthwhile.”

“Okay, Mr. Taylor. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.” Ariel was confident.

Maverick did not answer her. He simply gazed at her with passion and adoration.

The guests were almost gone by now, so Ariel stood up and was ready to leave. “Excuse me, I’ll take my leave first. Let’s talk again when we have a chance.”

“Let me see you off.” Maverick followed her.

“No, thanks.” Ariel stopped him, not wanting to create any misunderstanding.

“What are you afraid of? There’s nothing between us. Can’t you even be seen with a male friend? Do you have no confidence in yourself, or your little boyfriend?” Maverick deliberately spoke provocatively.

Ariel frowned. It would show how unreasonable she was if she refused again, so she had no choice but to leave the banquet with him.

Twenty minutes later, Danny clenched his fingers and restlessly waited in the villa while Elise was examining Raffle’s body in the guest room.

The abrupt sound of the car engine brought Danny back to reality. He got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, just in time to see Maverick take off his coat and drape it over Ariel’s shoulders.

He wasn’t able to control his emotions well due to the uneasiness he was feeling. At the same time, an enormous sense of jealousy rose in his heart. He sat back down furiously and ignored Ariel’s greeting when she entered the house.

Sensing that he was not himself, Ariel looked at the coat on her shoulders and soon realized that he was angry. She took off Maverick’s coat, casually put it on the hanger at the side, went to sit beside him, and pressed her slender body against him. “You saw Maverick, didn’t you? Are you jealous?”

“No, I’m not.” Danny turned his face away and arrogantly denied it.

Ariel giggled in amusement. She wrapped her arms around his tightly and pouted adoringly. “Oh, I’m so tired, darling. I want kisses…”

Danny snorted, raised his chin proudly, and did not say anything.

Seeing this, Ariel decided to turn against him. She shook off his arm and feigned annoyance. “You don’t love me anymore.”

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