Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 919

Chapter 919 Not Letting the Enemy Go

Danny fell for it and turned around to complain aggrievedly, “It was you who flirted with your first love, so why are you angry at me? Can’t you be reasonable?”

“That’s it. You’re jealous.” Ariel coaxed him in a good-tempered manner, “I’m sorry, and I don’t want to do so either. I can’t shame him because I have to protect my husband’s image. Maverick is an important client. He said he would send me back, so I can’t offend him and endure the discomfort of letting him send me.”

Pausing, she hooked her hands around Danny’s neck before throwing him a wink. “After being alone with someone I don’t like, I realized how much I love you. Do you know that I was thinking about you every minute on the road?”

“Really?” Danny’s heart instantly melted, and even his gaze became gentle and doting. “Really.” Ariel looked into his eyes and nodded thoughtfully. “Not a trace of a lie.”

Danny’s mood took a turn for the better, and he reached out to play with her slender hands. He then sincerely apologized to her. “I’m sorry. I was too quick to judge, and my attitude was bad. I have wronged you.”

It wasn’t very comfortable for him as a big man to let Ariel coax him. She was proud, but she was willing to humble herself for him, so Danny swore that he would cherish her well no matter what happened in the future.

“Jeez! I’m your wife, so I must bear your emotions. Tell me—what happened?” Ariel asked patiently. “I probably ran over someone.” Danny was still in shock. He couldn’t help but sigh again when he talked about the incident. “I drove over Raffle.”

“How did that happen?” Ariel was surprised. He had been out of her sight for less than an hour, and something had gone wrong.

“It all happened so fast, so I don’t know what to say. My sister-in-law and the others are investigating it.” Danny’s mind was filled with the figure of Raffle covered in blood, and the guilt overwhelmed him.

Just as Ariel wanted to ask further, the door opened as Alexander and Elise walked out from the guest room. At that, Danny immediately got up and talked to them. “Elise, can he be saved?”

However, Elise shook her head. “He’s dead.” “Dead…?” Danny froze, as if he had just been sentenced to death. Did I kill someone who never antagonized me?

However, Elise’s following words immediately took him out of the abyss of self-blame.

“Don’t worry; his death had nothing to do with being hit by a car. The direct cause of death was a poisonous gas that kills people so fast that it takes only fifteen seconds from the time they inhale it to stop breathing and to meet their maker.”

“Does that mean I did not kill an innocent?” Danny’s eyes were wet with excitement.

Every man wanted to be a hero, and he was no exception. From following Alexander in business to joining the SK Group, Danny had always practiced his heroism. He never spared a villain and never hurt a good guy.

However, if he killed Raffle, he would feel guilty his whole life. Thank the heavens that did not happen. Ariel stroked his chest to comfort him silently. Danny lowered his head, and they smiled at each other. Their love for each other had risen to a new level.

“I see that Wendy has stepped into my trap,” Alexander said thoughtfully.

“Not necessarily.” Elise then analyzed rationally, “With Wendy’s personality, she would rather kill than let the enemy go. Killing Raffle might be a way for her to find a scapegoat for the election.”

“What a ruthless woman. She will kill if she wants to. She is not afraid to provoke the government at all.” Danny almost became a scapegoat as well, so he hated Wendy with a passion.

“Initially, I wanted to use Raffle to check Wendy’s connection in the organization, but now it seems that the person behind her is far more powerful than we thought,” Alexander commented.

“Another possibility is that Wendy doesn’t want to waste time investigating undercover agents, and instead focuses on taking down another target,” Elise said.

“Which means that the Cuber Family is in danger.”

“Should we leave for Wegas tomorrow to find Narrisa?”

When Danny heard they were going to Wegas, he lit up. “Are you going abroad? We’re going too! Think of it as a trip to get married!”

“Out of the country now?” Ariel was confused. “What about our business?”

“Money is endless, but we only get married once, so we have to be crazy. We only live once!”

Danny spoke logically, but he only thought of temporarily avoiding Maverick.

He knew himself too well that it was impossible for him not to be jealous. So, he wanted to avoid him before it affected his relationship with Ariel.

However, Ariel was career-minded, which was why she was indecisive for a while.

Danny saw through her thoughts, so he rolled his eyes before cunningly coming to her side and whispered, “The Cuber Family is a hidden family with more assets than my brother. This is the actual big client that we could not afford to lose!”

Once Ariel heard that she readily agreed. “Alright, then. We’ll do as you say. Let’s get married in Wegas!”

As such, the group decided to leave tomorrow night.

At the Cuber Resident in Wegas.

The night enveloped the land as the lights came on, and the manor looked like a castle in a dream, magnificent and stunning.

The cream-colored antique car stopped at the entrance of the ancient castle. Then, Gale and Narissa got out of the car and walked toward the house while chatting merrily.

After entering the house, they did not see the Cuber couple. Napoleon’s majestic voice came from above her head when Narissa was about to celebrate.

“Sneaking out behind my back again?”

Narissa’s smile froze as she looked up at her father, instantly discouraged.

As he spoke, Napoleon walked downstairs.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Cuber. I have had a lot of social obligations lately, and I didn’t bring enough clothes, so I asked Narissa to accompany me to go shopping to choose some new ones. It was my idea, so please don’t blame her.” Gale habitually took all the blame.

The two just came back from the underground race track. Narissa won a lot today, but the process was thrilling, so they could never let Napoleon know about it. Hence, it became a secret with Gale.

The most important thing was that they knew Gale was a guest. Even if they had been found, Napoleon wouldn’t do anything to him.

Sure enough, after Napoleon came down, he looked at his daughter to ensure she wasn’t hurt. Then, he waved his hand and let them go. “Go upstairs and sleep early.”

Narrisa’s smile bloomed as she stomped her feet while giving a non-standard military salute, “Oui m’dame!”

Napoleon rolled his eyes. “What ‘m’dame’ are you talking about? With this level of fluency, no one would believe that you grew up in Wegas.”

“Nah, it doesn’t matter if my French is wrong, as long as my Athesean is good. I’m a Cittadelian, not Mesdran!”

Then, Narissa stuck out her tongue mischievously and ran upstairs quickly before Napoleon could refute.

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