Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 920

Chapter 920 Is Jamie Ugly?

“Don’t act like a brat, girl. Slow down!” Napoleon helplessly shook his head, then turned to look at Gale with concern in his eyes. “With her attitude, I’m afraid she will have to cause you a lot of trouble in the future.”

“Narissa is playful, but she has a great personality,” Gale said humbly and modestly. “You know better than I do, although I’m her father.” Napoleon was delighted as he commented, “I’m relieved to leave her in your hands. Do you want to stay for a light meal?”

“Thank you for your kindness. However, I have much-unfinished business in the company, and I need to prepare for the engagement party. I want to marry Narissa as soon as possible and don’t want any delays, so I’m afraid I have to decline your invitation.” Gale respectfully lowered his head.

“It’s okay. Since you have your arrangement, go ahead and don’t mind me,” Napoleon said lightly. “Thank you for your understanding, Dad. I will visit again tomorrow.”

Gale bowed, and then he turned to exit. Meanwhile, at the manor’s gate, Jamie showed a group photo and tried to get the gatekeeper to let him in.

“This is your young mistress, right? And this is me. This will prove that we are friends. Can you let me in?” However, the gatekeeper was haughty and arrogant as he stated, “This photo was photoshopped.”

“No, you didn’t even look at it, so what makes you say it’s photoshopped? I still have the original picture on my phone. We can go somewhere else to check it if you don’t believe me!” Jamie was angry and anxious at that point.

“I don’t have to take a look. I’ve seen a lot of egomaniacs like you. You are just using a fake photo to take advantage of the family. You’re too ugly; you can’t have a fairy-like friend like my lady.”

Although the man was just a gatekeeper, he knew of Narissa’s valiant appearance and admired it very much. He could be described as a bit of an admirer of Narissa, so he would look at any man who approached Narissa with disdain.

“Ugly?” Jamie pointed at himself in disbelief. “Excuse me? Did you call me ugly?”

Although his appearance was no match to Alexander, Jamie was, after all, one of the most handsome men in Cittadel. As such, he couldn’t accept it when a gatekeeper insulted him. The gatekeeper had a disdainful look on his face as he countered, “Who else?”

That arrogant expression seemed to say something. You can’t hit me even if you hate me. So what if I’m a b*tch?

“Well, I have a violent temper.” Jamie was so angry that he was about to explode. Then, he rolled up his sleeves while saying harshly, “Come on, then. Fight me! We’ll fight till one emerges victorious!”

“If you hit me, I’ll call for reinforcement.” The gatekeeper raised his eyebrows meanly.

“F*ck, one only calls for reinforcement when they can’t beat the enemy. You are going to call for them before we even fight. Are you even a man?” Jamie glared in anger.

“I’m not.”

Jamie was speechless at that. Motherf*cker, he is such a b*tch! I want to beat him!

He clenched his fists. However, when he thought of Narissa, he still held his temper and lowered his voice. “My friend, please do me a favor. Just send her a message. I’ll pay you ten thousand, one hundred thousand, or even five hundred thousand!”

As he spoke, the cream-colored antique car whizzed by behind him.

Gale, who was in the car, saw the two arguing. So, he glanced casually and didn’t take it seriously when he passed by.

However, after a few seconds, his body reacted and he slammed on the brakes.

He observed things through the rearview mirror for half a minute. Then, he started the car and slowly backed up.

Meanwhile, Jamie was still bargaining with the gatekeeper. “One million! Bro, just give in to me!”

However, the gatekeeper refused to accept it. “I knew you were a bad guy. You can’t bribe me!”

At that, Jamie completely lost his patience. He put his hand into his pocket, ready to try the medicine he got from Irvin.

Before he could touch the medicine, an antique car suddenly stopped behind him.

The car door opened, and Gale walked straight toward Jamie.

“Jamie Keller?” Gale called Jamie by his full name.

Jamie stepped forward and stared at Gale under the streetlights. After recognizing Gale, he immediately kept his guard up and begrudgingly called by his full name as well. “Gale Myres?”

Before coming here, Jamie had already investigated the man who Narissa mentioned, so he understood Gale’s identity and appearance. It seemed that the other man did the same thing.

“Come with me,” Gale said, to which Jamie countered with hostility, “Do I know you well?”

“If you wish never to see Narissa again, feel free to stay here.”

After saying that, Gale turned around and got into the driver’s seat.

Jamie turned his head to look at the unreasonable gatekeeper. After some hesitation, he still got into Gale’s car.

An hour later, Gale brought Jamie to a house in the suburbs.

“You stay here for now. I’ll arrange for you to meet Narissa later,” Gale said.

When Jamie heard that, he expressed his doubts. “Are you sure?”

“I have no idea why you must be hostile, as I have always regarded Narissa as my sister. She told me a lot about you guys. I wish her well, that’s why I’m helping you. If you continue this attitude, I’ll consider changing my mind.” Gale had a condescending attitude.

“Sister? But you’re her fiancé,” Jamie muttered passive aggressively.

“That’s just a cover to help Narissa to avoid more blind dates. When the time comes, we’ll call off the engagement. Forget it; there’s no need for me to explain anything to you. You either go or stay. Do as you please. I’m not forcing you.” Gale didn’t even look like he was taking Jamie seriously.

Jamie slightly squinted his eyes. After a moment of thought, he patiently gave in. “I’m sorry. I apologize for my recklessness earlier.”

“There’s no need.” Gale’s attitude was icy. “I’m not going to be angry with people of your age.”

Gale’s every word and tone sounded like a provocation, and it irritated Jamie.

However, when he thought of Narissa, he endured it.

“Can you please give me a social media account where I can contact Narissa?” Jamie lowered his stance and asked humbly.

“It’s useless even if you have it. Napoleon keeps a very close eye on her. If he finds out that she’s contacting outsiders, he won’t let her out for the rest of her life. If you don’t want to hurt Narissa, don’t go to the Cuber Residence to look for her again. A week at most, and I’ll bring her to you.”

After speaking, Gale left with a calm look in his eyes.

When the engine’s sound was getting distant, Jamie couldn’t help complaining, “He’s just a few years older than me, so why is he pretending to be an elder? A week is too long. Who knows what you have in mind? I don’t believe that I can’t break into the Cuber Residence with my skills!”

Then, he took out the photo he had shown the gatekeeper earlier and gently stroked Narissa’s face in the picture. “I know you’re angry, but you don’t have to ignore me…”

Two days later, when the news of Raffle’s death came, Noah’s mother couldn’t bear the information and fainted on the spot. After waking up, she was mentally disturbed and devastated.

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