Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 921

Chapter 921 Noah Attacks Danny

In order to allow his mother a temporary rest, Noah had no choice but to inject her with a sedative. Only then did the Carnegie Residence return to peace.

And yet, the tranquillity seemed so dreary. While Noah sat on the couch, his eyes unknowingly turned red as he gazed at Raffle’s portrait from a distance.

He couldn’t understand how the family, still perfect in the eyes of outsiders three days ago, had fallen apart today. Even though things like this could happen to anyone, why did it have to happen to the Carnegie Family?

Feeling the buzzing on his phone from an incoming call, Noah had to immediately gather his emotions and prepare to answer the phone. Now that his mother had collapsed, he had to be the pillar supporting this family.

However, he had only taken his phone out when the caller cut the call. Noah let out an irritated sigh at that, and was about to throw away his phone when a text message popped up.

When he clicked into it, he saw that there was only a web address in the message. Not even the sender was displayed. He thought it was a spam message, and wanted to click out of the message to delete it. However, the screen suddenly went unresponsive. There was still no response after he tapped on the screen several times.

It took him a short second to realize that the sender had sent him malware that prevented his phone from leaving the message as long as he didn’t click on the link.

For some reason, he proceeded to click on the address despite knowing that there was a risk of his phone being infected by a virus.

After a brief loading, a surveillance video began to play automatically.

In the video, Raffle was knocked into the air and crushed, staining a large area of the asphalt concrete with red blood. Soon after, Danny appeared at the scene, and after checking Raffle’s breath, he dragged the body away by himself.

The veins in Noah’s hands gradually protruded, and his body started to shake uncontrollably as he watched all this. He was about to crush his phone into pieces any time now.

According to the official report, Raffle died of drowning and suffocation from jumping into a river. No one tried to get to the bottom of the cause of death, and all the possibility of homicide was ruled out. Even Raffle’s own son almost believed it.

But it all turned out to be the doing of the Griffith siblings. To Noah, they had killed his father and had used their power to fake innocence.

Raffle would have died an unjust death if Noah hadn’t seen this video.

Before Noah could snap back from drowning in his hatred, the screen suddenly went black, and in the blink of an eye, even the message with the web address disappeared.

Noah quickly checked all possible locations the message could be in on the phone, but he found nothing.

It was at this moment that he started to regret not saving the evidence so that he could avenge his father.

But I am my father’s son. I won’t let him die in vain even if I don’t have evidence!

Without thinking too much, he ran out the door with his phone in his hand and went straight to Danny International Finance Corporation Building.

When Noah passed through the last intersection, he saw from a distance Danny walking out of the building, his hand in Ariel’s.

Noah immediately sped up the car and rushed over. After getting out of the car, he abruptly punched Danny in the face, knocking the other man to the ground.

Before Danny could react, Noah straddled him and raised his fist again. “I will kill you!” he yelled, and he landed one deadly punch after another.

As Danny raised his hands to block Noah’s fist, he took the chance when Ariel was pulling Noah off from behind to suddenly retaliate by grabbing Noah’s neck, and pinned him firmly on the ground so that he could not move.

“Are you done?!”

Danny and Noah had never met face to face, and they didn’t know each other. All Danny felt was irritated from being attacked without a reason.

“No!” Noah roared as he struggled out of the hold. “You murderer! I saw it! You were the one who hit my father with a car. You were the one who killed him!”

Danny’s expression froze. He was stunned for a moment before confirming Noah’s identity. “Are you Raffle Adaway’s son?”

“What’s wrong? Do you feel guilty? I didn’t think you would feel fear, you cold-blooded murderer!” Noah’s face was flushed, and he was high on adrenaline like a wild beast.

Hearing that, Danny fell silent before he uttered, “I did not kill him.”

“Bullsh*t! I have seen the surveillance! Are you really still trying to lie your way out of this? Every member of the Griffith Family is evil! You would even kill a clean and honest official in order to protect your wealth. Scum like you don’t deserve to live!”

The more Noah spoke, the more emotional he became. There seemed to be a fire in his eyes that burned endlessly.

“Seeing is not always believing. You are just being deceived by appearances, like how you thought your father was a good official,” Danny persuaded him earnestly.

Even though Raffle didn’t die by his hands, he did hurt Raffle’s body. He was aware that he should indeed apologize and show humility to Raffle’s family.

However, Noah completely lost control when he heard those words. He stood up abruptly from the ground and threw Danny down again, swinging his fists desperately as he roared, “You would even slander a dead man? Are you even human?!”

Danny didn’t fight back. He thought he didn’t have to do that to someone younger than him. The police soon arrived and took both of them to the station.

The police reinvestigated the cause of Raffle’s death according to Noah’s statement, but neither the surveillance video nor the final autopsy report could find anything related to Danny.

The worst part was that Raffle’s body had already been cremated, and Noah couldn’t even ask for a new autopsy. Left with no choice, he could only watch Danny get acquitted.

Even though he was enraged, all Noah did was go after Danny and spit, “This isn’t the end of it!” Danny’s footsteps came to a stop, but he didn’t turn to look at Noah.

Ariel, however, could no longer watch on, and she coldly advised Noah, “We understand that it is difficult for you to control your emotions since you have just lost a loved one, but we will consider suing you for intentional tort if you keep this up.”

“Ariel.” Still soft-hearted, Danny turned his head to look at her. “Don’t say that.”

“You don’t need to play the good guy now.” Noah didn’t appreciate it at all as he continued spewing venomous words. “Don’t think that you can get away with it because you have Alexander Griffith behind your back. I will definitely get you arrested and jailed!”

“Do what you want.” Not wanting to continue with the argument, Danny took Ariel’s hand and left the place with her.

After they got in the car, Ariel couldn’t help feeling annoyed at the way Danny handled the incident. “You will only make him take this another step further if your attitude is soft. There will be trouble in the future.”

“But it is a fact that I hit his father. I should take a beating from him.” Danny regarded it as atonement. “Don’t tell my brother and the others when we get home.” Even though Ariel was reluctant, she still nodded. “Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

At the same time at Wegas, Jamie suddenly jumped while holding the phone. “What?!” he shrieked. “You guys are coming to Wegas too?”

“Mhm. We are going to cheer you on.” Elise then teased, “So if you want to do something, just wait until we arrive before you act. Two heads are better than one. There are so many of us. It will definitely be better than having you work alone on this.”

“Alright.” He eventually hung up the phone grumpily before he turned to look at the equipment on the couch. His thick eyebrows were unconsciously pulled together.

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