Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 922

Chapter 922 Disguising as a Man in the Cuber Residence

Many days had passed, and yet there was no news from Gale. Clearly, he was not a reliable person.

Although Jamie had faith in Gale being resourceful, he had been dragged along for too long before this. A relationship would be meaningless if one had to rely entirely on others when it came to emotional matters.

He would have to do it himself if he wanted to win the lady over! Being a man who walked the talk, Jamie slipped his phone into his pocket and left after he took his things.

As soon as he went out, Gale received a call from his subordinate. “Mr. Myres, Mr. Keller has bought a lot of night travel equipment. He is going to the Cuber Residence now.”

“Keep your eyes on him.” Gale then hung up the phone before calling Napoleon.

“Mr. Cuber, I have received news that an organization that Narissa has had contact with in Cittadel before has come to Wegas. They seem to be planning to recruit Narissa to join them. As far as I know, that organization is very dangerous, and it might not be a legitimate organization. Narissa might have to be on the run for the rest of her life if she really becomes a member of that organization. We won’t even know when she will be able to come back.”

“I got it.” A strong sense of crisis surged in Napoleon. After thinking for a while, he looked up at the young butler beside him. “Go. Tighten the security of the manor. From now until the end of Narissa’s wedding, even a mosquito can only enter and leave the perimeter with a Cuber Residence permit!”

“Yes, Mr. Cuber!”

It took less than fifteen minutes after he instructed the butler before the residence became an impenetrable kingdom. With a guard at every five meters and a watchtower at every ten meters, anything that approached within a hundred meters would trigger an alarm.

Facing such extreme security measures, Jamie had no choice but to give up the infiltration plan when he tried a few times, only to almost get exposed during every attempt.

Fortunately, there was always a way out. On the way back, he found that the Cuber Family had posted a recruitment notice—they were hiring a nanny!

Even though they wanted a woman nanny for their dog, this was no problem for Jamie, who had survived even the hardest phases of life.

And so, a ‘woman’ of nearly six feet three with wavy hair and a light yellow dress appeared at the application area. “Registration, please! Julia here. Thank you!” Jamie leaned on the table coquettishly and tightened his throat as he winked.

The employee in charge of recruitment shrank back in fright upon seeing Jamie’s manly face. “D*mn, bro! We are hiring a female nanny, not a man!”

Jamie’s face immediately fell, and he bent down to squeeze the two huge water balloons on his chest in the employee’s face. “Are you blind?! Have you ever seen a man with these humongous racks?!”

The staff looked at his perked up chest in disgust, but he finally gave Jamie a registration form that he then completed.

Jamie had thought that the dog sitters had no competitors at first. To his surprise, people signed up one after another, and there were a total of more than 50 people who came.

However, after the Cuber Family’s two rounds of screening for academic qualifications and salary, only one-tenth of them remained.

Except for Jamie, the other four were highly educated and experienced professional nannies. Even so, Jamie was not fazed. Anyone who knew dogs knew that dogs were always more docile and obedient in front of men.

Wasn’t Jamie the obvious winner, since he was the only man here?

Princess? Jamie mused when he heard the dog’s name. Sounds like a good, fluffy girl! I will take it for a run, and then shake her paws later. I will definitely win it on the spot.

However, the image of a small-sized, friendly Princess was completely shattered the moment the wolf-like dog was brought out.

The dog was a vicious and huge creature whose height almost reached Jamie’s waist. Is that thing even really a dog?

What has it got to do with the name Princess?! Looking at Princess’ sharp teeth, Jamie couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his back.

I will lose a chunk of my meat if that thing bites me! Even a big man like him was frightened. As the other candidates were women, they were naturally even more scared, and two of them even forfeited and ran away.

The only candidates left now were Jamie, an older woman, and a younger woman.

Napoleon, who sat high on the stands, waved his hands to prompt them to act. “Princess’ child died of dystocia. And as Princess has severe depression, anyone who gets close may be attacked. Whoever can tame her without hurting her can stay. Go on. Show me what you are capable of.”

Hearing this, the two women looked at each other before the younger one took the lead. She asked a servant for the snacks that Princess usually enjoyed to bribe her with it.

Holding the goodies, the woman slowly approached Princess. Just when everyone thought she was about to succeed, Princess suddenly went crazy and jumped toward the woman. “Woof! Woof! Woof!”

Fortunately, Princess couldn’t touch the woman because the chains were strong enough. However, the woman was so frightened that she fell down, got up, and ran away without even saying that she was leaving.

“Next,” the servant next to Napoleon coldly reminded.

Seeing the old woman next to him, Jamie was ready to be a gentleman and go ahead, but the woman pushed him away angrily.

“What are you doing?! Don’t you know how to respect the older and younger? I will go first. I am taking this job. Don’t you even dream about fighting over it with me!”

Now that his good intentions had been trampled on, Jamie simply let her do as she pleased. “Okay. Go on, then!” he muttered while going to the side.

The old woman only rolled her eyes at him before she turned to Princess.

When she was about one meter away from Princess, the woman stopped, took a deep breath, and took out a whistle from her pocket which she blew with all her might.

She then ordered in a stern tone, “Princess, sit! Princess, sit! Sit!”

Princess looked at the woman dazedly with her head tilted. It was as if she understood, but was considering whether to obey or not.

The woman was relieved when she saw this, and she grew bolder. She continued to raise her voice and approached Princess aggressively before she stretched out a hand and commanded condescendingly, “Princess, hand! Hand!”

When Princess didn’t respond, she bent her torso and grabbed Princess’ paw.

It was this move that made Princess lose control. She bit the woman’s palm, and in the blink of an eye, the grass on the ground was stained red with blood.

“Ah! My hand! Help me! Help!” the woman cried on the floor.

She had completely lost her dominance, and she didn’t even dare to resist when the dog was on her.

In the end, several armed servants came forward and rescued her from the dog’s mouth.

She was left pale and bleeding as she shakingly sat limp on the floor.

At this time, the servant suddenly brought a check and stuffed it into the old woman’s pocket.

“Here are your medical expenses and compensation. You can go.”

Napoleon had come to the scene at some point. After dismissing the old woman, he calmly looked at Jamie, who was the only one left on the field.

“You are the only one left. Would you still like to give it a go?”

Jamie didn’t even hesitate as he solemnly nodded.

He couldn’t bear to lose his arm, but he was going to give it his all to keep his girl!

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