Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 923

Chapter 923 Narissa Has Another Choice?

Jamie pulled his hair up, and after sorting out his emotions, he resolutely walked toward Princess. Carefully, he put both hands behind his back to let the dog know that he was not aggressive while he moved in little by little, preparing for a long battle.

Just like a snail, no one would notice that it was suddenly close as long as it moved slowly enough. Still, Jamie miscalculated.

The servant who was pulling the iron chain behind Princess accidentally let the chain slip from his hand. In that instant, Princess lost control and ran toward Jamie, the only stranger at the place.

Princess was already in front of him before he could react. He turned around to escape, but because he was too anxious, he lost his balance, sprained his foot, and fell straight to the ground.

Princess saw her chance and dashed ahead before her teeth sank into his arm. The sharp teeth that pierced his skin caused him to break out in a cold sweat, and the veins on his forehead were all bulging.

He instinctively raised his other hand to knock the dog down, but his last bit of rationality prompted him to put his hand into the hidden interlayer of his boots for the silver needle he hid inside.

Seeing that Jamie was bound by Princess like the old woman, Napoleon watched for a while before he called the servant in disappointment. “Separate them.”

Several servants in protective suits started to run toward Jamie from different directions.

Seeing that they had arrived, Jamie endured the pain, and pulled out the silver needle with great force before he quickly sank it into the dog’s neck. Dogs, like cats, could tolerate pain very well. Being pricked by a needle was like being bitten by a mosquito for them.

However, even though Princess didn’t react to the needle, the drug he injected soon started to take effect. Princess let go of Jamie’s arm to jump around excitedly, and she would stick out her tongue from time to time. Her gloomy blue eyes were bright again.

Everyone there was taken aback by the sight. Has Princess been cured? As Jamie struggled to get up from the ground, he took the chance when he tidied up his appearance to hide the silver needle in his wig.

The silver needle was Elise’s usual weapon, and the one he used just now was the improved version. He had soaked the silver needle in a drug that could quickly stimulate the brain. It was originally used on human beings, and that was the first time he used it on a dog. He was glad it worked, or else he wasn’t even sure he could get away with it.

After giving himself time to calm down, he put on an energetic expression and hooked his finger at Princess. “Come here, Princess,” he instructed in a weak voice.

After hearing him, Princess immediately ran over wagging her tail, and obediently sat down at the space in front of him. She then looked up at him while she waited for the next order.

“Good girl.” Jamie patted her head rewardingly to show everyone the intimacy between them.

The truth was, Princess would obey anyone who came over now. That was why he had to be the first to prove his strength.

Sure enough, Napoleon was extremely satisfied with what he saw.

“The job is yours.” He clapped his hands and told the servant next to him, “Mr. Champ, get a private doctor to treat her.”

“Yes, sir,” the housekeeper, Gareth Champ, replied respectfully.

Napoleon then gave Jamie a trusting look and left.

As soon as he turned around, Jamie immediately let out the breath he was holding. He soon fell to the ground holding his bitten arm while he gasped for air.

However, he had obviously forgotten his current identity. Despite having long locks on his head, and wearing a dress, his legs were still open unscrupulously. It was definitely a sight to behold.

Gareth happened to come over to check on Jamie when he flushed red looking at Jamie. He then quickly took off his jacket to cover Jamie as he said in a gentle voice, “Please let me bring you upstairs to dress your wound, Miss Julia.”

Jamie’s face immediately turned sour when he heard that. “Why are you talking to me like that?” he gagged.

“Your voice…” As though realizing something amazing, Gareth pointed at his neck.

Only then did Jamie realize that he forgot he was still in disguise. He hurriedly coughed twice and weakly explained, “Oopsie, my bad. I happened to catch a cold recently, and my voice is rather hoarse. I hope I didn’t scare you.”

Men’s IQ would always become non-existent in front of beautiful women.

Gareth believed Jamie’s words just like that. He even bashfully scratched the back of his head as he mumbled, “Of course not. You are so beautiful, Miss Julia. You would never scare anyone…”

Jamie instinctively frowned at those words. Surely he is not interested in me? No! I am a woman-loving man!

Thinking of this, he hastily rejected the man’s kindness. “It is alright. Just tell me the direction, and I will go by myself. I can get familiar with the place as well.”

“I will take you there.” Gareth swiftly helped him up and supported him as they walked. “Young Miss Narissa is going to visit Princess in the backyard tomorrow. You can start with the training soon if you dress your wound earlier. It won’t be worth it if Young Miss Narissa wants you gone in case she isn’t satisfied with you.”

“Does the lady like Princess a lot?” Jamie couldn’t help asking about Narissa.

“Nothing over the top. But Princess will be a dowry in the end, and she will follow Young Miss Narissa to her husband’s house. You have to train Princess well in advance to avoid hurting people outside,” Gareth informed.

“Dowry?” Jamie stopped in his tracks. “Who is getting married?”

“Young Miss Narissa, of course!” Gareth looked at him with amused eyes. “Didn’t you notice that the whole residence is being refurbished? It is all for Young Miss Narissa’s wedding. Mr. Cuber only has one daughter, so it is going to be a big celebration.”

“Who is the son-in-law, then? Gale Myres?” Jamie suddenly felt irritable.

“Oh, how unexpected!” Gareth chuckled. “You are well-informed indeed.”

However, Jamie couldn’t get himself to laugh. He solemnly asked another question. “Does the lady know that she is getting married?”

“Geez, what are you talking about? How can we make it so big if she doesn’t know? The Young Miss is no dummy,” Gareth said with a chuckle.

Jamie’s heart sank at those words. That is right. Narissa is no dummy. She wouldn’t stupidly wait for someone who may not even reciprocate her feelings. She already has another choice, and I still came too late.

A woman’s sweet voice as an announcement informing about a new journey rang out at Wegas Airport. “Welcome to beautiful Wegas, travelers. We wish you a pleasant journey.”

By the time Elise and her group walked out of the airport gate, a few cabs had already been waiting for them for a long time.

“The hotel address has been sent to your phones. We will meet there. And don’t get lost.”

After instructing the group, Elise and Alexander set off first with their children.

Even though Brendan and Danny and their other halves were here for their honeymoons, they went off separately as their itineraries didn’t overlap.

After Brendan and Yuri’s car drove away, Danny took Ariel to find a relatively newer cab and got in it.

Danny started to engage in a friendly conversation with the driver after the car drove a distance. “Hey man, we are here for our honeymoon. Any place you would recommend for couples to go?”

“Wegas is full of surprises. You will see as I continue to drive.”

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