Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 949

Chapter 949 You Should Ask the Devil

“Never go to sleep angry. Talk it out. Do you have to do this? She cares a lot about you.” Elise tried to be the peacemaker for once.

“I know what I’m doing.” Danny’s tone was flat, obviously showing that he had no intentions of furthering this topic.

“Ariel might have found out you’re avoiding her. You guys are about to get married, so it’s better to be honest with her. Otherwise, this might become a hurdle in your relationship.” Elise tried to help him analyze the situation.

“I said I’m not avoiding her, so I’m not, okay?! Why do you keep nagging me?!” Danny suddenly burst out in anger.

Noticing the situation, Alexander pulled Elise behind him and rushed over to kick Danny. “Hey, how can you speak to your elders that way?”

Cough! Cough!

Alexander wasn’t light with his kick, and Danny, who hadn’t slept the whole night and smoked too many cigarettes, started coughing from the pain.

“You hit him too hard!”

Not expecting Alexander would kick Danny, Elise immediately pulled Alexander to the side and helped Danny to his feet.

“Are you alright?”

Danny shook his head and kept silent for a bit before slowly speaking. “I’m sorry, Elise. I didn’t mean to take out my anger on you. I was blaming myself.”

When he said that, he stopped talking and gave himself a harsh slap. “I’m such a sc*mbag! I deserve to die!”

Slap after slap landed on his cheek, and every slap was harder than the one before.

Seeing that, Elise quickly stopped him. “What happened? You can tell us, and we’ll solve whatever problem it is. There’s no need to harm yourself.”

While hugging the lunchbox with reddened eyes, Danny painfully explained the truth, “I… I thought it was Ariel, so I lost control and… but it turned out to be Clara. I’m not trying to keep this a secret from Ariel, but I’m afraid of hurting her. I spent seven years trying to make her believe in love again, but in the end, I did such a thing in less than a year. I’m too embarrassed to face her.”

Elise and Alexander looked at each other, expressing their understanding.

Both of them had previously fallen for such a trick and knew what it felt like. When such a thing happened, it was indeed difficult for one to control oneself.

Danny hugged his head and almost broke down. “I don’t know what to do. That woman is still pestering me, and I’m afraid to go out!”

“You can hide from her now, but you can’t hide forever. You must face this situation sooner or later,” Alexander reminded him coldly.

“But not now.” Danny’s blurry eyes were glistening with tears. “I don’t want to lose Ariel. You guys should let me be and let this matter drag out!”

Since the couple couldn’t think of a good plan to deal with this matter, they could only leave the room and let him calm down.

After closing the door, Elise finally had the courage to discuss this matter with Alexander. “Isn’t Clara the woman we met when we were eating outside? That’s the first time we ever met her, right? And you and Gale were at the scene too, so how could she only take a fancy on Danny?”

“It’s indeed strange.” Alexander nodded in agreement.

This led to a death stare from Elise. “Do you wish it were you instead?”

Her impression of Clara ended with her shapely figure and not-quite-ugly facial features. Such a woman was the woman of every man’s dream. Which man wouldn’t want to conquer such a woman?

“I swear with my conscience that I don’t have such thoughts.” Alexander raised three fingers to swear.

“Hmph! I’ll believe you this time.” Elise was joking with him, so she didn’t doubt him. “Could it be that Danny just happened to be that woman’s type?”

“We’ll know the answer once we investigate.”

The rain lasted for a week, and the sky remained gray after the rain stopped, as if implying something terrible was about to happen.

A black MPV stopped on the grassy ground of a tall mountain by the South Coast.

The door opened, and down came Paul. He walked over to the side of the cliff and faced the ocean while stretching.

“Gale, what’s the special thing you wanted to show me? Why are you acting so mysterious, and why chose this particular place to show it to me?”

Paul’s eyes were filled with anticipation when he turned around and saw Gale gradually approaching him.

Gale arrived before Paul and pulled out an antique combat knife inlaid with jade. No man could resist a cold weapon with a historical feel to it.

Paul’s eyes were fixed on the knife as his hands that were holding it trembled. “This is so cool. Where did you get it?!”

“I got it for 50 million Alzue Vraleings from Zurich Auction House,” Gale answered expressionlessly.

“T-That’s a steal!” Though Paul had no idea how much 50 million Alzue Vraleings was, he immediately understood that it wasn’t a small amount and looked up in confusion. “That’s a lot of money, but I don’t recall you ever reporting about it.”

Gale’s eyes immediately turned ferocious as he pulled the combat knife out of its sheath and stabbed it into Paul’s body.

“Gale, why—” Paul grabbed Gale’s shoulders as the pain made him unable to utter a full sentence while his body gradually hunched.

“I’ve been reporting to you for so many years, but from now on, I won’t have to report to anyone anymore. You have yourself to blame for forcing me to make a move so soon.”

Under Paul’s disbelieving gaze, Gale fiercely pushed the knife a few inches deeper.

“Don’t worry. Your dad will join you soon, and once I find some spare time, I’ll send Alicia down too. That way, your family can reunite in the underworld.”

As Paul gradually lost all his strength, his hand slipped off Gale’s shoulder and landed on the combat knife.

He grabbed tightly onto Gale’s hand, which was holding the knife, and asked with eyes filled with resentment and confusion. “W-Why?!”

He trusted Gale so much, yet Gale wanted him dead!

“You can ask the devil!”

After saying that, Gale pulled the knife out and gave Paul a gentle push, sending him falling into the endless sea.

He took a step forward and cleaned the blood stain off his hand while looking down at the spot Paul fell into the sea.

“Dear sea, you’re such a mysterious thing. You’ve given life to many things, yet you have to devour a human…”

As he said that, a smile slowly appeared on his face, but his smile was so wicked that it looked terrifying.

Once he cleaned his hands, he wrapped the antique combat knife in the same handkerchief and threw it into the sea.

“With such an expensive antique accompanying you, you should feel happy and rest in peace.”

After he finished saying that, he got inside the car and left without turning back.

However, he didn’t know that just as his car left the scene, Jamie arrived on his motorcycle just in time and dove into the sea to save Paul.

An hour later, at the Griffith Manor.

Jamie barged through the front door while supporting Paul, screaming as he made his way inside, “Boss, help!”

Alexander just happened to be in the living room, so he got up and helped Jamie. “Paul? How did he end up like this?”

Since he had previously investigated the Heidelbergs, he immediately recognized Paul’s identity.

“It’s a long story. He’s still bleeding, so we should save his life first, should we?” Jamie was still joking at such a moment.

“What’s the matter?” Elise rushed downstairs.

After checking Paul’s injuries, she ordered, “Bring him to the basement. There’s a simple operating room there.”

“Let Alexander do it. I’ll go out and grab a doctor.” Knowing Elise had limited traditional medical skills, Jamie was ready to head out to look for help.

“Who are you going to grab? You already have one here.” Elise had a displeased expression on her face.

“Aren’t you a Traditional Medicine physician? When did you learn modern medical treatment? This situation calls for an operation,” Jamie reasoned.

“Do you think I’ve been doing nothing during the seven years I was missing?”

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