Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Drawing Fire on Yourself

After taking a one-year postnatal break, Elise had been idle since. She used the free time to learn modern medical treatment, and though her proficiency in the field hadn’t reached the point where she could bring back the dead, a small operation like this was easy as pie for her.

Feeling ashamed, Jamie said, “As I would expect from my Boss. Not only are you better than me, but you are also more hardworking. It seems like I will never be able to surpass you.”

“Stop yapping and help me save a life.” The operation ended after two hours.

“There’s no injury to the internal organs, but he has suffered severe blood loss. The wound has been stitched up, so the rest is up to him,” Elise explained while taking off her surgical gloves.

“Will he survive?” Since it took them quite a while to get here, Jamie was worried about Paul’s condition.

“If he wakes up, he will.” Not daring to make any big talk, Elise could only give a conservative answer.

“Gale is so ruthless,” Alexander spoke up from beside them.

“I haven’t even said anything yet. How did you know it was Gale?” Jamie asked.

“That’s because I have brains.”

Jamie was rendered speechless. That’s discreetly calling me stupid.

Actually, Alexander wasn’t to blame because, with his in-depth investigation of the Heidelbergs and the long operation time, it would be an insult to his intelligence if he couldn’t figure out the truth.

On the other hand, Jamie deserved to get reprimanded because he already knew Alexander was more intelligent than ordinary people, yet he still asked such a stupid question.

After listening to their conversation, Elise smiled meaningfully and teased Jamie, “You seem quite attentive toward Gale’s matters.”

“Of course, it’s all for—” Jamie stopped talking as he realized he almost made a slip of the tongue and quickly changed his speech. “It’s all for my friends. Narissa is my friend, and I just made friends with Alicia too. So, no matter the reason, I can’t just stand by and do nothing. What’s more, it isn’t our character to watch this happen and do nothing.”

His words were very righteous as if he did all this for the sake of his friendship and nothing else.

“If that’s so, are you doing all of this for Narissa or Alicia?” Being the rubberneck, Alexander deliberately dug a hole for Jamie to jump.

“Both of them.” Jamie seemed unfazed. “They’re both my friends, so I should be fair with them.”

“Sure…” Alexander nodded meaningfully. “That’s great. You won’t offend any of them, but I still have to remind you not to draw fire onto yourself.”

If he began treating another woman nicely without letting go of the woman in his heart, he might hurt two women at once.

Therefore, during the seven years without Elise, Alexander did not show any kindness to those women who were alone with him.

Being self-disciplined was also a way to protect one’s lover, but it seemed like the foolish Jamie hadn’t realized this fact.

“What does this have to do with drawing fire onto myself? Isn’t it just having another female friend? I don’t have any ill intentions.”

“If you say so.” Alexander had seen through him but chose not to say anything and left the basement.

Then, Elise followed behind him.

“What are we going to do about him?” Jamie pointed at Paul, who was still lying on the operating table.

Elise walked over and patted his shoulder. “You’re the good Samaritan. Since you found him, you take care of him.”

“I can’t believe you guys.” Not knowing what to do, Jamie turned gloomy. “The least you could do is give me another bed, right?”

There was only one operating table inside the basement, and Paul was lying on it. Therefore, if he were to stay, his only choice was to sleep on the ground.

“Figure it out on your own.”

Since Elise also felt that Jamie was showing signs of running after two hares, she deliberately made things difficult for him.

Having no other choice, Jamie could only head back upstairs and moved an armchair to the basement to make do.

After that, he stayed there for a day and two nights.

On the morning of the third day, Paul finally came to.

“Where am I?”

Hearing the voice, Jamie awoke with a start from his curled-up position on the couch.

When he saw that Paul was no longer in a critical condition, he felt relieved and stretched his body before approaching Paul and explaining the situation, “You’re in the basement of my Boss’ home.”

Paul slowly turned his head to look at Jamie, but his gaze became confused after. “Was it you who saved me? Why?”

Jamie should have heard it when I ordered my men to kill him. I didn’t expect he would return the favor by saving me, Paul thought.

“No particular reason.” Jamie still used his previous reason. “Just lending a helping hand to someone in need. That’s the virtue carved into the bones of every Cittadelian. Also, perhaps you weren’t meant to die.”

“No matter why you did it, thank you.” Paul’s gloomy tone sounded like he was in a bad mood.

After he said that, he turned his face and looked dazedly at the ceiling.

The formerly high-spirited rich young man now had empty eyes and had lost all his spirits, making him look extraordinarily bleak.

“You’ve been asleep for quite some time. Would you like something to eat?” In fact, it was Jamie who was feeling quite hungry.

Elise had intended to bring Jamie some food, but Alexander thought it was too troublesome and stopped his wife and children from heading down to the basement, reasoning that Jamie would come upstairs himself when he was hungry.

On the other hand, Jamie was worried Paul might not make it, so he didn’t dare to leave Paul’s side. He hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all this time, so he was starving.

“Thank you, but I don’t feel like eating. You don’t have to go through the trouble of preparing food for me.” Once Paul finished his words, he closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep, avoiding any future interaction with Jamie.

“If that’s so, you should take a rest. I’ll head upstairs and report your condition to the doctor. It’s perfectly safe here, so you don’t have to worry about being discovered.”

After he said that, Jamie quickly headed upstairs.

When Jamie’s footsteps faded, Paul opened his eyes again, revealing his bloodshot eyes.

His mind was replaying the scene where Gale stabbed him with the knife. He saw how Gale’s eyes were ruthless, decisive, and without the slightest mercy.

That was a gaze he had never seen before in his over twenty years of living, and it terrified him whenever he thought about it.

The person he had trusted for a decade and treated as his elder brother had personally sent him to hell!

Paul couldn’t accept that fact and he became even more unsure of whom to trust in the future.

When Jamie came upstairs, he saw Elise, her family, and Danny having breakfast together.

He rubbed his belly and approached them. “Boss, where’s my share?”

“I didn’t prepare yours,” Alexander said flatly.

“How could you? I’ve been helping you guys take care of the patient for two days and this is how you repay me?” Jamie felt wronged.

However, Alexander remained unfazed. “That was of your own accord.”

Knowing he couldn’t get any advantage from Alexander, Jamie gave up bickering with him.

He turned his head and saw that Danny still had two sandwiches on his plate, so he reached over and snatched them.

“Hehe. I know you have a small appetite, so let me help you finish these.”

Danny used his fork to hit Jamie’s hand and then protectively pulled his food closer. “Thank you for offering help, but I can finish them.”

“Hey! Are you still my friend? It’s just a piece of sandwich. Why are you so petty?” Jamie was pissed and helpless.

“Even reckoning makes long friends,” Danny said without looking at him.

Jamie was furious. The Griffith brothers were working together to bully him!

At that moment, Irvin, who had been quietly sitting beside them, picked up his plate and handed it to Jamie. “Godfather, you can have mine.”

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