Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Jamie Gets Duped

Jamie’s eyes lit up as he grabbed the sandwich and then took a big bite. He chewed his food in satisfaction while complimenting the little one. “My godson treats me best. He is the only one who would lend me a helping hand. No wonder I love you so much.”

“You’re welcome, Godfather.” Irvin squinted his eyes into slits as he giggled. “That’s one million by the way. You can transfer it into my bank account.”

Pfft— The food Jamie just ate was spat right out. “One million! Why don’t you go and rob a bank?”

While he spoke, he put away the sandwich. “I’m returning this!” His saliva was all over it, so Irvin would definitely not take it back. It would still be his in the end.

“You’ve taken a bite. It’s non-returnable,” Irvin replied. “That’s not my problem then. I won’t give you the money anyway. If you don’t want the sandwich anymore, I can take care of it for you.” Jamie began acting like a shameless thug.

Irvin unhurriedly changed his expression and started reenacting Jamie’s drunken state. “Narissa, where are you? Narissa, I miss you so much. Na—”

“Irvin, you went back on your words!” Jamie was so pissed that his face turned red. “I’ve already bought that video. How could you use that to threaten me?!”

“It was you who shamelessly tried to trick a child,” Irvin argued.

“I—” Jamie was at a loss for words, so he could only admit defeat. “Fine. I’ll give you the money, alright? I must have owed you a lot during my previous life!”

After transferring the money, he angrily took a bite out of the same sandwich.

He then complained while eating, “One million of one sandwich. What a profiteer. You’re a deceitful businessman!”

“You should be grateful.” Alexander explained flatly, “He could have stolen the money from you, but he gave you a sandwich in exchange for the money.”

“What are you talking about?” Jamie asked with a mouthful of food.

“Irvin has started some kind of research that requires a lot of money. He just asked me and his dad to sponsor him, but we told him to rely on himself to find funds and then you appeared.” Not bearing to see Jamie getting duped, Elise explained the situation out of kindness.

It was then that Jamie realized he had been tricked and turned around to find that Irvin had already disappeared. He slapped his thigh in frustration. “Me and my bad luck!”

Irvin was Alexander’s son, yet Irvin was using his money for research. Where on earth was the logic in this?

He felt like his middle name was Dupe. Jamie Dupe Keller.

Camren knew Rebecca had arrived in Wegas and immediately booked a table at Hotel Wegas to hold a welcoming meal for her.

He put on a new custom-made suit and specially tied a bowtie in advance before finally heading to Hotel Wegas. In addition, he was now holding a sparkling walking stick, which he had ordered someone to polish.

When the door to the private room was opened, he immediately rose to his feet and greeted, “Becky, you came.”

Camren had been calling Rebecca “Becky” for many years.

“Stop calling me that. Don’t you feel embarrassed when calling me that? Because I do.” Rebecca’s expression was dark as storm clouds.

With several waiters and waitresses looking at them, Camren felt embarrassed, and the atmosphere inside the private room turned awkward.

“Let’s sit down,” Ariel spoke up to ease the mood.

The family of three sat down at the table, with Rebecca sitting in the middle.

The dishes were soon served. Camren had specially ordered Cittadelian dishes for them, and every dish looked scrumptious.

“Becky, this is the honey-glazed carrots you used to love. I even hired a chef of Cittadel nationality to make it. Here, try some.” Camren then served Rebecca some of the honey-glazed carrots.

“Don’t you know that my taste in food has changed? Also, eating too much sugar is not good for my skin. Are you trying to harm me?” Every word Rebecca said was like sharp needles piercing Camren’s heart.

Camren parted his lips, wanting to explain himself but then chose not to say anything and sat back down. After that, he stopped doing anything.

But even if he didn’t do anything, Rebecca still wouldn’t let him go.

“Well, are you tired of talking to me? You can just tell me if you don’t want to see me. If it wasn’t for Ariel’s sake, do you think I would come and meet you?”

“You rebuke every word I say, so what do you expect me to say?” Camren felt defeated. “Can you at least try to be nicer to me before our child?”

Many years had passed, yet she was still so unforgiving and terrifyingly domineering.

“You did this to yourself. What right do you have to ask me to be kind to you when you’re the one who abandoned us? Stop the crap. Didn’t you invite us here to give Ariel her share of the inheritance? Make it quick because I don’t want to stay another minute with you.” The more Rebecca spoke, the angrier she felt.

“I have my own career and don’t lack any money, so don’t drag me into your fight.” Ariel didn’t want to get implicated in her parents’ argument.

In fact, she could see that her mother still had feelings for Camren.

After so many years, she had never seen her mother speak so much at once.

“Excuse me while I take this call. You guys continue eating.”

Ariel found an excuse and went out, giving her parents some privacy.

Once she went out, the room atmosphere relaxed a lot.

Camren hesitated for a bit but then decided to fight for himself. “Becky, how have you been?”

“Thanks to you, I had the privilege of raising my daughter alone while getting cold shoulders from others. All my life, people gossip about me and point their fingers at me,” Rebecca said in a gloomy voice.

“I’m sorry.” Camren felt remorseful.

“Cut the act. If apologies worked, why do we need the police?” Rebecca didn’t even look him in the eye and stubbornly sat sideways.

“I will do all I can to make it up to you and our daughter,” Camren promised sincerely.

“Put your money where your mouth is. As far as I know, you have another daughter who is not easy to deal with.”

Parents who loved their children would help their children plan for the future. Though Rebecca always had a cold expression, she had frequently planned many things for Ariel behind her back.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m not whom I used to be. From now on, I will never break the promises I make to you.” With a wave of his hand, Camren confidently announced as he looked at Rebecca with more eagerness.

Meanwhile, Rebecca had noticed his intentions and quickly dodged.

However, Camren became bolder and expressed his feelings. “To tell you the truth, after all these years, I’ve never forgotten about you, Becky.”

“That’s enough!” Rebecca didn’t give him a chance to finish his speech and stood up. “What are you expecting me to do after listening to your sentimental words? Do you want me to forgive you? That will never happen! You want to erase all my sufferings with just the movement of your lips, but the things you’ve brought on to me aren’t just betrayal and abandonment. You made me lose my trust in love and people. If you want me to forgive you, I’d suggest you die first!”

After saying that, she grabbed her purse and left in anger.

Ariel had been standing by the door and watched as her mother stormed past her and straight out the door. She was powerless to stop her mother.

Soon, Camren came out of the room as well and looked in the direction that Rebecca left with a complicated expression and sighed.

“Didn’t you say you would go with what Mom says? Why did you guys get in a fight again?” Ariel was worried.

Camren let out another sigh. “I hurt her too deeply. Life must have been hard for you all these years.”

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