Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Change to Another Target

Rebecca had always had a strong character, and since she suffered a traumatic love life, she treated others even colder. Therefore, Ariel must have had it hard while growing up under her mom’s care.

All the grievances she suffered were because of Camren. “That’s not true. Mom has taken good care of me, and we take care of each other. I didn’t feel life was hard.”

Ariel didn’t resent her mother. Instead, she could understand her mother better because they had the same personalities. “That’s good to hear…” Camren felt more relieved after hearing that, but then he thought of something and asked, “Why didn’t that Danny kid come with you guys?”

“Our company is looking to establish a subsidiary company here, so he’s quite busy lately and can’t leave.” Ariel didn’t hesitate to help Danny find an excuse.

The reality was that even though she didn’t exactly lose contact with Danny as he would reply to her messages, she had not seen him for a while now.

When she went to Elise’s house that day, she could sense something was wrong but couldn’t guess what it was. Therefore, she didn’t dare to act rashly and could only wait and see what would happen.

“It’s a good sign. Men should be eager to fight for their careers while still young.” Camren nodded before sharing his words of wisdom. “You should be more understanding of him and have more trust in him. Don’t take after your mom and me and let your relationship end in remorse.”

“I know, but I’m very curious. How did you guys split up back then?” That was something Ariel had been trying to find out.

“It’s a long story. I’ll explain it to you next time.”

“Fine then. I’ll go check up on Mom.”

“Sure, you go check up on her.”

Since she couldn’t find out any gossip, Ariel didn’t stay any longer. When she came out of the building, she discovered that her mother had left without her. It should mean that her mother wanted to be alone.

To avoid disturbing her mother, Ariel decided to head over to their new company.

As the business had just started, Danny wouldn’t always be at the office, so as the co-owner, she had to watch over the company.

Ariel was busy with work until 6.00PM when she decided to leave and check up on her mother.

Just as she came out of the building, she bumped into Maverick.

His car was parked by the road with its door wide open, obviously indicating that he had specially come over to pick her up.

“Come on. Accompany me somewhere.” Maverick came forward and invited her.

“I’m busy. You’d better not waste your efforts.” Walking around him, Ariel made her way to her car.

Then, Maverick raised his voice and said something that successfully made her stop in her tracks. “I just wanted to bring you to meet a few business partners. It’s business matters. Don’t tell me you aren’t interested in earning money?”

After pondering for a moment, Ariel turned around and walked toward his car. “I’m not that petty.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Maverick’s face. He knew her very well, so how could he let her walk away?

Arie, you can’t escape from me.

Maverick and Ariel worked together to please their business partner, making him agree to sponsor the projects they wanted.

After the business dinner ended, Maverick drove Ariel home.

Since Ariel wanted to avoid talking with Maverick, she kept looking down at her phone to avoid having any contact with him, but she didn’t expect her actions would give him a chance for him to drive the car onto an overpass.

Before Ariel could realize what had happened, Maverick opened the door and got out of the car, leaving her with no choice but to follow him in getting out of the car.

Walking toward the railing, Maverick looked affectionately at the sea while Ariel stood very far behind him.

“Why did you bring me here?”

Maverick slanted his head to glance at her before turning around and pointing at the busiest commercial area on the other side of the sea. He said, “Look there. That’s the project I took on when we broke up.”

Ariel followed his finger and saw the brightly lit buildings standing tall in the distance. The scene reminded her of Maverick’s life—bright and brilliant.

“Looks amazing.” She thought he was boasting, so she openly admitted his success. “You made the right choice. It’s getting late. Send me home.”

At that moment, Ariel regretted her decision not to drive her own car.

“Wait a while longer.”

“What for?”

Maverick didn’t answer her but instead turned around to look at her affectionately. His gaze was sincere and passionate, just like a young man who fell in love for the first time.

About a minute later, he approached her and stood side by side with her to look at the sea. “It’s almost time. Don’t blink.”

The moment he finished his words, a sharp “fizz” sounded, and numerous fireworks were displayed on the walls of the several dozen buildings on the other side of the sea.

Boom! Boom!

Animated fireworks exploded on the screen at the top of the building. From far away, it looked like real fireworks in the sky.

The fireworks illuminated the entire seaside. As one of them died down, another would produce a striking display, blooming even brighter.

Even from so far away, the light that signified happiness managed to illuminate Ariel’s face. She smiled.

Now’s the time, Maverick thought.

“I was so desperate to get this project because I wanted you to see this fireworks animation after it was all finished, but you were so disappointed back then that you wouldn’t give me any chance. Arie, you have been in my mind all these years, so please give me another chance. I will love you dearly. Can we start over?”

While looking at Ariel affectionately, Maverick had tears in his eyes, seemingly very sad.

As he spoke, a tear dropped from the corner of his eye and fell to the ground.


A man’s tear was precious, and that tear didn’t feel like it dropped on the floor but on a person’s heart, making them feel heartbroken for him.

“You’re crying.” Ariel had a shocked expression.

“That’s right. I didn’t know I loved you so much.” Maverick’s dense eyebrows were scrunched together, and his gaze was filled with restrain and reluctance.

That gaze seemed to imply that he couldn’t hide his love for her although he had been trying hard to keep his feelings to himself and that it was real love.

“Is this what they call a drunk mind speaks of a sober heart?” Ariel suddenly began to laugh.

When Maverick heard that, his expression froze, and the affection and gentleness from before disappeared entirely.

“Your lines were amazing, and your expression seemed realistic, but I’ve already seen through your act back then. Only by being sincere would another treat you sincerely, so no matter how sweet your sentimental words are, they can’t affect me because everything you do is to help you reach your goal.”

If Maverick had loved her, he wouldn’t have used her in exchange for a project.

Feeling frustrated, Ariel got straight to the point. “Camren doesn’t only have one daughter. I know you very well, so I won’t fall for your tricks. If you insist on clinging onto the Abbott Family, I suggest that you change to another target.”

After saying that, she turned around to hail a taxi and left without hesitation.

Her departure made Maverick stunned for a moment. He wiped away his tears as his face turned gloomy.

News about Paul’s disappearance spread like wildfire. When Old Master Heidelberg received the news, he was so worried that he fell ill and was hospitalized.

BJ Biotech’s stocks were heavily affected and plummeted. Then, Gale was appointed to take over the responsibility of managing the company.

Meanwhile, Alicia was sitting dazedly in the hospital corridor while waiting for Jamie to pick up her call.

“Can you come over and keep me company?”

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