Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 955

Chapter 955 Men Can’t Be Trusted

“Who’s talking?! Who’s there?!” Clara looked around her nervously, thinking she must have misheard something.

The next second, a silhouette that turned out to be Narissa landed right in front of the duo. In fact, she initially decided to stay on the tree and observe Elise’s life after marrying Alexander, wanting to know what true love and marriage all were about, but instead, what she saw was Clara’s annoying behavior.

“I’ve seen you before. You’re Danny’s fiancée, so what are you doing here?!” Clara expressed her dissatisfaction with Narissa’s interruption.

“Well, to protect Mother Earth is everyone’s responsibility, and I just can’t stand seeing some trash lying around here. What’s your problem with that?” Narissa jutted her chin haughtily.

“Who are you calling trash here?!” Clara angrily snapped at Narissa, assuming the latter was referring to her.

“You seem to like what’s inside the trash can. Thus, what are you if you aren’t trash? You know, there is something I don’t understand—why should you ignore it when someone calls you fat? That’s because you’re bigger than that. Haha.” Narissa chuckled after her streak of witty remarks.

Danny, who was impressed by Narissa’s quick wit and eloquence, secretly clapped for her talent. Oh, lady! You just said everything I wish I’d said myself earlier. Keep it going! Make Clara feel bad with your words—she deserves it!

“Are you calling me fat?! Oh, come on. I’m buxom! On the other hand, you’re so flat-chested that I almost forgot you’re a lady. Anyway, I don’t expect you to understand it either.” Clara rolled her eyes upward.

“Ah, I see where you’re coming from. You see, considering the lack of my assets, I don’t need large-sized clothes, which saves me money and the country a lot of fabric. You, on the other hand, look nothing different from a hippo, and guess what? We don’t have to go to the zoo anymore since we have one little hippo right here.”

Narissa felt as if she had learned something new after humiliating Gale with her insulting jokes. Thus, she couldn’t help but feel bad for Clara, whom she thought was unlucky to have engaged with her in a quarrel. Well, I guess she is meant to meet her defeat at the hands of someone on her level.

“You! You b*tch! Gosh! My blood is boiling! Ugh!” Clara was so mad that she couldn’t utter a single word. She then wrapped her head with her arms and ran off so fast that she didn’t even notice one of her high heels being accidentally left behind, seemingly desperate to get away from her humiliation.

“Good one, Narrie!” Danny smiled for the first time in the past few days, sticking out his thumb and showing it to Narissa.

“You don’t look like the kind of person with a clean record either!” Narissa heard every single word between the duo earlier. Although their conversation didn’t suggest anything explicit, she could tell that the two of them had a shady relationship with each other. Therefore, she ignored the man and walked straight into the mansion after glaring at him.

Since she was cooking in the open kitchen, Elise was able to receive Narissa while preparing the meal. “Here you are. Please have a seat. Lunch will be ready soon.”

Nevertheless, Narissa only glimpsed Elise without saying a single word. At the same time, Alexander, who happened to walk down the stairs, ran into Narissa and asked, “Johnny gave me a call a few minutes ago and told me that he found some self-defense gear. Would you like to have a set for yourself? I can have them delivered to your place.” However, Narissa responded by rolling her eyes upward and pretending as if she didn’t hear the man, heading straight into the kitchen where Elise was.

“What have I done to piss her off?” Alexander was puzzled by the lady’s reaction.

In the meantime, Elise, who sensed Narissa’s strange behavior, nudged her with her elbow and asked, “What’s wrong with you? You didn’t answer Alexander when he was talking to you.”

“Men can’t be trusted!” Narissa grabbed the knife and chopped the cucumber in half.

“What’s wrong? Why did you say so?” Elise paused what she was doing and wiped her hands with her apron after sensing Narissa’s intimidating aura.

Narissa let out a sigh and replied, “I’ve been watching you since this morning. Alexander didn’t even bother coming into the kitchen and helping out even though you’d been busy all this time. Instead, he just sits there and waits until lunch is ready. Are you his wife or his babysitter?”

Narissa’s father, Napoleon, was the type of man who left all the house chores for his wife to handle. Although there were maids in the house, Narissa’s mother never seemed to stop worrying about the house chores. Because of that, Narissa would rather stay unmarried her whole life than marry a man who wouldn’t care about sharing her burden at all. Well, I guess it’s not a bad thing to grow old and die alone either. After all, I won’t have to worry about working to death.

“That’s what ruined your mood?” Elise was amused. “By the way, when did you arrive?”

“Around 9.00AM or 10.00AM, I guess.” Narissa wasn’t sure about her time of arrival either.

“No wonder…” Elise smiled as if she understood why Narissa was so gloomy.

“No wonder what?” Narissa was confused.

“You only saw the part where I did everything for Alexander, but you have no idea that he’s the one who makes me breakfast every morning. It’s no wonder you’ve been mistaken.”

Elise then patiently explained how a husband and a wife should make peace with each other in life. “A husband and a wife should take care of each other unconditionally. I’ve been busy the whole morning because I enjoy the process. I’m doing what I love, knowing that it’s going to bring me and my family happiness. If I don’t do anything at all besides eating and sleeping, I’d be no different from a lazy pig.”

Narissa still appeared confused. “Wait, are you saying that working is fun?” After all, she would rather let the maids take care of the house chores.

“Let me ask you something, then—you modified a car and gave it to Jamie earlier. Were you happy when you were working on it?” Elise tried to make her point in another way to make Narissa understand her.

“Yes, I was.” Narissa blurted out, but shortly after that, she quickly denied it. “But it was also painful.” She left Cittadel after giving Jamie the car, and the two of them had never been in touch since. Because of that, the happiness she experienced when doing something for Jamie became insignificant compared to the overwhelming pain she was subsequently forced to bear.

Elise was speechless at that instant. “Well, my point is that you’ll never know something until you go through it, but all you need to know is that Alexander treats me pretty well.” Seeing Narissa’s skeptical look on her face, Elise peeked at the living room and leaned closer to her ear. “Let me tell you something—Alexander even washes my lingerie for me.”

Wait, what? Wouldn’t that be a little too… awkward? Narissa blushed after hearing Elise’s words, finding it hard to imagine herself doing the same thing in Elise’s place.

Having seen the expression on Narissa’s face, Elise knew what she was thinking and explained with a smile, “Well, you can think of it as a way of spicing things up between us. You’ll understand better once you’re married.”

“No! No! No, I can’t imagine this! This just sounds too awkward!” Narissa shook her head repeatedly. When everyone sat down at the table for lunch, Narissa couldn’t help but look at Alexander with a strange gaze, having remembered the story that Elise told her earlier.

Initially, Alexander put up with Narissa’s strange gaze, thinking she was in a bad mood, but eventually, he lost his patience and decided to open up. He put down his fork and knife. “Do you have a problem with me?”

“No.” Narissa instantly lost her courage to look Alexander in the eye, blocking her face with a plate. “You just seem different from how I imagined you to be.”

“What’s so different?” Alexander insisted on finding out the reason behind Narissa’s odd response.

“Ahem…” Fearing that Narissa would give her away, Elise immediately put a big shrimp on Alexander’s plate. “Eat up, Darling.” However, Alexander turned around after that, wanting to press on with his approach, only to be interrupted by Irvin.

“Obviously, the way you treat your wife is pissing off everyone in this house, Daddy. You ought to reflect on your mistake.”

Alexander knitted his eyebrows and questioned his son, “Who is the father? And who is the son here?”

“Father? Are you guys talking about priests?” Alexia joined the conversation and asked an innocent question.

“That’s right.” Narissa put a small chunk of meat on the girl’s plate. “Catholic priests. How smart you are, Lexi.”

On the other hand, Alexander covered his forehead, feeling helpless with the children who seemingly interrupted him anytime they wanted. Oh, dear. Where is all the respect I deserve as a father?

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