Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 956

Chapter 956 I Can Take Care of This Myself

Little did Narissa know that her reply was going to get her in trouble. “Godmother, aren’t you married to Godfather?” Alexia turned her attention to Narissa, trying to find out more about her personal life.

In that instant, Narissa’s smile stiffened on her face. While she was supported by Elise and her family to confess to Jamie a few months ago, things were no longer the same as they were now because Jamie found his soulmate just as she did so.

However, Narissa blamed her fate for toying with her, feeling helpless and frustrated with the fact that she was with someone whom she didn’t love. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the man she was with even forced her to fall for him, which was something she found hard to comprehend.

Noticing Narissa’s disappointment, Elise immediately stepped in to alleviate the tension. “Oh, come on, silly girl. Your godmother’s husband is your godfather.”

“That’s not the same. Godfather is the man he always is, and if Godmother doesn’t marry him, her husband will only ever be her husband. Nothing more.” Alexia gave a witty and sophisticated reply despite her young age.

“Alright, maybe you have a point, but your godmother has the right to make her own choices. All we have to do is respect her wishes, okay? You shouldn’t criticize her decision. Do you know that?” Elise lectured her child.

“Oh…” Alexia was unhappy, but even so, she continued to stare at the adults with her eyes wide open. “If Godmother marries someone else, will I get a little sister?”

Ever since Elise reunited with Alexander, the two children had been going on and on about wanting a little sister, but much to their dismay, Elise didn’t manage to get pregnant again. Therefore, Alexia reckoned she was better off counting on Narissa, thinking she shouldn’t put all eggs in one basket by depending solely on her mother.

Nevertheless, little did the girl know that Narissa had never thought about giving birth to a child as she put a drumstick on Alexia’s plate. “Tell your mom and dad to work harder. Soon enough, you’ll get your little sister.”

It looks like I’m destined to have one more daughter. Elise blushed at the thought of that.

Two days later, Dominic finally came to his senses, but even so, he still needed to remain hospitalized for further observation. While sitting on the bed, he pulled himself together and ordered his men to hire a rescue team to search for Paul. Then, he put Gale in charge of running the company before he sent his men away and continued to rest.

Meanwhile, Alicia, who had been staying in the hospital for two nights, was relieved by the old man’s improved condition, feeling grateful that she could finally have some good sleep. After waking up, she went to the kitchen and spent the whole morning preparing a few elaborate dishes. Then, she packed them into a lunchbox and changed her outfit before leaving home.

Half an hour later, Jamie heard the doorbell while he was busy working on his computer. Ding dong! He closed the lid of his laptop and went to answer the door. As soon as he opened it, he was greeted by Alicia as she flashed the lunchbox right in front of him. “Ta-da! Your lovely lunch has arrived. Please accept your delivery.”

“How do you know my address?” Jamie was puzzled by Alicia’s presence, for he had just rented the place not long ago. In fact, he had not even managed to tell Elise about it.

“There was a set of keys in the pocket of the jacket that you gave me two days ago. The address was written on it.” Alicia stepped into the house and made her way to the dining table. Then, she proceeded to lay out all the dishes. “Come and try them. It’s my first time cooking, so ease up on me if they don’t taste good.”

As soon as Jamie caught a whiff of those appetizing dishes, he rubbed his belly and said, “Hmm. I’m starting to feel hungry now.” Upon hearing that, Alicia gave the man a fork and a knife, to which the latter replied, “Alright, I’m going to help myself now.” Jamie sat down and began to dig in.

Upon tasting every single dish, Jamie nodded and jokingly said, “Pretty good. It looks like you have what it takes to be a good cook.” Although the dishes that Alicia prepared were nothing more than ordinary home-cooked food, they tasted delicious, especially the appetizing casserole that happened to be up Jamie’s alley.

“If you like them, I could make them for you every day.” Alicia blurted out those words but immediately regretted it, biting her lips with her head kept down. On the other hand, Jamie was stunned to hear what Alicia just said, but fortunately, he was quick on his feet to pretend as if he didn’t hear anything and continued to eat.

For the next few minutes, Alicia propped her face with her hands and looked around her, noticing the messy surrounding in the house. There was barely enough space for her to walk around other than the dining area.

Oh, gosh! This is disastrous!

“Oh, dear! How are you able to survive in a place like this?” Alicia walked toward the mess and proceeded to tidy up the couch and the dirty clothes on the chair before taking out the trash.

“Hey, just sit down and relax. I’ll take care of them later.” Jamie was too busy enjoying his meal to attend to the house chores.

“It’s okay. I don’t have anything to do either anyway, so let’s just consider this a repayment for your kindness. After all, you’ve been helping me out in the hospital the past two days.” Alicia was happy and thankful that she could do something for Jamie.

After hearing the word ‘repayment’ from Alicia, Jamie decided to give in and go along with the lady as he concentrated on his meal. In less than two minutes, he wolfed down all the food, leaving barely half of the four dishes prepared.

While he rubbed his belly in satisfaction, he caught a glimpse of Alicia pulling his underwear out of a cushion. The next second, he immediately sprinted toward the lady and snatched the underwear. He quickly hid it behind his back. “I can take care of this myself…” he awkwardly said.

In the meantime, Alicia, who thought what she found was a pair of loose shorts, immediately knew she was mistaken when she saw the look on Jamie’s face. In that instant, her cheeks blushed as she hugged the clothes in her arms and ran into the washroom. At the same time, Jamie went on to search for the remaining underwear around the chair in the corner and took them to his bedroom right away.

After calming herself down, Alicia pulled herself together and exited the bathroom, whereupon she continued to clean the rest of the house. In less than ten minutes, the place looked completely different as the atmosphere was filled with fresh air from every corner. “Now, this is what I call home.” Alicia was satisfied with her hard work, imagining the happy days she’d live with Jamie in the future.

When Jamie returned, he realized the place looked so clean that it almost seemed as good as new. “Is this even my home?” He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“There is one thing I’m curious about—don’t you ever clean your house?” Alicia asked.

“Well, there are maids who take care of house chores back home, but when I rent a place, I’ll just hire a cleaner to handle everything.” Jamie shrugged his shoulders without bothering to hide his poor organizing skills from Alicia.

“I see. In that case, I’m the person you should hire, then.” Alicia grabbed her purse and was ready to make a move. “With this job, I get to learn an extra skill while earning some pocket money for myself. I’m going to earn big bucks from this!”

Jamie knew Alicia was joking, which was why he only responded with a silent smile.

“Anyway, I guess I should get going now. See you.”

“See you.”

Being wise and sensible, Alicia knew it’d be wiser to leave Jamie alone when she should. Although the two of them were a couple, she reckoned both of them had spent long enough with each other that day.

No matter how close they might appear to be, Jamie still needed his privacy. Moreover, she could tell that Jamie was still not used to having anyone else enter his personal space. Thus, she decided to respect his wish instead of pressing on with her advances as she believed she could touch his soul and enter his world with time.

Meanwhile, as soon as Alicia was gone, Jamie sat back in his seat and flipped his laptop open before he began to type on the keyboard rapidly. In fact, he was trying to hack into BJ Biotech’s intranet, thinking he must do something before Gale made his next move.

After all, he reckoned Gale’s presence would threaten the Heidelberg Family’s prospects and business despite the restored peace in the family. The Heidelbergs can only find peace with Gale gone. By then, Narissa will be safe.

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