Divorce Anxiety Chapter 484

Chapter 484 A Favorable Outcome

Theodore stroked his ruined beard and grinned helplessly. “I knew I couldn’t hide it from you.”

Kathleen looked at him impassively.

“You want to work with me?” Theodore was quite direct.

Kathleen nodded in response.

“You don’t mind that I’d shot you and captured your daughter in the past?” Theodore seemed surprised.

“Of course I do,” Kathleen said flatly. “But, right now, I need to work with you.”

Theodore narrowed his eyes. “You learn quickly.”

“But I need to know your motives,” she added coldly, “and what you’re expecting.”

Theodore’s gaze darkened. “Simple. I want to avenge my son!”

“The one they said was pushed off the cliff by you?” Kathleen knitted her brows.

“Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cubs.” There was a cold glint in his cloudy eyes. “I didn’t kill my son. Trevor did!”

“Why?” Kathleen was shocked.

“Why do you think? My son was the heir to the Hoover family. He would inherit the family assets,” Theodore exclaimed angrily. “He was a frail kid, to begin with. Yet, Trevor pushed him off a cliff. All these years, I never had the chance to come to Fairlake to end him. Now, he thinks I’m dead. His attention is on all of you now.”

“Ha!” Kathleen sneered. “So that’s your plan. In other words, you’re afraid that Trevor might find you here.”

Theodore was speechless.

Kathleen tossed the man’s fake beard on the table.

“What do you want?” Theodore asked in return.

“As I said, I want to work with you,” she replied calmly. “Craft a disguise for me. Tomorrow, I’m going to infiltrate the Hoover residence and rescue my son!”


“Who do you want to disguise as?” Theodore frowned.

Kathleen took out her phone and showed him a photo. “Here.”

Theodore was surprised. “Are you sure?”

“It’s not a problem for you, is it?” Kathleen questioned him, her face void of emotion.

“Of course not.” Theodore had the habit of reaching out to stroke his beard. He had been quite used to it.

Unfortunately, once he touched his chin, he recalled that Kathleen had torn his beard off.

“Then, let’s spare the nonsense,” Kathleen said coldly. “I save my son, and you avenge yours. That way, we both get what we came for. What do you think?”

“Not a problem.” Theodore’s face darkened. “Hold on.”

He got up to get his tools.

Four hours later, Kathleen stood in front of the mirror, admiring herself. “Your skills have certainly improved a lot.”

Theodore sounded dissatisfied to hear that. “I’ve always been great.”

“Bye, then.” Kathleen got ready to leave.

“You don’t need me tomorrow?” he asked in astonishment.

Kathleen’s dark eyes grew chilly. “Nope. Just focus on your revenge. Give him a fatal blow when he’s too weak to fight back.”

“You’re getting me to do the dirty work, aren’t you?” Theodore frowned.

“I’m giving you a chance to exact revenge,” she said indifferently. “If it weren’t for the fact that we’re at least acquaintances, I would not have given you this opportunity.”

“Then, after you’re done with Trevor, will you come after me?” Theodore was curious to know.

“That depends on my mood.” With that, Kathleen turned and walked out.

Theodore frowned.

It depends on her mood, she said. This is insane!

Kathleen stepped outside.

She sent a message to Samuel: We’ll meet at the Hoover residence tomorrow.

Then, she hailed a taxi. “To the Hoover residence.”

The driver drove on.

Samuel sat in a black Rolls-Royce not far away, frowning.

What is she up to?

An hour later, at a location one kilometer away from the Hoover residence, a middle-aged woman walked toward Kathleen.

She kept looking back.

She was taken aback when she came face to face with a woman who looked exactly like her.

“Here’s ten million.” Kathleen passed her a check. “Take the money and leave. We don’t want the Hoover family to find out.”

The woman accepted the check. “Ms. Johnson, I didn’t mean to threaten you. It’s just that I got an urgent call from my son. He’s abroad and he needs the money.”

“I know. I didn’t say anything,” Kathleen uttered frostily. “I’m much more relieved when you asked for money.”

Once the money was taken, regret was off the table.

“Yes.” The woman nodded. “I’ve explained everything. If you have other questions, you can call me.”

Kathleen replied flatly, “No need. It’ll all be resolved tomorrow.”

She would just stay for one night here.

She just wanted to see Eilam, to make sure that he was safe and sound.

If anything happened at night, she could protect him.

“All right.” The woman carefully pocketed the check. “Ms. Johnson, you have to take caution. A skilled woman has just arrived at the house.”

Kathleen arched a brow. “How skilled are we talking about?”

“She seems to know some pharmacology. I think she knows her stuff,” the woman explained. “She’s here to treat Mr. Eil.”

Kathleen nodded. “Okay. Noted.”

“Goodbye.” The woman walked away hurriedly.

Kathleen furrowed her brows. The woman could be referring to Lauren.

Lauren pretended to work with Nicolette to capture Eilam. Then, she helped Luna get rid of Nicolette. After that, she presented Eilam to Luna as a “gift.” That way, Luna would put her utmost trust in her.

Next, Luna allowed Lauren to treat her precious grandson.

The two were deeply involved with each other now.

Eilam was nothing but a tool to them.

At that thought, Kathleen got absolutely furious.

She would never let them off!

She would settle all grudges with both of them!

Right after that, Kathleen headed toward the Hoover residence.

“Ms. Fiona, where have you been?” Luna frowned. “We haven’t seen you all day.”

“I fell ill.” Kathleen pretended to be in pain. “I’ve got a fever and sore throat.”

“I don’t want you helping out in the kitchen for now, in case we get infected. Furthermore, don’t get close to Logan, understand?” Luna instructed coldly.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

“Just look after that kid on the third floor,” Luna added flatly.

“All right,” said Kathleen.

Just what I wanted!

Luna left.

Kathleen looked around her. It was late. The entire Hoover household had gone to bed.

Luna was the only one up and about.

It seemed that due to recent events, the woman could neither sleep nor eat well.

Anyway, those were none of Kathleen’s concerns. She wanted to see Eilam first.

That kid had pretended to get caught, which worried her to death. How annoying!

Kathleen went upstairs.

She came to the room where Eilam had been confined.

The door was locked, but there was no one standing guard.

They assumed that they had little to worry about since Eilam was a kid. So, they were rather negligent about security.

It was no wonder Eilam could send them messages.

Luna had handed the key to Fiona, who passed it to her.

Kathleen was about to open the door when a familiar voice came from behind her.

“What are you doing?”

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