Divorce Anxiety Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Are You Leaving

Kathleen deleted that message she intended to send to Samuel. Instead, she typed: Something’s happening outside. I’m going to check it out. Don’t come in!

She sent out that message, put down her phone, and rushed out.

Everyone dashed out of their rooms.

She did not expect to see Trevor lying on the floor, covered in blood.

Did he… fall from high above?

Everyone exchanged looks of panic.

“What’s going on?” Luna came down from the second floor.

She was shocked to the point of speechlessness when she saw Trevor.

Her vision turned dark, and she slumped to the ground.

“Quick! Call the ambulance!” someone shouted.

Everyone scrambled to lift her up and carried her to the couch before calling the ambulance.

However, Kathleen could tell at a glance that Luna was faking it.

Luna had tugged on Lauren once before the former pretended to have fainted.

Something’s really fishy here!

Soon, the ambulance arrived.

They took Luna and Trevor to the hospital.

Kathleen surveyed the crowd but couldn’t see Lauren anywhere.

Her brows twisted. She quickly ran upstairs.

Just as she suspected, the door to Eilam’s locked room was open.

In the room, Lauren had Eilam in a chokehold. “Eilam, you only have yourself to blame to have been born as Samuel and Kathleen’s son. Together, those two are a formidable force. Once I kill you, Kathleen will be heartbroken. They’ll blame each other for not keeping an eye on you. It will destroy them! So, I can’t let you live!”

Eilam’s face reddened.

Kathleen entered the room and grabbed Lauren’s hair from behind.

Lauren, feeling the pain, released her grip.

“Let me go!” Lauren didn’t expect that someone would attack her from behind.

Kathleen grabbed the woman by the hair and slammed her head against the wall.

“Ah! Save—” Lauren wanted to scream.

Kathleen quickly covered the woman’s mouth.

“Urgh…” Lauren struggled.

Kathleen looked at Eilam. “Turn around.”

Eilam did as he was told.

Kathleen slammed Lauren’s head hard against the wall.

You shouldn’t have made a move on my son!

Lauren didn’t know what had gotten into Fiona to attack her like that so suddenly.

However, the sudden attack had struck her dizzy. She had no strength to fight back.

Kathleen showed no mercy at all.

Lauren passed out after Kathleen struck her one final time.

A large patch of blood was left on the wall.

Kathleen took a deep breath after she was done with Lauren, who now lay motionless on the floor.

Kathleen approached Eilam and scooped him up before walking out of the room, covering the kid’s eyes at the same time.

Eilam wrapped his arms around her neck. He detected her unique scent and instantly made the connection.


Kathleen nodded.

She left through the back door with Eilam in her arms. She told him, “Your daddy’s nearby. Go look for him.”

“What about you, Mommy?” Eilam asked, holding her hand.

“I have to clean up the mess. I can’t let them know that Lauren’s dead. Be good,” she explained. With that, she whipped out her phone and sent a message to Samuel: Take Eilam and go!

“Mommy, did the old man fall down on his own, or did somebody push him?” Eilam questioned.

“Who?” Kathleen knitted her brows.

“The one named Luna. The two argued about something, but I’m not sure what,” Eilam elaborated.

Kathleen replied solemnly. “All right. After you meet up with your daddy, show him the video.”

Eilam nodded.

“Go,” Kathleen said after tidying up the boy’s clothes.

Eilam turned around and made his way to the black Rolls-Royce that had come for him.

Kathleen turned toward the house.

She returned to the room where Eilam was previously locked in, but Lauren’s body was nowhere to be found.

Did she fake her death? No way!

Kathleen went into a random room, grabbed a towel, and came back to wipe away the blood.

“Miss.” Logan suddenly appeared.

Kathleen was caught off guard. “Yes?”

“Did you kill… that lady?” the boy asked hesitantly.

“No,” Kathleen denied. “She fell. I have nothing to do with it.”

“Come with me!” Logan grabbed her hand.

Kathleen knitted her brows. She relented and followed Logan to his room.

Logan lifted the blanket off the floor. “She crawled in here just now and scared me, so I hit her with a vase.”

Kathleen examined Logan meaningfully and then looked down at the broken shards of the vase on the floor.

It was obvious that Logan hadn’t done it because he freaked out.

He did it because he didn’t want Lauren to treat his illness.

“What do we do next?” Logan asked worriedly. “If Grandma finds out…”

“Where are the others?” Kathleen realized that, right after she took Eilam out of the house, the housekeepers seemed to have disappeared.

“They are on the first floor, waiting to be questioned by the police,” Logan answered. “They asked me where you were just now. I said you’d gone to fetch something for me. I also told them that you’re my caretaker, so in a while, you and I will have to go for questioning together.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Thanks.”

Logan just looked at her quietly.

She went on to say, “There’s a cliff behind your house if I remember correctly.”

“Yes, the Hoover residence is located halfway up the mountain,” the boy explained. “Do you want to make it look like she fell down on her own?”

“What else?” Kathleen arched her brows.

“I’ll help you,” Logan offered.

“No need. You need to help me deal with the police,” Kathleen said coolly. “Logan, I have to be honest with you. About your illness, I don’t think even a miracle doctor can do anything about it.”

Logan continued to stare at her. “I know. You checked my pulse just now, and judging by your expression, I—Ah!”

He suddenly screamed.

Kathleen frowned. “What’s the matter?”

“Miss, look!” Logan pointed at Lauren.

Kathleen turned to look at Lauren’s body. She saw movement beneath the woman’s stomach.

Kathleen furrowed her brows.

“Do you have a knife?” she asked Logan coldly.

The boy managed to find a fruit knife.

Kathleen cut open Lauren’s stomach with the knife. Several bugs wriggled out of it.

Very soon, Lauren’s body melted into a puddle of blood.

Logan covered his mouth. “W-What’s this?”

Kathleen trampled on the remaining bugs. “I guess we don’t have to bury the body now. These are parasitic worms. They can be used to control people. And this woman isn’t Lauren!”

The real Lauren isn’t here! How sly!

Logan was shocked. “Then, where is she?”

“Definitely somewhere safe,” Kathleen concluded in an icy tone.

I can’t figure out what exactly is Lauren up to! Isn’t she here to work with Luna? This is so strange!

Kathleen turned to Lauren and said, “You’ll say that Lauren’s gone to bury Eilam’s body, and she never came back. Got it?”

Logan nodded.

Kathleen frowned. There was something amiss at the Hoover residence.

She had a really odd feeling about the night’s events.

“Are you leaving?” Logan asked curiously.

“Of course I am. I’m not staying here to be interrogated,” Kathleen replied flatly. “Take care!”

Logan gave her a meaningful look.

Kathleen took two steps forward. “Logan, once you understand my question, come to me. I might be able to do something about your illness.”

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