Divorce Anxiety Chapter 487

Chapter 487 You Have Gotten Bolder

Logan looked at her hesitantly. “Can I really go to you?”

Kathleen nodded, turned, and walked away.

She left the house through the back door.

Then, she sent a text message to Theodore: Trevor’s dead. He fell from the upper floor.

Theodore replied instantly: Was it an accident?

Murder. Luna pushed him.

When Theodore read Kathleen’s response, he inhaled sharply.

Back then, Luna was the one who had exhausted all means to snatch Trevor away. The memories were still fresh in Theodore’s mind. Yet, at present, the woman had pushed him down the stairs.

What’s that woman thinking?

For a moment, Theodore was utterly confused. He wasn’t sure what to do next.

Trevor had died just like that.

Kathleen strode toward the spot where Samuel had parked the car.

She got in the vehicle and tore off the hyper-realistic mask.

“I want to go to the hospital. I need to look at Trevor’s body,” she told Samuel.

Samuel nodded. “Tyson, start the car.”

“Yes.” Tyson did as he was instructed.

Kathleen turned to her son. “Eilam, I see that you’ve gotten bolder.”

Eilam replied sheepishly, “Mommy, I’m just trying to help you and Daddy.”

“You’re five. You’re way too young to do that.” Kathleen knitted her brows as she spoke with a stern expression. “Don’t ever do something like that again, or I’ll confiscate all your things.”

“Yes, I understand.” Eilam lowered his head and nodded obediently.

It was then that Kathleen breathed a sigh of relief.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the hospital.

Kathleen requested Tyson to stay in the car with Eilam.

She and Samuel stepped out.

She handed a mask to him. “Wear this. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Samuel nodded.

They put on the black masks and got down from the car.

Samuel naturally took hold of Kathleen’s hand and led the way to the hospital.

Trevor had stopped breathing long before his body was brought to the hospital, so there was no need for emergency treatment.

After a simple cleanup the night before, his body was taken to the morgue.

Kathleen and Samuel went there.

They eventually found Trevor’s body.

Kathleen lifted the white cloth covering the dead man and reached a hand out to touch Trevor’s chin.

Samuel looked at her sternly. His gaze darkened.

Kathleen’s eyes flickered when she felt something. Instantly, she ripped off the hyper-realistic mask on Trevor’s face.

Samuel stepped forward. “It’s fake?”

“Indeed.” Kathleen bit her lip. “We fell for it!”

“Are you saying that Lauren wanted to work with Trevor, not Luna?” Samuel arched his brow.

Kathleen nodded. “Exactly! But, right now, I’m more curious about the relationship between Trevor and Lauren.”

Samuel frowned. “How do you think they’re related?”

“That’s hard to guess,” Kathleen responded.

Carefully, she put the hyper-realistic mask back on the dead man’s face.

Samuel said in a deep voice, “So, their objective is to send Luna to jail or kill her. Is that right?”

Kathleen nodded. “I suppose the moment Luna pushed the fake Trevor down the stairs, she had an inkling that Trevor was out to get her, so she pretended to be unwell. However, she had no idea that Trevor had partnered with Lauren.”

As Kathleen said that, she covered the dead man with the white cloth.

Samuel uttered coldly, “I’ll get Leonard and the others to investigate.”

“We’ve been focusing on the wrong thing! We thought Lauren’s only working with Luna. We failed to realize that Luna’s just a pawn in their scheme,” stated Kathleen.

“If Trevor’s objective is the money Luna has, then if he’s revived, Luna will be acquitted,” Samuel added.

“It’s not necessarily that Trevor wants to inherit the Hoover family, right?” Kathleen questioned flatly.

“If you’re talking about Kelly’s father, he’s not even qualified. He’s not capable. I’m guessing that the only candidate is Logan,” Samuel analyzed.

“How can a thirteen-year-old kid do that right now?” Kathleen snapped. “Let’s not fret. We shall wait and see what happens next. I don’t believe that Trevor and Lauren can bear it.”

Samuel nodded indifferently. “Let’s go.”

Kathleen walked with him. D*mn! I was hoping to kill off Lauren tonight. I didn’t expect they would be planning to get rid of Luna.

They talked as they made their way outside.

“Why do you have to deal with someone like that yourself?” Samuel asked as he held her slender hand. “Your hands are meant to save people. They shouldn’t be tainted by her blood.”

“She poisoned Grandma. I can’t just sit back.” Anger could be seen on Kathleen’s fair and delicate face. “If she dares to show up, I won’t let her off so easily!”

By then, she would settle grudges new and old.

When they walked out of the hospital, they spotted a police car parked at the entrance.

Are they here for Luna?

Kathleen frowned.

They couldn’t come forward at the moment, so they had Walter find out what was going on.

Samuel led Kathleen into his car.

After that, they went straight to the hotel.

When they got there, Kathleen proceeded to check on the wound on Eilam’s arm.

There was a deep wound on Eilam’s arm. A scab had been formed, but it still looked frightening on his tiny arm.

Kathleen cleaned his wound in silence.

Eilam said nothing throughout the process. Even when he felt pain, he only frowned slightly.

Kathleen’s heart ached as she asked, “Does it hurt?”

Eilam shook his head. “No. Really, Mommy, it doesn’t.”

He did not want to be a crybaby.

Kathleen muttered, “Look at you. You’ve learned to lie at such a young age.”

Eilam remained quiet.

I’m not lying.

Seeing that the boy had gotten distracted, Kathleen pressed on the wound a little harder.

Ah!” Eilam yelped. He shot a glance at his mother.

Kathleen looked at him sternly. “Does it hurt?”

Eilam pursed his lips.

Mommy’s so mean!

“Done.” Kathleen quickly bandaged his wound. “Don’t put too much pressure on this arm, and avoid contact with water. It should be fine in a few days.”

“Thanks, Mommy.” Finally, he felt liberated.

“Have some food and go to sleep,” Kathleen told him. “If you don’t feel well, then let me know right away.”

“Okay.” Eilam stood up and went back to his room.

After that, Kathleen threw Samuel a sideways glance. “You look like you have something to say.”

“No.” Samuel shook his head.

Kathleen was parenting their child. What could he say about that?

If he talked about it, there would be chaos.

Furthermore, Kathleen was just worried about Eilam.

Samuel and Kathleen had different concepts of parenting, but there was no right or wrong way to go about it.

So, Samuel chose to keep his mouth shut.

Kathleen let out a light snort. “I want to see how Luna had pushed the fake Trevor down the stairs. Where’s the video?”

Samuel turned around and picked up his laptop before approaching Kathleen. “I watched it in the car just now. I didn’t see anything odd.”

“All right. Let me take a look.” Kathleen took the tablet.

The two sat on the couch together. Kathleen clicked on the video.

It had no sound.

However, they could clearly see Luna going to look for Trevor.

It was uncertain what the two were talking about, but they seemed to be having a heated argument.

As they tugged away at each other, they soon came to the railing. Luna gave Trevor a shove, and he fell off.

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