Divorce Anxiety Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Can I Refuse

After watching the video, Kathleen stroked her chin. “Trevor seems to have a better physical condition between the two. There’s no way Luna could have that much strength to push him down.”

Samuel nodded and uttered coldly, “But from the video, it was indeed Luna who pushed Trevor, causing him to fall down the stairs.”

“If the video is made public, Luna wouldn’t be able to escape death. However, seeing as she’s old, she probably wouldn’t go to jail, but she’ll no longer be able to manage the company. I guess this is the goal of Trevor and the others,” said Kathleen flatly.

She then said curiously, “Since Eil has saved these videos to the cloud, does this mean that the Hoover family’s surveillance cameras no longer have this footage?”

“If this is the evidence that Trevor and the others are going to use to frame Luna, I guess it’ll be exposed soon,” he replied solemnly.

Kathleen jerked upon hearing that.

In other words, the video in our hands is no longer useful.

“Since that video is useless, you can take a look at this one.” Samuel clicked on another video.

Kathleen looked over and noticed that the footage showed Lauren holding something as she went to meet Trevor.

Despite not knowing what they said to one another, it was obvious that Lauren appeared smug, while Trevor’s expression was a little gloomy.

Samuel placed his slender hand on the screen and clicked pause before dragging down the image.

Kathleen watched as he used special software to recover the letters on the file held in Lauren’s hand.

Soon, the words on it became clear.

She read them out, “Paternity test report?”

Samuel pointed at the numbers at the bottom. “This is the serial number. I’ll send someone to check it out. We’ll soon know exactly whose test this is.”

After Kathleen nodded, Samuel made a phone call to get someone to investigate the matter.

There was nothing he could not find out if he set his mind to it.

Or rather, no one dared to disrespect his wishes.

Not long passed before a reply came.

Samuel showed Kathleen the electronic copy of the paternity test he had received.

After glancing at it, her brows knitted into a deep V-shape. “Trevor and Lauren are related by blood?”

“From the looks of it, he’s either her paternal or maternal grandfather,” Samuel replied.

Kathleen furrowed her brows deeply. “I never knew about this. If that’s the case, wouldn’t Lauren and I…”

Samuel nodded. “You’re probably cousins.”

“Can I refuse to acknowledge this?”

Samuel shook his head in response.

“I didn’t expect Trevor to be such a womanizer and leave offspring everywhere!” Kathleen was livid. “I’m starting to wonder if I have other siblings.”

Hearing her words, Samuel smirked. “I guess Trevor won’t admit it himself. After all, those kids are of no value to him.”

Kathleen froze, and something darkened in her eyes upon hearing that. “You’re right. Lauren was the one who came to him.”

“She’s not entirely innocent either, seeing as she planned her every move.” Samuel analyzed, “She approached Theodore first, most likely because she initially suspected that he was her paternal or maternal grandfather. Then, after discovering that he wasn’t, she went to Trevor to confirm the matter.”

Kathleen’s frown deepened. “Does this mean that she’ll inherit the Hoover family in the end?”

Just then, Samuel received a message that caused his gaze to darken. “A lawyer came forward and said that Trevor made a will, which would be read out at his funeral.”

“From the looks of it, he’s going to give all the inheritance to Lauren, huh?” Kathleen scowled.

“The lawyer mentioned you, so you also have a share of his inheritance,” Samuel replied solemnly.


Kathleen felt dubious as she walked over and looked at his phone.

It’s true!

“I don’t want anything from him, but I want to check the will out since Lauren will definitely show up,” she said quietly.

Samuel nodded. “Okay. Let’s go together.”

“By the way, I wonder how Luna’s doing.” Kathleen uttered curiously, “I haven’t heard from her for so long.”

“Neither have I. Wait and see. I’m sure she has seen the news about Trevor’s will and will certainly respond.” Samuel was very patient.

Kathleen nodded. “All right.”

“It’s late. Go to sleep.” Samuel stroked her head and commented, “You have dark circles under your eyes.”

To that, Kathleen hummed while rubbing her eyes.

She was indeed exhausted from not sleeping well due to worrying about Eilam.

Following that, Samuel took hold of Kathleen’s slender hand and led her to the bedroom.

The latter soon took off her coat to take a shower.

Samuel’s thin lips curled into a smile upon hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

No matter what, Kathleen is by my side now.

Just then, the sound of running water from the bathroom stopped.

“Samuel.” Kathleen slightly opened the bathroom door, revealing only a crack.

“What’s the matter?” asked Samuel, who had walked over.

“I forgot to take my pajamas.” Kathleen answered as her cheeks reddened, “Please help me get it.”

Samuel stared at her blushing face and swallowed hard. “Okay.”

He turned around to help her get the pajamas and used the chance to bring over a pair of her white underwear.

Her face turned even redder when she saw the things he had brought.

She reached out and grabbed the undergarments from him. “How annoying!”

“What’s the matter? You don’t want to wear it?” Samuel pressed his foot against the door. “If you don’t want it, you can always give it back.”

While saying that, his hand reached out toward her.

“What do you mean to return it to you?” Kathleen’s eyes widened. “It’s mine in the first place!”

“If you don’t want to wear it, I’ll take it out for you.” Samuel narrowed his eyes.

“Who says I’m not wearing it.” She pouted. “Get out!”

Looking at her irritated expression, he flashed her a smile before stepping out.

Kathleen quickly closed the door.

Samuel leaned against the wall, feeling extremely blissful while thinking about the woman who just snapped at him.

She’s finally behaving like her old self.

He previously destroyed such a perfect Kathleen, and he did not know when the heavens would give that previous version of her back to him.

However, he was very much satisfied with her current state.


Kathleen left the bathroom wearing a pearl white nightgown, lazily yawning. “Go and take a shower, too.”

Samuel took her slender wrist and pulled her to his side.

Kathleen frowned. “What’s the matter with you?”

“We’re a married couple, Kate,” he emphasized.

“Although we say that to outsiders, we are in a state of interest now,” she corrected.

Hearing that, Samuel pursed his lips. “I love you.”

“Mm. I know.” Kathleen nodded.

Samuel’s dark eyes gazed at her intently.

He was waiting for her to say the second half of the sentence.

However, she merely gave him a confused look. “What’s wrong with you?”

Samuel’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. He slowly let go of her wrist. “It’s nothing. Go to bed first. I’ll take a shower.”

“All right.” Kathleen knitted her brows. Why does he seem so weird?

“By the way, remember to bring your pajamas,” she reminded.

“Okay.” With a nod, he took his pajamas and went in.

Kathleen, on the other hand, sat on the bed. She started wondering about Samuel’s strange behavior. What’s going on with him? Why has he become so awkward again? He’s so hard to understand.

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