Divorce Anxiety Chapter 489

Chapter 489 You Are Trying To Kill Me

Samuel was pretty fast. He only took around ten minutes to shower.

When he got out of the bathroom, Kathleen was already asleep.

Since she had a small figure, it was as if she wasn’t there when she lay on the bed.

He walked over and lay on the bed.

Although he wanted to hug her, he held himself back when he saw how deeply asleep she was.

The man was afraid of waking her up.

At that moment, she turned and nestled in his arms.

Samuel was stunned for a while before he hugged her tightly. “You’re still awake?”

“I’m a light sleeper. But, of course, you don’t remember since you’ve lost your memories. When we slept together in the past, you’d silence your phone because you were afraid of disturbing me,” Kathleen mumbled.

“My phone’s on silent now, too,” he replied.

“When Nicolette returned from abroad, you didn’t,” she said flatly.

He was speechless.

“I’m not blaming you, Samuel. It’s already in the past,” she said gently.

He took a deep breath. “Let’s remarry.”

“Is getting married really necessary? We got a divorce too, even when we had the marriage certificate,” she asked quietly.

Samuel’s entire body tensed up.

“A marriage certificate doesn’t mean anything, nor can it end anything. Even when we had the marriage certificate in the past, you didn’t even fall for me,” she said in a muffled voice.

He hugged her tight. “I have already fallen for you a long time ago. I was just…”

I was confused.

She tilted her head. “Have you recovered your memories?”

His voice was hoarse. “Yeah. Mostly.”

She said bitterly, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. I thought you still don’t remember anything.”

He was afraid that she would get angry. “I didn’t mean to. I just thought that you didn’t want me to get close to you, regardless of whether I lost my memories or not.”

Ever since he was hurt by her indifferent attitude, he started being careful around her.

Kathleen was exasperated. “I’m already letting you hug me this way, yet you say I don’t let you get close to me? Don’t you feel bad for saying that?”

He pursed his lips.

She let him go and looked at him in his eyes. “Samuel, I think you’re the one who can’t let go. It’s already in the past.”

He uttered, “You’ve already moved on. If I did that too, then we would’ve parted ways a long time ago. You’re able to let everything go, but I can’t. I can’t do it.”

He pulled her into his arms. “I’m not going to say anything anymore. Shh. Let’s sleep.”

Kathleen was bemused by his words.

She took a deep breath as she lifted her head and kissed Samuel’s thin lips.

He was stunned, and his entire body shivered.

She held his face and kissed him deeply.

He froze.

She rolled over and got on top of him. The next moment, she planted kisses on his forehead, nose, and chin with her red lips.

Samuel’s blood boiled.

“Kate…” His voice became hoarse.

She reached out to unbutton his pajamas with a seductive look in her eyes. “Since you can’t understand, I’ll use actions to make you.”

He looked at her with fiery passion in his eyes.

She took off his pajamas and kissed him.

That night was the happiest night of Samuel’s life.

The next day, Samuel woke up after he had had enough sleep.

He opened his eyes slowly and saw the small, enchanting, red face right before him.

He reached out and caressed her face lightly before tucking some strands of her hair behind her ears.

Since he finally understood her feelings completely, he wouldn’t doubt her anymore.

“What time is it?” Kathleen’s soft voice was a little raspy.

Samuel made her cry last night out of pain, and even at that moment, her waist still hurt.

He glanced at the time. “It’s half past seven in the morning. You can sleep a little longer.”

She asked lazily, “Any news?”

“I’ll take a look.” With that, he unlocked his phone and looked at yesterday’s news.

He continued in a cold voice, “We were right. Someone uploaded the video of Luna pushing Trevor down the stairs. The police had already interrogated her, but because of her age, they didn’t arrest her.”

Kathleen sat up with her shoulder exposed as she wrapped herself with a blanket. There were a lot of hickeys and bite marks on her shoulder.

Samuel gulped. “I’ll get Tyson to bring some ointments over.”

She shook her head indifferently. “It’s fine. But, are you a dog?”

He remained silent.

“Did you like to bite others in the past, too?” she asked, puzzled.

He thought about it and replied, “I don’t remember.”

She felt a little irritated. “Hey! You said you remember our past last night, but now you’re saying you don’t remember? Samuel, aren’t you aware of how cunning you are?”

Samuel didn’t say anything.

“Is there any other news?” she asked.

“No,” he replied plainly.

She calmed down. “Okay. Let’s just wait for Walter’s news.”

He nodded.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Walter was there to visit Luna.

Although there were police outside Luna’s ward, Walter could still enter.

Luna called out to Walter when she saw him enter. “Walter.”

His face fell. “You still have the nerve to call me by my name? Do you think you’re worthy of being my sister?”

Luna frowned. “Walter, what do you mean by that? Ever since you returned from abroad, I didn’t even go looking for you even after all the things you did.”

He chuckled bitterly. “Looking for me? Luna, you’re too evil! You were the one who kidnapped Ashley last time, weren’t you?”

She was stunned. “No!”

“I have the evidence, and I’ve already given it to the police! I’ll never let you off the hook! Besides, don’t assume I don’t know that you were the one who caused Phoebe’s miscarriages in the past!” he yelled angrily.

“Walter, did someone say something to you? Don’t listen to them. How is it possible that I’d hurt Ashley? She’s my niece,” she said nervously.

“Hah! I finally understand how ambitious and ruthless you are. Now, I’ll take back all the authority and shares you have of Zeller Group. From now on, you have nothing to do with the Zeller family! Do you understand?” he snapped.

Luna was infuriated. “Walter! How could you do this to me? All these years, Zeller Group has developed much better under my control than yours!”

“That’s because I was busy accompanying and taking care of my daughter. Now that I know your motive, I’ll manage the company myself so that I can pass it on to Ashley in the future,” he replied coldly.

“Walter, sooner or later, Ashley will get married. When that happens, the company will fall into an outsider’s hands. If you leave the company to me, I’ll pass it on to my grandson. That way, it’ll still be in a Zeller’s hands instead of benefiting others,” she said softly.

Walter got angry when he heard that. “If you think that daughters aren’t qualified to continue the lineage, then what makes you think you have the right to let your child take over the Zeller family? Did you think I’m so stupid that I wouldn’t have thought of this?”

Luna’s gaze was cold. “You’re in it together! All of you wish to kill me!”

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