Divorce Anxiety Chapter 491

Chapter 491 Underestimated Her Ambitions

Kathleen looked at Luna coldly. “I have ways to deal with Trevor!”

Luna was stunned.

“Just wait for the news,” Kathleen continued.

With that, she walked out of the ward.

“Kathleen! Get back here!” Luna shrieked.

She wanted Kathleen to help, but she realized she didn’t have the right at all.

Kathleen couldn’t care less about her.

Luna covered her face and cried out loud.

What will happen to Logan?

After Kathleen got out of the ward, Samuel approached her.

Samuel stood before her. “Are you done?”

Kathleen nodded lightly. “Yeah.”

He guessed, “She asked you to take care of Logan, didn’t she?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t agree to it,” Kathleen replied plainly.

Samuel held her hand. “You don’t look happy, though.”

She sighed. “What’s there to be happy about? Even if she dies, she can’t make up for Mom and Granny’s forced separation.”

He replied in a deep voice, “Yeah. I understand you’re train of thought.”

She looked at him deeply. “Next, we’ll see what Trevor is planning to do.”

He replied, “Didn’t he already prepare a lawyer in advance? Let’s just wait and see.”

Kathleen chuckled bitterly. “I’ll force him to show himself. Just how much does he think he can leave for his illegitimate children? I’ll make him lose everything!”

It’s almost time.

At that moment, Kathleen’s phone rang.

She picked up the phone. “How did it go?”

“Since we didn’t give Hoover Group the final fifty thousand camera lenses, they won’t be able to finish their orders within one week. They’ll lose a lot of money,” Yadiel explained.

“Excellent. If Hoover Group wants us to compensate for it, you don’t need to say anything. Just proceed with the compensation based on the contract,” she said coldly.

Yadiel nodded. “Yes. I understand.”

Kathleen hung up the phone and looked at Samuel. “I’ve finally avenged you.”

“You did that for me?” Samuel asked solemnly.

“Yeah. Why else? There’s no way I would do it for myself. When something happened to you last time, I saw how Trevor took your team members and stole your technology. How can I let that go?” she replied calmly.

Samuel smiled faintly. “Thank you.”

Kathleen let out a light snort. “Don’t worry about it.”

Suddenly, it became very chaotic in Hoover Group.

If they couldn’t complete the order, Hoover Group would get into very big trouble.

After all, it was considered an international order that Ezra wanted to give his son for the latter’s election.

If the order was completed, Hoover Group’s reputation would skyrocket.

When the time came, they would be better than Macari Group. It was also possible that Hoover Group could take over Macari Group’s market.

Hoover Group’s family was the most influential. After they set the rules, Macari Group could only obey the former.

However, if there were any problems, Hoover Group would face the biggest and most serious risk.

If things went wrong, they would fail miserably.

It wasn’t that Hoover Group didn’t have any leader, but that was almost the case.

At the moment, no one knew who Trevor wanted to succeed Hoover Group in his will.

The other higher executives didn’t dare to settle that matter by themselves since they didn’t have the ability either.

Therefore, everyone in Hoover Group was in a panic.

Nonetheless, there was an informant arranged by Trevor within Hoover Group.

His name was Micah Sampson. Lauren hired him for Trevor.

The moment Micah saw the company’s condition, he called Trevor.

Besides, Trevor had seen the news too.

“Old Mr. Hoover, what should we do now? It’s possible that the company will be gone before Lauren can take over it,” Micah said worriedly.

Trevor gritted his teeth. “There’s no way that company would not come out with the goods all of a sudden! Something’s definitely wrong! It’s either Kathleen or Samuel behind it!”

Micah paused before he asked, “But what should we do now?”

“Contact the person in charge of that company and discuss with them so that they will hand over the goods the next morning without fail,” Trevor said seriously.

Micah asked curiously, “But what if they still can’t get the goods ready?”

“Don’t you have lots of methods? Do you still need me to teach you what to do?” Trevor was cold.

Micah fell silent. “Okay. I understand.”

Trevor hung up the phone angrily.

He couldn’t accept it.

I’m sure it’s either Kathleen or Samuel behind it! I’m sure of it!

Immediately, Trevor called Lauren.

“When exactly can you kill Kathleen?” Trevor was furious.

“Grandpa, no matter what, Kathleen’s my cousin and your own granddaughter. Do you really want me to kill her?”

Trevor roared, “She’s cruel toward me, so why should I show her mercy? At first, I thought about leaving her with something after I died. But from the looks of it, there’s no need for that at all!”

He was about to explode.

It’s obvious that Kathleen’s helping Samuel!

Lauren said softly, “Can we solve the problems by killing her? I don’t want an empty company.”

Trevor was speechless. “Then, what do you want me to do? I’ve already faked my death like you told me to and gave you everything.”

Lauren remained silent.

Actually, she didn’t expect that such problems would occur before she had the chance to take over the company.

Lauren roared in anger, “But I don’t want a company that is about to go bankrupt! Don’t you have any other ways to deal with this?”

Trevor replied exasperatedly, “There is. We could look for a different company. However, even if we did that, they wouldn’t be able to produce the goods in time, and we don’t even know if their lenses are compatible with our product.”

Lauren gritted her teeth. “No matter what, we still have to try! There’s no other way. I’ll get the lawyer to announce the heir earlier.”

“I’ll leave it to you. I can’t do anything anymore.” With that, Trevor hung up the call.

“That stupid old man!” Lauren yelled.

She put down her phone and furrowed her brows deeply.

As expected, Kathleen has something up her sleeve. But I won’t lose!

After Lauren found the lawyer’s number, she called him. “I want you to announce the will today!”

“Today?” The lawyer was surprised.

“Yes! Today! I’ll see you at the funeral,” she replied coldly.

With that, Lauren hung up the phone and went to get ready.

Kathleen received the lawyer’s phone call when she was on her way back to the hotel.

“Ms. Johnson, because of some reasons, the announcement of the will has been changed to today. Is it okay for you to go to Mr. Trevor’s funeral now?” the lawyer asked.

Kathleen let out a bitter laugh. “Are you going to cancel it if I say I can’t go?”

The lawyer was speechless.

“I’ll go.” With that, Kathleen hung up the phone.

Samuel’s thin lips curved upward into a smile. “It seems that you will meet Lauren very soon.”

Kathleen nodded. “I’ve underestimated her ambitions.”

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