Divorce Anxiety Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Feeling Blissful

After an hour, Kathleen and Samuel arrived at the Hoover residence.

It was Samuel’s first time meeting Trevor’s two sons.

The eldest son was Zane Hoover. He was Logan’s father and was married to Mary Xanthos.

Trevor’s second son was Adam Hoover. Both Adam and Hannah were familiar faces to Samuel, for they were Kelly’s parents.

They were not exactly strangers.

When Adam and Hannah saw Kathleen and Samuel’s arrival, the discomfort was evident on their faces.

After all, Kathleen and Samuel came for the inheritance.

Kathleen glanced around the area and noticed that Lauren was absent.

“Why aren’t we starting yet?” Mary asked in a sharp voice.

“We still need to wait for one more person,” the lawyer explained.

“One more?” Mary exclaimed in a loud voice. “Who?”

Hannah also frowned slightly. If another person were to join, would we even be able to receive any of the inheritance?

“Please, have a seat, Kathleen and Mr. Macari,” Kelly said as she and the housekeeper brought out some drinks.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“Why are you being so nice to them?” Hannah looked at Kelly with an annoyed expression.

Even so, Kelly remained silent.

At that moment, Leonard walked in from outside.

Hannah instantly shut her mouth while Kelly breathed a sigh of relief.

If Leonard wasn’t there to back her up, she would definitely be criticized by Hannah.

Leonard glanced at Hannah coldly.

Hannah’s expression instantly morphed into one of embarrassment. She did not dare to offend Leonard.

After all, she would have to rely on him a lot in the future.

Moreover, Samuel and Leonard’s relationship was very useful as well.

Leonard walked over to greet Samuel. “You’re here.”

Samuel nodded.

They sat down together.

“Who’s not here yet?” Mary was still just as displeased. “Why are they late?”

Just as she spoke, the sound of heels clicking could be heard from the door.

Kathleen glanced toward the side, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

With bright red lipstick, Lauren walked in. She smiled confidently at everyone.

“Why is it you?” Mary exclaimed loudly. There must be some sort of mistake.

“Why wouldn’t it be me?” Lauren replied coldly. “My father is Trevor’s son.”

“What?” Mary replied anxiously, “What proof do you have?”

“This paternity test is proof.” Lauren took out the document.

The paternity test was the same as the one Kathleen and Samuel saw in the video.

Mary scurried over and grabbed the document before flipping through it.

She then silently threw it back to Lauren with a grim face.

“If there are any other people who have doubts about the paternity test, you may come forward to look through it yourself.” Lauren sneered coldly.

She was not afraid at all, for it was the truth.

“Let’s start the reading of the will,” Kathleen said coldly.

Lauren narrowed her eyes at Kathleen. “Are you really that anxious?”

“I’m not the one who’s anxious, am I wrong?” Kathleen retorted.

Lauren was stunned.

Kathleen was right. Lauren was the one who was anxious.

She had to take over the management rights of the Hoover Group as soon as possible. There was no way she would allow the company to close down.

“Let’s start.” Lauren glanced at the lawyer.

The said lawyer nodded and took out the will. “According to Mr. Trevor Hoover’s will, all of his properties and priceless items will be given to Kathleen Johnson.”

Everyone was stunned at his words.

All of that will be given to her?

Kathleen herself also furrowed her brows slightly. What does Trevor mean by doing this? Does he want me to become everyone’s enemy?

“Wait!” Mary’s words rushed out in a panic, “This house will also be given to Kathleen?”

The lawyer nodded. “All of his properties.”

Mary’s expression darkened. “Why!”

Zane also frowned slightly. He was irritated by the turn of events.

“It’s because Ms. Johnson’s mother, Rebecca Johnson, was Mr. Trevor Hoover’s eldest daughter,” the lawyer explained.

Mary instantly gritted her teeth in anger while Lauren furrowed her eyebrows.

She knew there were differences between the current will and the will she remembered.

However, it did not matter.

Lauren cared more about who was taking over the company.

On the contrary, Adam was very calm. He still had a daughter, luckily.

His daughter was married to the heir of the Sullivan family. He would definitely live a good life regardless.

When Hannah noticed the nonchalant look on her husband’s face, she instantly flew into a rage. “Can you care more about this?”

“Does it even matter if I care about this or not?” Adam replied. “Do you want me to bring that old man back to life?”

There was no way that would ever happen.

“Continue!” Lauren urged.

“Regarding the distribution of shares of Hoover Group…” the lawyer continued.

Lauren raised her brows slightly. The air was heavy with suspense.

Mary and Hannah also roused their spirits.

“Mr. Trevor Hoover had fifty-one percent of shares under his name. Five percent will go to Logan Hoover, five percent to Kelly Hoover, twenty percent to Kathleen Johnson, and twenty-one percent will be given to Melissa Hoover.”


Apart from Kathleen, Samuel, Leonard, and Kelly, everyone else was stupefied.

“My son is the eldest grandson of this family. Why is he allocated only five percent?” Mary was losing her mind. “And who is Melissa Hoover?”

“Me,” Lauren answered with a grim look.

That old geezer! He told me that he would give me the entire company!

However, in the end, Trevor ended up dividing the shares between all of his grandchildren.

Kathleen looked at Lauren impassively. It was only then that she found out that Lauren’s real name was Melissa.

Hannah was also speechless at the result. Although Kelly was given five percent, what use was that?

Kelly, on the other hand, did not seem to be fazed by it.

“I will give up my part of the inheritance,” Kathleen said coldly.

She did not want anything that belonged to Trevor, even though his entire will was basically leaning toward her.

Although she did not know the reason behind his actions, she was adamant about not receiving even a single penny.

“Ms. Johnson, if you don’t want it, all of your inheritance will be automatically donated to charity,” the lawyer reminded her.

“Donate it, then,” Kathleen answered dismissively.

Mary was extremely resentful about it. “Why should her share of inheritance be donated to charity just because she doesn’t want it?”

“This is Mr. Trevor Hoover’s will, Mrs. Hoover. It has to be done according to his wishes,” the lawyer answered. “Let me remind all of you that his will is real and effective.”

Mary was so angry that she could not even find the words to speak.

Lauren looked at Kathleen with a meaningful look. “Are you really going to donate it?”

“You don’t believe me?” Kathleen raised an eyebrow.

Lauren scoffed, “I’ve done some research, Kathleen. The company that was not able to deliver the goods to Hoover Group is under your name.”

“Oh, really? You managed to find that out so quickly?” Kathleen replied lazily.

With sharp eyes, Lauren stared at Kathleen. “This is all just your ploy, right?”

Kathleen looked at her coldly. “So what if it is?”

“The reason you don’t want Hoover Group’s shares is that you don’t want to help the company,” Lauren fired back.

“Why should I help the company?” Kathleen stared at her without even a hint of warmth in her eyes.

Lauren froze.

“Moreover, why would I want anything that belongs to the Hoover family?” Kathleen retorted. “I have my own company, and my husband is also very rich. Do I even need the Hoover family’s inheritance?”

Not a single thought of wanting the inheritance ever crossed her mind before this.

Lauren clenched her fists in indignation.

When Kathleen brought Samuel up, a small smile appeared on his face. He took Kathleen’s hand into his.

He felt extremely blissful and content.

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