Divorce Anxiety Chapter 493

Chapter 493 I Am Rich Too

Sitting aside, Leonard stared sideways at Samuel. How can he be so happy? Kathleen just brought him up for a second.

Lauren felt irritated, but she could not do anything about it.

All she could do was complain about Trevor in her heart. How dare he change his will!

“Let’s go,” Kathleen told Samuel.

Samuel nodded as a response.

When they were about to leave, Lauren gazed at her. “Kathleen, let’s talk in private.”

Kathleen replied indifferently, “There’s no need for that. You can do whatever you want, Lauren. I don’t care.”

After saying that, she turned around and left with Samuel.

Unwilling to give up, Lauren ran after them.

“You can’t give up your twenty percent worth of shares!” Lauren shouted hurriedly. “You can sell it to me for whatever amount you want!”

“I’m not as shameless as you, Lauren,” Kathleen retorted. “I will never forget how Trevor harmed Granny and my mother.”

“I won’t deny that. However, can’t you tell how Trevor tried to make it up to you in his will?” Lauren said through gritted teeth. “What about you? You also owe my father one, but that doesn’t stop him from being biased toward you!”

“So what?” Kathleen shot back coldly. “Should I accept it to make him feel better and betray my grandmother and mother?”

Lauren remained silent.

“Congratulations on becoming the CEO of Hoover Group, Lauren,” Kathleen added indifferently. “I hope you can resolve the crisis as soon as possible.”

After saying that, she got into the car.

Lauren gritted her teeth and barked, “Kathleen, I won’t lose to you! Don’t think that you’re the only one with money!”

Kathleen snorted and winded up the window. Kathleen snorted and winded up the window.

After that, the car drove past Lauren.

Lauren’s expression darkened. After thinking for a moment, she picked up her phone and called Trevor.

However, she did not seem to be able to reach him.

Lauren decided to call Micah. “Where is Trevor?”

Micah’s tone was filled with pain. “Bad news. He ran away. I was keeping an eye on him when he suddenly knocked me out from the back.”

What? Lauren was stunned.

She gritted her teeth. “Even if he escapes to the ends of the earth, find him!”

“Understood.” Micah nodded.

Then, Lauren hung up the phone.

D*mn it! I can’t believe Trevor made a fool out of me. What am I going to do next? Whatever. I finally got the company’s ownership, so I’ll definitely not let it go bankrupt. I need to think of a plan.

In the Hoover residence, everyone had a darkened expression and did not move.

Leonard slowly stood up. “Kelly, we can’t be away from Felicia for too long. It’s time for us to go back.”

“All right.” Kelly did not wish to stay there any longer, either.

When Hannah saw they wanted to leave, she spoke indifferently. “Why are you in such a rush?”

Leonard replied arrogantly, “What do you mean by that? Do you think our daughter is unimportant?”

Hannah went stiff.

Immediately, Adam tugged on Hannah’s sleeve. “Stop it.”

“Excuse me?” Hannah finally snapped. “I worked so hard for this family, yet I got nothing! Even Kelly only got five percent worth of shares! What a steal the two outsiders got, especially Kathleen!” I can’t believe she obtained the most in the will, yet she gave it up. Who is she trying to provoke?

There was no way Hannah would not feel anxious when she saw such a tremendous amount of money being donated away.

“Let’s go.” Leonard took Kelly’s hand and wanted to lead her away, unwilling to watch them go berserk.

Kelly followed right behind Leonard.

“Stop right there!” Hannah yelled toward Kelly.

Kelly paused for a moment, and Leonard spoke up. “Ignore her.”

Kelly nodded and left with him.

At that, Hannah almost fainted from anger. They’ve become quite the rebel!

Only Zane, Mary, Adam, and Hannah stayed in the mansion, while Logan remained upstairs as he was not feeling well.

Thus, the lawyer headed upstairs and informed him about the will’s details.

Expressionlessly, Logan asked, “Kathleen decided to give up everything?”

The lawyer nodded.

“As for me…” Logan trailed off, deep in thought.

“Mr. Hoover, you’re different from Kathleen,” the lawyer stated. “With the money, you will have more than enough capital to do what you want, even if your parents decide not to support you.”

“The company is going to go bankrupt soon, anyway,” Logan mumbled.

The lawyer stayed silent.

“I know I have to accept it. Otherwise, knowing my mom, she will throw a fit.” Logan closed his eyes.

“It’s great that you understand,” the lawyer replied. “Mr. Trevor also left you three houses and fifty million in savings, which is to be inherited when you are of age.”

Logan furrowed his eyebrows. “There’s more?”

“That’s right. This is to be kept secret as it isn’t in the will, so there’s no need to announce it,” the lawyer explained. “I hope you can understand his intentions.”

Logan nodded.

“I’ll take my leave.” Then, the lawyer turned around and exited the room.

While pursing his lips, Logan fell deep in thought. I understand why Trevor wants to wait until I’m of age to give me the inheritance. If he gave it to me right now, my mother would definitely snatch it away, and nothing would be left when I’m of age. I know how tricky my parents are, after all.

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Samuel returned to the hotel.

There, Yadiel told Kathleen, “We managed to find Trevor just now, but we soon lost him.”

“Where did you find him?” Kathleen asked in curiosity.

“We found him in a mansion while following someone called Micah,” Yadiel explained. “That person is a spy in the Hoover Group that would tell some company matters to Trevor. When we found out about it, we’d been following him around. However, Trevor ran off when we finally got an important clue.”

Kathleen furrowed her eyebrows. “Micah was the one who helped him?”

Yadiel shook his head. “Micah was injured when he exited the mansion, so we deducted that Trevor was the one who attacked him. After all, there was no way they found out as all our men were cautious. Something must have happened between them.”

Kathleen nodded. “Now that I think about it, Lauren’s expression seemed off when the lawyer read the will. It was as if she didn’t expect it.”

“Judging by how infuriated she was when you left, Trevor must have told her something different,” Samuel analyzed.

Kathleen nodded in response. “I have the same thought. I’m surprised that Trevor gave me so much, too.” I don’t know his intention behind it, though.

“Do you still remember that video?” Samuel reminded. “It’s obvious Lauren had threatened Trevor with something, but instead of going along with her deal, he decided to take drastic measures.”

Kathleen remembered. “What exactly did Lauren threaten him with? There’s nothing that Trevor cares about, though.”

After pondering, Samuel answered, “I think it’s not his life.”

Kathleen agreed, “Perhaps it’s Logan’s life?”

“Maybe.” Samuel was not sure about that, either.

“Yadiel, go on and continue looking for Trevor. We must find him.” Kathleen furrowed her eyebrows. I have to find out what the entire ordeal is!

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