Divorce Anxiety Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Is It Done

Kathleen had never taken Adina seriously, although she was royalty as there were many members of the royal family. One might be at the height of their powers now, but that would change tomorrow.

The royal family was cruel and merciless.

Charles was already on the move and had targeted numerous of Adina’s businesses.

She would find her power slipping through her fingers like sand if she couldn’t hold onto her empire.

Hence, she had come to Jadeborough and wanted a slice of the pie to prove herself. Of course, Kathleen wouldn’t let her have her way.

Adina and Lauren appeared to be in cahoots, and it was all the more reason for Kathleen to ruin her grand plans.

This was Jadeborough!

Adina and Lauren decided to meet at a clubhouse, and Lauren said without preamble, “This is important, so just give it to me straight—what in the world were you thinking?”

Adina laughed. “I wanted my piece of the self-driving technology pie.”

“It’s oversaturated,” Lauren observed.

“I’ll help you get rid of Samuel in exchange for Macari Group’s businesses,” Adina proposed with a half-smile.

“You want to be on the same level as me?” Lauren said coldly.

Adina smirked. “Why not? You’re nothing without me, Lauren.”

Lauren was silent.

“Let’s just work together without stepping on each other’s toes. Jadeborough—no, the entire Chanaea will be ours in the future. Sounds good?” Adina drawled.

Lauren bit on her lower lip in contemplation. She really needed her help now.

“When are the stocks arriving? I’m running out of time.” Lauren was desperate.

“It’s already at the port and will be transported to your warehouse once the contract is signed,” Adina replied with a crooked smile.

“All right.” Lauren had no choice but to agree.

Adina pulled out the contract, and Lauren was about to sign it when Adina’s phone suddenly rang. She answered it, and a panicked expression came over her face. “What? Got it. I’ll be right over.”

Then, she hung up.

Lauren frowned. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just sign it.” Adina tried to smooth out her expression.

“Something happened.” Lauren put down the pen. “What is it?”

“The customs officers seized the stocks,” Adina admitted.

What? Lauren shot to her feet. “It’s got to be Kathleen!”

The door to the suite flew open, and Kathleen stood in the entryway. “That’s right. It was me.”

Both of them jumped in shock at her appearance.

Kathleen strode in, followed by Yadiel and Rory. She picked up the contract on the table and scanned it. “Lauren, how unexpected of you to sign a deal like this on your own accord.”

Then, she tore the papers in half.

“How dare you!” Adina sent her a death glare.

“This is Chanaea. You should learn to play by the rules, Adina.” Kathleen snapped, and Adina shot daggers at her.

“But I’m not here to settle the score with you tonight. Get lost.” She gave Adina a cold stare.

“Don’t be too conceited, Kathleen!” Adina gritted her teeth.

“Are you not satisfied with the confiscation of your stocks by customs?” Kathleen’s brows rose. “Do you want me to revoke your factory business license next?”

Anxiety and vexation began to build in the pit of Adina’s stomach, but she couldn’t do anything about Kathleen.

She knew Kathleen wasn’t the only one behind this. Samuel must also be conspiring with her. Only the Macari family had such power and reach.

“You’ll pay for this!” She pivoted and marched away.

“What do you want?” Lauren gave Kathleen a cold look.

Kathleen returned the look. “I’ve wanted to kill you since you poisoned Old Mrs. Macari.”

“You have no proof that it was me.” Lauren snorted.

“Is that important? I’m not planning to call the cops on you, so is proof necessary?” Kathleen’s gaze turned colder.

Lauren went still. “Are you taking matters into your own hands? I’ll sue you!”

“Would you be alive long enough to do that?” Wynnie closed the distance between them. “Even if you dare to sue me, I’ll go to the police with your real identity, so tell me, would you be able to leave unscathed at that point?”

Lauren was incensed.

She had done unspeakable things for money, and many Chanaeans had fallen victim to her greed.

Kathleen clearly knew of her sordid past. Her life would be over if it was exposed.

“You’re not that innocent, Kathleen!” Lauren wanted to drag her down as well.

“But do you have evidence?” Kathleen drawled.

Lauren stilled. No, I don’t.

She wasn’t as unobtrusive as Kathleen. She was flashy in her actions and desired for everyone to know and validate what she had done. She never imagined she would be digging her own grave.

“What the hell do you want from me, Kathleen?” She exploded in anger.

Kathleen placed a white pill bottle on the coffee table. “Take this, and I’ll let you go.”

“No!” Lauren knew it wasn’t anything good.

“This is the same poison you used on Old Mrs. Macari. Eat it, and I’ll let you go. You know the consequences if you don’t,” Kathleen said flatly.

“How dare you!” Lauren glowered at her. “Don’t forget that I’m—”

“You’re what?” Kathleen snickered. “Do you think I’m afraid of Axeworth Corporation? They’re a motley crew, and they dare to step foot in Chanaea?”

Lauren didn’t move an inch.

“I’ll break your legs if you don’t take it.” Kathleen threatened.

Lauren glanced at the ruthless Yadiel and Rory.

“Just you wait, Kathleen!” She picked up the pill bottle and shoved a pill in her mouth.

“Check her, Rory,” Kathleen ordered.

Lauren was surprised by her meticulousness.

He checked Lauren’s hands and mouth and found them empty. She must have swallowed the pill.

“That was your punishment.” Kathleen stood up.

Tears brimmed in Lauren’s eyes. “Damn you!”

Kathleen left with purposeful strides with Yadiel and Rory in tow.

Lauren rammed her finger in her mouth and down her throat, but it was too late.

She was well aware of the poison she used on Diana, its ingredient, and the effects it had.

It would paralyze before asphyxiating its victims, their throats closing in on themselves.

She soon noticed her breathing turned ragged. She gradually lost consciousness before collapsing to the ground.

An employee found her before sending her to the hospital.

It was nightfall before Kathleen received a phone call.

“Lauren went into anaphylactic shock, depriving her brain of oxygen. She woke up and lost all cognitive processes,” Yadiel informed.

“Serves her right. Send her to a psychiatric facility and leave her be.” Kathleen maintained a neutral expression.

“Got it.” He nodded.

Samuel came out to the balcony and gave her a long look. “Is it done?”

“Grandma has finally been avenged. They shouldn’t touch anyone close to me,” she asserted coldly.

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