Divorce Anxiety Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Dare

Kathleen sneered, “It’s pointless for you to look at him. There’s nothing he can do too.”

Wilbur remained silent while wearing a grimace.

“Hurry up and move,” The police urged Raymond.

Raymond gritted his teeth. “You must hang in there, Wilbur!”

Wilbur nodded.

Then, the police brought Raymond away.

The others who attended the banquet gradually left as well.

All of them were surprised by the unexpected turns of events that night.

Soon, the crowd dispersed.

Kathleen stared coldly at Wilbur. “You won’t hold on for long.”

“Don’t be so presumptuous!” He glared at her.

“Are you still expecting Adina’s help? You can give that idea up because she’s having trouble saving herself now.” Kathleen smiled indifferently.

“What did you say?” Wilbur frowned.

“Her right to the inheritance was terminated. She has lost everything now,” Kathleen said coldly.

“Impossible!” Wilbur was in disbelief.

“Feel free to contact her and ask her yourself if you do not believe me,” Kathleen said in a meaningful tone.

He immediately took out his phone and called Adina.

When the call connected, he heard Adina’s hysterical sobs through the speaker.

“Wilbur, we’re doomed!” Adina wailed in distress.

“What’s the matter?” Wilbur knitted his brows.

“I lost my place in the royal family. My family is abandoning me. My mother did something wrong and dragged me into the mess,” Adina cried out loud.

“What?” He froze.

He slowly put down his phone while glowering at Kathleen. “What have you done?”

“I’m just letting you all have a taste of your own medicine. Are you satisfied with this outcome?” Kathleen said expressionlessly.

Consumed by rage, Wilbur dashed forward in Kathleen’s direction.


Samuel pulled the trigger of the gun in his left hand, shooting Wilbur on his leg.

“Ah!” Wilbur shrieked.

He fell to the ground, hugging his injured leg in agony.

Kathleen merely stared at him with a poker face. “This is retribution. You are being punished for the harm you were about to inflict on others.”

Colors drained from Wilbur’s face. “Kathleen!”

She continued gazing at him emotionlessly. “Wilbur, stop fantasizing that you still have the opportunity to stage a comeback. That will never happen.”

“Bring him away and ensure he is monitored at all times,” Samuel ordered sternly.

Tyson, leading his subordinates, captured Wilbur and took him away.

The other members of the Blissful Sect were at a loss.

Kathleen regarded them with a frosty expression. “If all of you are sufficiently wise and sensible, you should know better than to continue holding those weapons.”

A part of the crowd obediently put down their weapons.

“Regardless of where your loyalties lie in the past, the Blissful Sect belongs to Ms. Watson from now onwards. She will not make things difficult for any of you if you heed her command. However, if you all still wish to blindly assist Raymond or Wilbur, don’t blame me for not being merciful!”

The rest of the Blissful Sect members, still holding their weapons a moment ago, hastily dropped them upon hearing Kathleen’s speech.

Kathleen uttered solemnly, “Very good. No matter who becomes the leader of the Sect, your welfare and benefits will not be affected. Therefore, all of you can be at ease.”

Everyone lightly bobbed their heads.

Kathleen nodded in satisfaction. She turned to look at Samuel. “Let’s go. We’ll head to the hospital first.”

“Okay.” They went to the hospital in a hurry.

When Kathleen and Samuel arrived at the hospital, Clarissa was already transferred from the operating theatre to the ward.

The doctor exited the ward and said grimly, “Ms. Watson’s brain nerves were destroyed. I’m afraid…”

“How is she?” Charles asked.

“I’m afraid she will stay a fool the rest of her life,” the doctor uttered in resignation.


Charles was shocked to his core.

Kathleen frowned deeply as well. “Is there no other way to save her?”

“The only option is to operate on her, but…” The doctor paused briefly before continuing, “This surgery is extremely complicated. There won’t be any doctor with the courage to take up this challenge.”

Kathleen gazed at Charles.

She could sense his anguish. “I am the reason she became like this! I neglected her because I was too busy since my return. Little did I expect Raymond treated her in this manner.”

Kathleen did not know how to console her brother.

Even a vicious tiger would not eat its cubs, but Raymond is simply evil. Or perhaps he did not anticipate this outcome himself.

“Charles, I’ll handle Clarissa’s surgery! Let’s take a look at her condition first,” Kathleen piped up.

Charles grimaced. “Kate, I cannot leave Clarissa to her own devices in her current state.”

“I know.” Kathleen nodded.

“Since we are engaged, I will take care of her in the future.” Charles gazed at the ring on his finger. “I’ll take over the Blissful Sect. You can rest assured.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Charles, don’t worry. I’m here for you.”

Charles nodded. “It’s already late now. You should go back first with Samuel. I’ll stay and look after Clarissa.”

“Okay. Call me if anything comes up,” Kathleen said.

“All right.”

Kathleen and Samuel turned around and left the hospital.

Rory sprinted over when they returned to the hotel. “Ms. Johnson, Old Mrs. Lester is here.”

“What?” Kathleen was astounded. “Lead me to her!”

“Follow me.” Rory brought Kathleen upstairs at once.

They arrived before a presidential suite.

Kathleen was about to knock on the door when the door swung open.

Yvonne looked at her with an amused expression. “You’re back.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “I heard that you’ve arrived.”

“That’s right. She wishes to meet with you,” Yvonne replied.

Kathleen stepped into the room, wearing an anxious look.

Old Mrs. Lester has just undergone surgery. How could she travel so far?

Kathleen went into the bedroom and saw Betty lying partially on the bed.

Betty’s face was slightly pale but generally appeared relatively well and lucid.

Kathleen pursed her lips.

Tears brimmed in Betty’s reddened eyes. “Are you still resolved on not acknowledging me?”

Kathleen froze as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Initially, she had indeed made the decision not to reunite with Betty.

However, Kathleen’s resolution wavered when she saw the old woman coming so far to meet with her despite the latter’s frail body condition. Betty had taken quite a risk.

“Grandma.” Kathleen moved forward and hugged Betty.

Betty’s eyes glistened with tears.

Yvonne wiped the tears off her face. “Congratulations, Mom. The granddaughter you’ve been missing so dearly has finally returned to your side.”

“That’s right.” Betty sighed. “God has blessed me with great fortune.”

After that, Kathleen examined Betty’s condition and heaved a sigh of relief. “Grandma, you cannot behave like this in the future. You can call me if you miss me, and I’ll visit you.”

Betty grasped Kathleen’s hands. “I’ve made the decision. There’s not much time left for me to live. I did not get to meet your father after we became separated at his birth. From now on, I’ll be where you are. I wish to return to Jadeborough with you. What do you say?”

“Really?” Kathleen was delightfully surprised. “If uncle and the others agree, I am certainly more than happy with this arrangement!”

“Do they dare to disagree?” Yvonne beamed. “You don’t have to worry about that.”

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