Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 892

Chapter 892 A Gift from Eleanor

“Missing?” Veronica pretended not to know about it and frowned. “What happened? Wasn’t she always with Hendrey?” After she asked that, Eleanor looked straight at her as though wanting to see through her thoughts by observing her expression. However, she could not see anything out of the ordinary after staring at Veronica extensively. “Yesterday, I heard she’s gone missing, and no one has located her ever since.”

“This is the hidden clan and your territory. How can you guys not be able to find her?” Veronica asked. “Huh.” While leaning against the folded covers, Eleanor propped her chin and smiled. “Tiffany had agreed to come to the hunting ceremony but suddenly disappeared. Do you think she has something planned or is she too afraid of death and ran away?” she asked, wanting to obtain information from Veronica.

Meanwhile, Veronica remained unfazed and pondered for a while, “I think both are possible.” “I think so too.” Eleanor discovered that it was impossible to get any useful information from Veronica, so she waved her hand instead. “Forget it. I’m not going to look for her anymore.” Then, she stood up from the bed and circled the partition before arriving in front of Matthew. “Here, take this. There won’t be any mobile services once you enter the mountain, and the participants aren’t allowed to bring their phones either. If you encounter any dangerous situation, use this to signal for help. I’ll come over to save you.”

The item she gave Matthew was a signal flare that looked like a lighter. While looking at the item in the palm of her fair hand, he hesitated for a few seconds, wanting to refuse, but then glanced at the woman behind the partition from the corner of his eye. In the end, he received the item. “Thank you.”

There is no telling what might happen after we head inside the mountain. Maybe this will come in handy.

Since the people of the hidden clan knew that the geographic nature of the two mountains did not allow them to build a base station, they could not possibly get cell service. Therefore, the signal flare could not have a tracking device, and they would not be exposing their location. Otherwise, Matthew would not have accepted the signal flare so readily.

Then, Eleanor sat sideways at the table and ruffled her bright-red pleated skirt. “Master Iron, I’ll be waiting for your safe return. You must come back out alive.”

“Wouldn’t my death be more convenient for you?” Matthew asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Hahaha! How could that be?” She leaned toward him and stopped inches away before lowering her voice and whispering, “I want to make you mine and own everything here with you.” She patted his shoulders. “Mark my words.”

A bright smile appeared on her stunning face as she finished her words and got up to leave. Before she went out, she hollered to Veronica, “Goddess Veronica, I’ll be taking my leave now. See you later.”

Meanwhile, Veronica ignored her and lay down with her eyes closed while thinking. Moments later, Matthew came over and lay beside her before encircling her waist with his hand. “Be good. I’ll hug you to sleep.”

Her hands braced against his chest, stopping him from getting too close to her. “Don’t you know you reek of dense perfume?”

“Do I?” He lowered his head and sniffed his sleeve. Immediately, he frowned and informed her, “I’ll change my clothes.”

“She’s the future head of the hidden clan. Are you sure you’re not going to consider her?” While raising her eyebrows, she joked, “All descendants of the hidden clan royalty can have several husbands.”

Although only women could give birth, the hidden clan did legalize surrogacy. The head of the hidden clan would choose the best man she could find and bear a child with him so that she could have the best genetically chosen offspring. That was why all descendants of the hidden clan royalty were so excellent.

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