Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 893

Chapter 893 Separating into Groups

Initially, Veronica intended to joke with Matthew, but he pulled her into his arms and argued, “Well, do you like having many husbands?” “W-What?” The sight of his gloomy expression stunned her for a moment, for she did not understand what he was talking about.

He raised his hand and pinched her soft cheek. “Are you asking questions you know the answer to?” “I…” A few seconds later, she finally understood him and burst out laughing. “Haha! Now that you’ve mentioned it, it does sound quite nice.”

She knew what Matthew was implying. He was jealous since the head of the clan could have more than one husband, and she would replace Eleanor as head of the hidden clan soon. Hence, she could also follow the rules and be polygamous.

“I dare you.” With a cold expression, he leaned in and sealed her lips with a kiss, wanting to punish her for what she said. However, a ray of light suddenly shone inside the tent, and the two immediately sat up and saw through the partition that someone was coming in.

On the other side of the partition was Xavier, who lowered his voice to a whisper. “I have something to tell the two of you.”

The two on the bed gazed at each other before rising to their feet. When they came before the partition, they saw Xavier standing there while exuding a cold aura.

“What’s the matter?” Veronica did not expect he would come over when the hunting ceremony was about to begin. Meanwhile, Xavier’s gaze landed on her figure before averting to Matthew. He looked at him with cold eyes while warning them, “I came here to tell you…”

After conveying his message shortly and simply, Xavier turned around and left. Taking a step forward, Matthew asked, “Why did you come here just to remind us that?”

Xavier turned around and stopped in his tracks to glance at them from the corner of his eye. “I just don’t want to see Ro… Veronica gets hurt.”

At last, they could not help the distance between them. Instead of calling her Roni, he called her by her full name.

Once he finished his words, he left.

Feeling a pang in her heart, Veronica was filled with immense guilt. I owe Xavier too much in this life and don’t know how I will repay him.

Following that, she turned around and sat on the chair before half-heartedly picking up the Rules of the Hunting Ceremony notebook and flipping through it.

A while later, Crayson and Hayley came and nagged at them about several things before leaving.

At 3.00PM, all the participants of the hunting ceremony gathered at the training grounds.

Meanwhile, Tanya stood on stage while holding the microphone and announcing, “Since today is the hunting ceremony held every ten years, we’ve decided to modify the rules. One, everyone is not to bring along any personal belongings. Two, to be fair to everyone, all the equipment you’d be bringing with you will be prepared by the commissariat department. Three, since there are many of you heading into the mountain together, we will draw lots to divide you all into groups for fairness’ sake. Four, we’re changing the usual rule. Head into the mountain on foot, find the things displayed on the big screen, and then return here safely. Whoever returns first will be the winner…”

Since it had been announced before that whoever won the hunting ceremony today would be heavily rewarded or even promoted to a minister in court to contribute to the country, everyone was in high spirits.

When Tanya announced the altered rules, the crowd descended into an uproar.

“How could that be?”

“Why do we have to be split into groups?”

“We were told that we need to head into the mountains on foot, but why didn’t they announce sooner that we would be divided into groups?”

“Gosh. What’s going on?”

“Who knows?”

“I think it’s better if we split into teams because that would be fairer. If your team has all your friends, it might cause disputes between one another since there’d only be one winner. So, it’s better if we’re split up.”

The discussions went on heatedly.

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