Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 895

Chapter 895 Heading into the Mountains

Xavier’s words were half true. Of course, he would be worried about her because she was his wife, and she treated him very well, but he was even more anxious that she would work with the others to hurt Veronica.

Hearing his words, Antheena was stunned for a moment as her bright eyes filled with hesitation. “Just listen to me once, okay?” he asked gently.

“No!” Ultimately, she rejected his suggestion. “Since it’s so dangerous, I have more reasons to stay with you. If you choose to drop out, I’ll do that too.” “That’s impossible!” His eyes filled with determination. “Matthew Kings must die!”

The feud between Matthew and I must have an end. Grabbing his hand with hers, she said firmly, “Then, let me do it with you.” When her hand grabbed him, Xavier felt mixed emotions as he felt the chill from her hands.

Antheena looked affectionately at him with her occidental eyes. Her golden hair was tied up into a high bun while a strand of her curly hair beside her temple swayed in the wind, rendering her a picturesque view. Along with her tall and graceful figure was a strong temperament she was born with. She resembled the queen of all fairies coming out of the woods, and no one could withstand her charm.

However, Xavier’s heart was filled with Veronica, so no matter how much Antheena loved him or how nicely she treated him, she could never win his heart. Everyone in Bloomstead knew he was a free spirit, but they would not have expected him to be such a devoted person inside.

“Antheena, I’ll say this once again. Before coming to the hidden clan, your dad repeatedly entrusted me to keep you safe. You should know that he wouldn’t allow you to take such risks, and I don’t need you to protect me,” he warned her again, hoping that she would stop insisting on coming with him.

However, the result was obvious. “Number 5, Number 17, Number 583, Number 994, Number 234.”

The loudspeakers around the training grounds were constantly calling out numbers, ordering the owners of those numbers to head up to the stage.

Veronica looked at the number in her hand and frowned before turning to look at Matthew. She showed him her number and said, “I need to head up to the stage.”

She was Number 17. With cold eyes, he reminded her, “Number 5 might be Liam. You need to be wary of him.”

“Okay.” She nodded and looked at Matthew affectionately for a few seconds and parted her lips, wanting to say something but then choosing not to say it. Following that, she walked out of the crowd.

Soon, she discovered that Liam, Xavier, Zac, and another limping man were in her group. Her heart skipped a beat as she became nervous. Secretly taking a deep breath, she composed herself and headed onto the stage.

At that moment, she was not surprised that the hidden clan royalty had manipulated some aspects of the hunt, but she did not expect them to arrange for her to be in the same group as Zac and Xavier.

When they headed up to the stage, she walked at the end of the line. Then, they all signed their name on the death waiver before removing all metal-made objects and passing a security check to ensure they did not bring any other belongings.

It was then that Veronica found out that the only personal belonging she could bring with her was her watch. That was because they still needed to know the time after heading into the mountains. Hence, her wristwatch did not get confiscated.

However, she was not allowed to bring the medication Crayson gave her, as well as… her miniature translating device, which would not be of much use if she brought it with her because there was no signal in the mountains anyway.

After checking that they did not have any other items on them, they proceeded to collect their uniformly distributed backpacks. Inside each backpack were some camping necessities, signal flares for when they needed help, and other supplies.

When Veronica collected her bag and turned around to look at the training grounds, she could feel Matthew’s burning gaze from far away.

“It’s time to leave,” Xavier reminded her from behind.

Nodding, she turned around and left with him with her heavy backpack.

In front of them, Zac and Liam were chatting while Veronica and Xavier walked together. The limping man was all alone, slowly trailing behind them.

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