Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 896

Chapter 896 Something’s Fishy About Him

As they continued walking, they could still hear the sound from the training ground’s loudspeaker. Mount Manos and Mount Gazette were two huge mountains, and there was even a massive natural lagoon at Mount Gazette.

The target of their hunt today happened to be active around Mount Gazette’s lagoon. That meant they had to pass through Mount Manos before hiking up Mount Gazette.

Lowering her head to look at the time, Veronica saw that it was already 3.30PM. Along the journey she shared with four other men, the only person she could trust was Xavier, so it would be a lie if she said she was not afraid.

Four hours later, the sky had turned dark, and rolls of thunder and booming lightning suddenly struck, followed by a thunderstorm.

“It seems like we can’t move forward anymore. Let’s set up a camp here.” Liam beckoned Xavier and the limping man over. “Guys, come assist me. Zac’s hurt, so he can’t help.”

“Sure.” Xavier agreed while the limping man nodded. “Sure, Prince Liam.”

Veronica was beside them, squatting down to rummage through her waterproof backpack. She was shocked when she suddenly heard the limping man’s voice.

Ever since they left the training grounds that afternoon, this was the first time the man uttered a word. However, his voice sounded very familiar!

Frowning, she thought about it for a moment, but then a loud boom from the sky interrupted her thoughts, so she continued to look inside her bag for her tent.

After setting it up, she placed her bag inside before heading to help the others.

“Veronica, you go with Nelson to get some firewood,” Liam ordered her while pointing at the limping man.

So, his name is Nelson.

“Sure.” Without thinking much about it, she called out to Nelson, “Let’s go.”

Although they were deep in the woods with an abundance of pine needles on the ground, there were barely any branches that could be added to the fire.

Since the hidden clan was located in the tropics, all the trees here were thriving, which made it hard to catch fire. Therefore, they could only scour the place for firewood.

The mountain route was wet and slippery after the rain, so Veronica reminded Nelson when she saw him having difficulty walking on the path. “It’s quite slippery. Be careful.”

“Alright.” He nodded in response.

With a torchlight, she walked forward but suddenly stopped and frowned.

“You understand the local language?” She looked at him.

The light from the torchlight illuminated their surroundings, including his plain-looking face.

She could distinctly sense a change in his eyes when he replied, “Yes, I can.”

“Phew… That’s great. I thought you couldn’t understand the local language and was worried about how I would communicate with you.”

“I can understand both languages,” Nelson answered before adding, “Let’s go.”

Although many of the hidden clan royalties knew English, the way they spoke had a mix of their local accent, making it differentiable. However, not only was his pronunciation spot on, it sounded like the natives in Bloomstead.

He seems…

While smiling, Veronica offered. “Why don’t you walk in front? I’ll light the way with the torchlight.”

Nelson looked calm and unfazed, but the moment he looked at her, she discovered the unintentional glimmer in his eyes.

“Sure.” He walked in front.

The two stopped conversing with each other and went looking for firewood before carrying them in their arms while heading back to camp.

On their way back, she trailed behind him like she said she would.

When they returned to their camp, they placed the firewood on the ground, and Xavier picked up some pine needles to start the fire.

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