Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 897

Chapter 897 Xavier Is a Great Man

Since it had just rained, the firewood was damp, so it took a while to get the fire going. “Come over and sit beside the fire to dry your clothes. Otherwise, you might get sick,” Xavier urged everyone.

They came over and sat on either a rock, a piece of firewood, or a stomp. Then, the atmosphere descended into complete silence.

Sensing the awkwardness, Liam took the initiative to start a conversation with Zac. Meanwhile, Veronica stared at the crackling firewood while lost in her thoughts.

To prevent the groups from trekking on the same path, there were seven to eight different entrances for the groups to head into the mountains.

She had been leaving markers for Matthew along the way, but she did not expect the rain, which could erase all her trails. Can Matthew still find me?

Liam yawned and stated, “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed. We still have to make up for lost time tomorrow.”

Then, Zac looked at Veronica meaningfully before getting up and entering his tent.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll be the first one on watch tonight. Nelson, you’ll be responsible for the latter half of the night.” Xavier volunteered to keep guard for the first half of the night.

After all, Zac and Liam were Princes, and Veronica was a woman, so he could not let her keep watch.

“Sure.” After saying that, Nelson rose to his feet and limped to his tent.

Once all three of them were in their zipped tents, Xavier and Veronica gazed at each other before he piped up, “You should hurry up and get some rest. I’ll be keeping guard so all of you can have a good rest.”

What he meant was, I’ll be looking over you, so nothing will happen to you.

Pursing her lips together, she nodded before heading into her tent.

Since there was hardtack in their backpacks, they only ate that for dinner. Moreover, their vision was limited at night, so they could not go hunting for food. There were no edible plants or berries either, so the hardtack was their last option.

While lying in her sleeping bag, Veronica closed her eyes and forced herself to fall asleep. At least with Xavier keeping guard outside, she felt more assured.

She did not know how long she had slept, but she keenly felt her sleeping bag moving some time later. After reaching her hand under her pillow to grab a dagger, she did not budge and waited to see what would happen next. Subsequently, her sleeping bag was gradually pulled open, and someone came inside.

Feeling the person coming nearer, she grabbed the intruder’s shirt and pinned that person on the ground before putting the dagger near the person’s face. “Who are you?” she whispered.

“It’s me!” the man whispered back.

It was then that she withdrew her dagger and suppressed her voice to ask, “Xavier, what are you doing?”

“Changing sleeping bags.” His answer was short and simple.

After hearing his answer, Veronica did not need to ask for a reason, for she could easily guess that he wanted to switch tents to protect her.

“No, you don’t have to!” She refused immediately. I owe him too much. I cannot let him bear the dangers for me again.

“Tanya spent so much effort to change the rules of the game just so that she can do away with you and Matthew, so I’d advise that you not think too highly of yourself.”

Although it was said to be a personal tent, it was just a sleeping bag.

Following that, Xavier came into the tent while Veronica kneeled to the side with one hand on her collar while she propped up the other near his forehead. Since they were afraid to be eavesdropped on, they came close to each other, making their current position feel ambiguous.

Inside the small confined space, they could feel the warmth from each other’s bodies through their thin clothing.

He had dreamed countless nights of being this close to her, but at that moment, he did not have any lustful thoughts because all he cared about was her safety.

“That’s exactly why I can’t let you risk your life!” she replied.

“If you put it that way, I… have a suggestion.”

“What?” she asked.

Now, it was Xavier who became hesitant.

He hesitated for a few moments before saying, “A man’s tent is blue while a woman’s tent is pink, and you’re the only woman in our group. Those who come to kill you could still do it without entering your tent, so the best option is…”

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