Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 898

Chapter 898 Stabbed Twice

Xavier only finished half his sentence and stopped because he was sure Veronica was smart enough to guess what he was implying. She was caught off guard for a moment. Knowing that there was no other choice, she agreed. “Alright.”

It’s a matter of life and death. How can I have the time to be worried about so many things? The best option is to stay alive. “But…” She felt conflicted and voiced her doubts, “You established a partnership with Zac. If you help me now, won’t he do something to you?”

“You just have to take care of yourself!” Without saying anything else, Xavier sat up and crawled out of the tiny tent. He and Zac had indeed established a partnership, but their target was only Matthew!

After he left, Veronica placed her backpack inside the sleeping bag before covering it with a thin blanket to disguise it. Then, she headed outside.

The hidden clan had a good environment, with the moon and stars shining brightly in the sky, making Xavier’s figure beside the bonfire seem vaguely visible.

They gazed at each other under the dark of the night, and she headed into his tent. Meanwhile, Xavier was waiting for Nelson to change shifts with him, and she could not possibly wait until Nelson’s turn to move into Xavier’s tent.

They had just wandered deep into the woods before a thunderstorm rolled in, wetting everything and creating a moist environment that welcomed pests. The pests found in deep jungles were extremely dangerous, and a mere bite could cost a man’s life.

After tonight, they could find other ways to stay through the night when they arrived at their next campsite. Veronica went into Xavier’s tent and had just lay down when she heard another voice coming from outside.

“You can head to bed now. I’ll continue to keep guard,” Nelson told him. “It’s fine. I’m not that tired,” Xavier declined. Inside the tent, she felt guilty when she heard that. Before she agreed to Xavier’s plan, she was hesitant as she thought he might take advantage of her. Now that she was lying inside his tent, he was reluctant to come over because he wanted to give her some personal space.

Outside, he and Nelson shared a long chat.

The next time Nelson urged him to rest, he could not reject him again, so he returned to his tent at last.

In the dark surroundings, there were low hums of bugs and birds, as well as the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves.

When Xavier pulled the zipper down, Veronica inched her body to the side. He quickly pulled up the zipper after he entered the tent and lay beside her. Both of them were in utmost proximity to each other.

“Go to sleep. It’s late.” Her voice was soft.

“Hm.” He agreed and slowly closed his eyes without doing anything obscene, especially when he was beside her. While the two were sleeping together, he could feel his heart thumping wildly, rendering him worried while still forcefully suppressing the urge within him.

Three hours later, Xavier opened his eyes and felt his surroundings lighten up, which made his heart skip a beat. When he discovered Veronica missing by his side, he felt reassured and got up to exit the tent.

There was no one outside, so he looked around and saw her tent shaking. He called out worriedly, “Roni?” His voice sounded a little raspy from being nervous.

“I’m fine. I was just packing my stuff.”

Inside the tent, Veronica looked at the two stab holes in the thin blanket, feeling gloomy. She knew they would do something, but she did not expect them to take action so soon.

“Zac? Nelson?” Xavier shouted their names but did not get any response.

She answered him, “They went out for a walk and to investigate the trail.” While she spoke, she came out of the tent.

Since the rain had moistened the ground, she began carefully observing the footprint embedded there.

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