Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 900

Chapter 900 Acting Coquettishly

“Don’t try to act like we’re close.” Matthew eyed her coldly. “And you better not think about things you’re not supposed to.” His tone was cold as ice, and he did not even care about being courteous to her.

However, Eleanor seemed immune to his indifference and raised her leg to place the tip of her foot beside his pants before moving around, deliberately teasing him.

“What thoughts can I possibly have? I just want to build a good relationship with you so that you’ll take better care of me.” Her slender and fair finger pointed at the gigantic mountain. “Whether it’s up that mountain or back below, many are looking to kill both you and me. I’m just sticking with you so that we can help each other out.”

It would be even better if I can win your heart, she wished. “Your mom specially arranged three strong and powerful men to be in the same group with you. How can they not be able to protect you?” After that retort, Matthew turned around to pack up his tent, wanting to move forward.

However, Eleanor was still leaning against the tree trunk while raising her head to look at the emerald-green snake, seemingly lost in thought.

While he was not paying attention, she approached one of the men and whispered, “Find an excuse and leave quickly.”

“But Princess Eleanor, you…” The man wanted to say something, but she glared at him, shutting him up.

Soon, all five packed their baggage and were ready to continue their journey.

“Princess Eleanor, there are three crossroads ahead. Jonathan and I will scout ahead. Kenneth, you take that route,” the man who spoke beckoned Jonathan to the right path and ordered Kenneth to take the middle course.

Then, Matthew told her, “You stay here while I scout that path.”

It was a great chance to get rid of Eleanor, so he naturally would not let such a chance go.

However, she was not going to let him have his way!

“I’ll go with you. Staying here is too dangerous.” Without giving him a chance to get rid of her, she stuck to him like glue.

While they trekked on the route, both of them remained silent. Rather than calling it a route, it was more like an ambiguous path created by other participants of the hunt walking through here.

Seeing Matthew walking rapidly without any intention of looking back, Eleanor reckoned he might be thinking of losing them so that he could go looking for Veronica.

A glimmer of light appeared in her eyes as she devised a plan in her head. “Hey, Master, slow down. I can’t catch up.” While tugging on the straps of her bag, she quickened her pace to chase after him before striking up a conversation with him. “Why are you walking so fast? Are you in a hurry to see your wife?”

The man stayed quiet.

Seeing that he ignored her, she continued, “I’ve always been curious about how you met each other. Can you tell me?”

This time, he finally spoke up, but it was merely a cold retort. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“Wow. That’s mean.”

Having been continuously ignored, Eleanor felt displeased.

The two continued to walk up the hill. The hillside was steep, with huge boulders and crushed stones at the top, so there were only a few trees in this area.

She stepped on the stones and felt difficulty walking. When she peered at the man’s back, she discovered more than a dozen feet of distance between them. She narrowed her eyes as a mischievous glint appeared in them.

Suddenly, her legs gave out as she screamed, “Ahh—Help!”

Following her scream, she fell to the ground and rolled down the hill. “Help! Master, help me!”

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