I’ve Got a Super Rich Dad Chapter 2

Ethan Humphrey stared at the transfer message on the display in a trance and his brain was

This … this is …

After a short silence, he all of a sudden expanded his eyes as well as started counting.
Thousand … Million … one billion … 2 billion …

2 billion?

Ethan trembled and afterwards thought about the phone call he just got.

He gasped and also went to a close-by ATM, without believing excessive. He placed his card
with trembling hands and also went into the password. Ultimately, looking at the ten figures balance, his legs
went softened and he practically collapsed on the ground.

After a moment of silence, he clicked the take out button and also secured 100,000 dollars. Even
taking cash in his hand, Ethan still couldn’t think his eyes and also felt whatever was a desire.

However, this dream was incredible, had not been it?

Ethan suddenly pinched himself as well as shouted hurting. He took a look at the 100,000 bucks in his hand
and chuckled ina ridiculous means.

” It becomes real. Eric Norman is my father, the wealthiest Chinese in abroad, 2 billion
bucks …”.

Thinking about this, Ethan’s eyes reddened, and also the despair accumulated over so many years.
instantly welled up in his mind.

Nonetheless, before he sobbed, his phone called again. He rapidly took it out and saw the number. The.
customer was his friend, Charles Pedestrian.

As quickly as he grabbed the phone, he heard a casual voice, “Ethan, where are you? Concern.
the 9 Dragon dining establishment on the east street near our university. You are already the last one”.

Ethan frowned somewhat and also said with some confusion, “9 Dragon restaurant will not be cheap.
In fact, It is one of the most pricey dining establishment nearby. Have you succeeded lately?”.

Charles stated excitedly, “No, certainly not. Today is my auntie’s birthday celebration. She’s too satisfied so that.
she provided an amount of cash to Elle. And then Elle wished to treat us to a large dish!’.

Hearing this, Ethan frowned also tighter and stated in a low voice, “Elle Clark is your cousin, not.
mine. Why must go to her party?”.

What made counter-emotion of Ethan stronger was that Elle always turned nose up at him and also.
never showed her regard.

Charles didn’t see the adjustment of Ethan’s perspective however stated, “No matter. Just come! I’ll.
shed my face if you do not come. Rush, we’re all waiting for you!”.

After that, a busy tone came from the phone.

After relaxing down, Ethan recalled that Charles had actually always behaved to him, so he really did not want.
to refuse him.

He headed out of the financial institution and got a taxi to the 9 Dragon restaurant.
When he removed the taxi, Ethan saw Charles was awaiting him outside. The latter was very.
enthusiastic as well as led him te a private dining-room on the 2nd floor.

There were a man as well as 3 ladies in the space. The man was his buddy, Dylan Carter, and.
the 3 women were Charles’s cousin, Elle, and also two of her friends.

Ethan felt a bit uncomfortable. Dylan was looking at him embarrassedly, at the same time, Elle and also.
another short-haired girl burst right into laughter.

Charles also really felt something wrong. He frowned as well as asked, “What occurs?”.

Dylan curled his lips, lowered his voice, and stated, “Charles, you still don’t knew, do you? Ethen.
broke up with Tina.’.

Hearing this, Charles was surprised, and after that stated in shock, “Ethan, what happened? You individuals.
are actually a good pair, why did you break up so quickly?”.

Prior to Ethan addressed, Elle, that was standing aside, snorted and said with a sneer, “Break up?
Ethan, don’t flatter on your own. Ethan was simply dumped by Tina. Lily just revealed us Tina’s article on.
Wechat. Tina posted some intimate pictures, which took on the bed, of herself as well as another quy.
in your class. Ethan, haha, Ethan, look at yourself. Exactly how poor are you and just how attempt you wish to.
date a lady like Tina? A toad fancying a swan’s flesh”.

Hearing this, Charles felt unpleasant and also said in a low voice, “Elle, what are you talking.

Elle said deprecatingly, “Why, why|can not say? He is poor And also not just inadequate but additionally stupid.
Think about it, Tina is stunning, why did she select him? This male, bad and foolish, why he is.
still alive? Besides, as long as somebody calls you, you will shamelessly come as well as consume without.
were you,

With a bleak face, Charles stated angrily, “You …”.
Currently, his words were interrupted by a voice.
” What about … let me purchase for this dinner”.

Hearing this, everybody was surprised and also looked to take a look at Ethan. Ethan flushed however checked out.
everyone seriously.

Charles pulled Ethan over and claimed in a low voice, “Ethan, what are you doing?|understand Elle is.
imply, but she has always resembled this. Don’t take it to heart. |, If you made ten dollars, you would certainly offer 9.5 bucks to Tina. Exactly how could you conserve cash If you.
do like this?”.

Presently, Elle stated with a sneer, “Hey, exists glitch with my ears? Some.
individuals don’t also choose the best area to brag. Do you understand where we are? Any dish of Nine.
Dragon Dining establishment will certainly cost a minimum of one thousand bucks. You, pay for us? Don’t make a fool of.
yourself. Why do not you claim your dad is Eric Norman?”.

Ethan nodded and said, “My father is Eric Norman. Exactly how do you recognize this?”.

Hearing this, the room came under silence and afterwards adhered to by a ruptured of giggling. Elle giggled as well as.
relied on the short-haired girl mext to her, “Lily, did you hear that? He said his father is Eric.
Norman. Hahaha, Eric Norman …”.

The short-haired lady was even more exaggerated. She pushed her belly as well as giggled noisally,.
” Oh, it’s so funny. How could he state that? He boasted without assuming. If Eric is his daddy, God.
could be my daddy!”.

Ethan was a little without words. Why did nobody believe that he was telling the truth? Considering.
the girls that were chuckling noisally along with his two buddies who had helpless faces, he was.
about to claim something. Yet he instantly recalled that his papa had actually asked him to maintain their.
relationship a trick. He ingested back the words on the tip of his tongue.

Noting that Ethan was a bit self-conscious, Charles appeared to reduce the atmosphere as well as claimed.
noisily, “All right, everybody takes very easy. I’m very starving. Steward, we prepare to get please!”.

Elle glanced at Ethan with a face loaded with contempt. Then she looked at the two ladies beside her.
and said loudly “Lily and also Joanna, you might buy anything you like. My dad provided me 5,000.
today. Am not a person, that doesn’t even have 50 cents In his pocket, however risk.
to flaunt everywhere …”.

Ethan really felt a little awkward for Elle’s words. He wishes to obtain the money from his pocket.
and also toss it on the table, saying,” The money in my pocket makes me unpleasant to sit, it is.
much better to throw it away’ And after that he could leave chicly. Looking at Charles’s.
self-conscious face, he had no choice yet to control his temper.

The ladies completed their orders and also requested some bottles of merlot with the brand names Ethan.
never ever understood. The waiter soon brought them up. Until the supper was completed, everyone seemed.
simply to recuperate from the embarrassing situation. Ethan simply ate a little and then put down his.

Charles really felt kind of sorry for Ethan. He leaned over and murmured “Ethan, how regarding you eat a.
little bit a lot more? Ella is such a mean girl. Do not take it to heart.”.

Hearing Charles’s words, Elle pursed her lips, glanced at Ethan with antipathy, and after that said loudly,.
” You should have to starve to death. Missing this possibility, you can just taste this dish in your dream.
in the future. Waiter, check, please!”.

Charles took a look at Elle with discontentment. He was about to claim something, however Ethan tore his.
garments. He really did not want Charles to make any kind of conflict with his relatives due to him.

Soon, the steward came as well as took the bill with a smile, “Your equilibrium is 15840 bucks in overall.
Would you like to pay with your card or cash money?”.

Everyone was shocked by the bill.
10,000 dollars for one dish?

Elle’s face had plenty of amazing and after that she asked loudly, “Just how can it be so expensive? Did you.
make a mistake?”.

The waitress frowned and also handed the expense ta Elle as well as stated, “The dishes you just eaten are.
2,220 bucks in overall, et cetera are all drinks. The lady alongside you simply bought two bottles of.
imported red wine, which are 5,800 dollars per container …”.

Listening to the stewards words, everybody gasped, and afterwards looked at Lily Clark, that sat next to Elle,.
the two bottles of merlot were purchased by her.

Every person was watching her, Lily worried and claimed with a light face, “I.|do not know how.
costly this white wine is … Elle, I’m sorry …”.

Checking out the costs in her hand, Elle stated with a bleak face, “Your apologies don’t function now … |
only have around 5,000 bucks …”.

After a moment of silence, she gritted her teeth, took a look at everybody, and claimed, ‘Well … Does.
anybody take money? Help me pay for the expense as well as I’ll provide it back to you later’.

Hearing this, every person looked for out their money. Lily claimed she didn’t bring any money with her.
Joanna secured concerning 700 dollars. Charles and also Dylan additionally gathered around 1,000 dollars.
They still could not afford the costs. Charles looked at Ethan as well as reluctantly asked,.
” Ethan, do … do you have any cash?”.

He understood that Ethan probably just had a couple of 10s dollars, he still preferred to ask. At this.
moment, Elle stated secornfully, “Compare to ask him, it’s much better to ask the beggars downstairs.
Maybe beggars had even more money than him!”.

Looking at Elle, Ethan shrank back his hand, which had actually currently reached Into his bag,.

The steward instantly understood what had actually taken place. With a strange expression on his face,.
he said in allow voice, “Ladies, you do have the money to pay for the expense, don’t you?”.

Elle blushed and also hurriedly said, “Yes, yes, obviously, we can pay the bill! It’s simply … It’s simply that |
have not brought sufficient cash today. Could you please offer me a couple of days … And also|can compose a.
note to you.”.

The waitress frowned, grabbed the walkie-talkie, as well as said something. Then a number of males in.
safety and security attires were blocked at the door of the area.

” In this situation, call your moms and dads and also ask them to send out money”.

Listening to the waitress say sa, Elle’s facial expression altered, and also she hurriedly claimed, “Please.
do not. My father as well as my stepmother will certainly kill me if they recognize|spend greater than 10,000 dollars on.
a meal. fed up with living!”.

At the end of his words, he glanced at the security guards at the door. Those individuals immediately.
comprehended as well as rapidly walked into the area as well as will drag Elle away.

Presently, a volee instantly appeared from the corner.
” Wait a min.’.

Everyone stopped as well as took a look at Ethan. The steward eyed Ethan’s dress as well as.
sneered immediately, “What, do you wish to spend for her?’.

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